Trump Ruins Another Chance

Donald J. Trump is a disastrous failure. He has clearly demonstrated the many disabilities which prevent him from doing his job as the top executive in the country. The case of Dr. Ronny Jackson is the latest example of the White House’s chaotic, haphazard journey through Governance 101. The people who surround this president have neither the nerve nor the knowledge to stop these horrific mistakes. Even the most unskilled observer can simply count the number of people who don’t work out in this administration. If you claim that you will have this “really great vetting” and then you have to reject people after you nominate them, you are a colossal crash.

Listening to Donald Trump on Fox News this morning (4-26-2018), I’m reminded of a babbling old lady on too much coffee. He talked more about Kanye West than Dr. Ronny Jackson. He bounced between subjects like a kid who didn’t take his Ritalin. Why does he feel the need to keep patting himself on the back? I guess now that President Macron of France is gone, he must pleasure himself. What a buffoon. He paints himself the victim and claims everyone is out to get him. Paranoia and power are never good ingredients to mix.

Our Great Orange Leader had a chance to move forward and find a highly qualified person to fix the broken Veterans Administration. It’s rather funny that he said he wanted his private pilot to run the Federal Aviation Administration and his personal doctor to run the VA. It’s like promoting the bag boy at the grocery store to head up the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Makes sense, right? I mean that kid handles more produce in a day than anyone presently in government.

Here are some basic stats on the VA from NBC News: There are 150 VA hospitals, 820 VA community-based outpatient clinics and 300 VA Vet Centers, which offer counseling, suicide prevention and other services. The expanding number of people involved in this enterprise is breathtaking. There were 5.69 million patients in 2013, with 8.92 million people enrolled in VA health care system. There are 3.84 million veterans getting VA disability compensation and 310,000 veterans receiving VA pensions.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs claims that 377,805 people work for the VA and the American Federation of Government Employees represents 230,000 VA employees. It’s clear that the person who runs the Veteran Administration must have experience in dealing with a large labor force and unions. This is a major undertaking.

Perhaps Dr. Jackson has gotten enough beyond his personal problems and alleged prescription drug malfeasance such that he could have done a good job with such an important administration, but the damage is done. A person who was a trusted medical advisor to our Presidents is now not worthy of that job. He cannot stay in his current position, let alone be promoted.

But the more important aspect of this embarrassing event is that the President of the United States is not a clear-thinking human being. Dissonance, distortions and delusions have permanently damaged this dingbat’s brain. Listening to our raving lunatic of a president talking to his enablers on Fox News was frightening on many levels. When will someone explain to the Donald that his frame of reference on the people he considers for these jobs is limited and unqualified? He needs help but refuses to ask for it.

Before Trump antics delivers a massive dose of Ambien to the whole nation, there are some important issues to accomplish. First, we need to prepare the nation for a new president, albeit, President Mike Pence who would be a dull and dogmatically driven fake president, just like Trump.

This morning on Fox News channel, Trump dodged the questions about the decision of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to “take the fifth.” He is now distancing himself from Cohen and his businesses. For those playing along at home, taking the “Fifth Amendment” is a guaranteed protection in the Constitution that says no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” Trump in the past has said, “The mob takes the Fifth Amendment. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” So now we see that the President’s “fixer” has been declared guilty by his boss.

Trump stood by Dr. Ronny Jackson for about 17 hours. That’s perhaps the maximum amount of allegiance that can be expected from the man who demands a loyal pledge from all his minions. Trump’s attacks on anyone with a critical word about him is a never-ending disorder that no doctor can cure. We are already seeing the president’s gentle but obvious disengagement from Michael Cohen. If Trump thinks he has a “get-out-of-jail” pardon card to finally put an end to all his pain, he is dreadfully wrong. The investigation into this corrupt administration and broke-dick president will continue and, in time, we will learn what is truly missing in Donald Trump. He has no core moral value.

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