Alabama Plays God, Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, the fix is in. Over the years, conservative citizens using legal bribery, influence peddling and demonic skullduggery have gotten more and more zealots on the American courts to lay out agendas inching closer and closer to a handmaid’s tale scenario.

The Supreme Court supremely changed American life with the Dobbs decision. If you are unfamiliar with that rash judgement, read it here: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, No. 19-1392, 597 U.S. 215 (2022). This landmark decision held that the Constitution of the United States does not confer the right to abortion.

Why would the Supreme Court decide such a thing? Well, they were seeded with the proper number of hard-right judges to make this an easy vote for them. The conservative faction has what is called a “super majority.” Even when each nominee for the high court said, under oath during their confirmation hearings, that Roe Vs. Wade was “stare decisis” (meaning to stand by things already decided) they voted for its repeal. Sammuel Alito might have written the decision, but be warned that Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett M. Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are the reason women’s reproductive rights were stripped from them. To be clear, Mr. Gorsuch, Mr. Kavanaugh and Ms. Barrett all lied under oath. Nice!

When the Federal Court took away your right to abortion, they opened the door for many state legislatures to get busy redefining our country and peoples’ relationships with their doctors. This week, the Alabama Supreme Court weighed-in on a matter they thought would change the massive over-population of the world, but why would they care? Seems to me they all get plenty to eat. Eventually they will all die and believe that when they get to the pearly gates St. Peter will give them stars and put them in first class suites.

This from CNN: “In a first-of-its-kind ruling, Alabama’s Supreme Court said frozen embryos are children and those who destroy them can be held liable for wrongful death – a decision that puts back into national focus the question of when life begins and one that reproductive rights advocates say could have a chilling effect on infertility treatments and the hundreds of Alabamians who seek them each year.” Well, it wasn’t more than a day after the decision when the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham shuttered their IVF treatment facility over fears of prosecution. So, what will they do with all their frozen embryos? Well only the good Lord knows, because I am sure if he wanted us to never use science to help a family have a baby, he would have taken all the doctors and medical professionals out back and stoned them to death, you know, Old Testament style.

While Donald Trump is running around the country and courtrooms, he sort of says he favors a 16-week abortion ban, but if he wants to keep the evangelicals and hard-core right of his Maga cult he will eventually say he wants a full out ban. That would be surprising coming from a man who surely paid for or endorsed abortion from his aggressive dating moves.

Nikki Haley said she supports the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that frozen embryos are people and thus begins the fun of writing this post. WTF? Nikki Haley’s family is originally from a country of 1.4 billion people. How did India do that? Well, it wasn’t with IVF, it was by good old disregard for modern techniques and advances like birth control. I might add there are an estimated 1,770,000 homeless Indian humans. I know. I have been there and in the early morning while driving through the streets I saw thousands of people sleeping on sidewalks. So, is the curse of overpopulation in America what Nikki wants? It didn’t surprise me when she had to retrace her steps and “clarify” what she really meant, which was reminiscent of her “racist country” mislabeling.

Will it be long before the courts demand a full list of every sperm cell that could potentially form a human? Will the state force someone to carry all those embryos and help balloon up the wombs of Alabama women? This is so close to Margaret Atwood’s 1985 book The Handmaid’s Tale that I am ready to have me some morning sickness.

And when they catch someone destroying a fully fertilized embryo, will they use the same standard of murder in a court? When a healthcare worker dropped a vile of embryos, their mistake led to this case advancing. Like any malpractice litigation, however, one must prove lack of knowledge, poor procedure and intent.

In a murder case, prosecutors must use all available evidence to prove intent. This includes physical evidence like weapons or fingerprints, as well as witness testimony that can shed light on happenings before and after the crime was committed. The law states clearly, corpus delicti, meaning “body of the crime,” requires proof that a crime took place before an individual can be charged with that crime. With murder, a corpse is considered the most crucial piece of evidence. If an embryo was flushed down the toilet there wouldn’t be a body, now would there? Sorry, forgive me father for I have sinned.

Clearly, a body is the physical structure of a person or animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs. There are no bones, no flesh and no developed organs before a fertilized embryo is planted in a host. Each action to attempt productive fertilization comes with a high degree of risk. Believing that each little embryo is a HUMAN BEING, places oneself in the role that God and chance usually play in a pregnancy.

Sure, someone will sue, and this will go to the Supreme Court justices, who should be ashamed of themselves for giving states too much of a say in reproductive rights. Eliminating the rape and incest shields all women should have, the courts have turned back the clock and forced women to grin and bear these new laws. Hey, if God wanted us to have IVF, he would have invented it. He didn’t; doctors and scientists did to help people have families. Oh Alabama, you slow, little learner. Why have you made it harder to vote, harder to say what folks want to say, and now, harder to have a baby?

The state of Alabama has no lottery and offers no chance that things will ever change. They believe the Holy Bible is the only book we should read, and all others can be burned. Sure, they have good football players, but I am sure God doesn’t care about the SEC as much as feeding children.

If a female egg, a potential embryo, which a woman makes only once a month is the first step toward humanhood, then the sperm, which a male partner provides, surely has the same value in the process. For without the spermatozoa playing a giant role here, this whole human being decree order is nothing. Just for the record, the normal volume of the magic semen solution is about 1.5 to 5.0 milliliters per ejaculation. The sperm count varies from 20 to 150 million sperm per milliliter. So, how will we keep all those potential humans safe?

I would suggest we leave this up to the Alabama Supreme Court located at 300 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104. So, guys, if you live in Alabama, why not put all those unused guys in a zip-lock bag or used condom labeled with your name and social security number and mail the package to the court. Perhaps they can pair each one of those little warriors with a nice, pure egg. Avoid listing your race so your guys will have a swimming chance of landing at a stylish home in the suburbs.

Chief Justice Tom Parker

In conclusion, let me present the real problem: Tom Parker, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. This man supports the Seven Mountains Mandate, a once-fringe philosophy that calls on evangelical Christians to reshape American law and society based on their beliefs. Wake up America! When someone with that much power says he’s getting messages from God on how to decide these matters, instead of American democracy we might as well be living under the Taliban or the Ayatollah.


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