Georgia Election Reality

Well, finally the hype is over and the winner of the runoff election, Raphael Warnock, has said, “Now the hard work begins.” But what does it all mean?

As many demographers have explained, the racial and cultural shifts in America will continue. Some say that by 2045 the US white population will be under fifty percent and, though it might irritate some people, there is nothing that can be done about it. Even in 2020, only sixty-one percent of our citizens identified as white. You could say it’s as simple as black and white.

It’s wrong to believe that all people of one race vote monolithically and the means of communication to those in that group must be similar. Consider, for example, the Hispanic label is applied to many Americans, but they are not one cluster of datapoints. The differences across the people are many and varied.

Those of Cuban American decent are not like the Mexican Americans living in Texas, and the Chicanos of California are as distinctive as Italians or Irish Americans. That being said, there are certain veracities brewing in our melting pot. People are specific and all elections are local. Some might say that Raphael Warnock was obviously more suited for the US Senate, but I must remind you that 1,719,393 Georgians voted for Hershel Walker. Sure, he was a famous football player and flawed to the max, but many people bought into the shadow that Republican politicians painted over his running mate Warnock as a person who votes only with President Biden. Such loyalty is never rewarded when the goal is simply to besmirch a person. Why wouldn’t Warnock vote for his party? Who else would he vote with? Donald Trump? Wouldn’t that make him a puppet of the former President?

Many political figures fail to see the hypocrisy in their words, deeds and policies. You want to outlaw abortion? Yes, it’s a moral issue, but aren’t you missing something? The people who need an abortion to plan their family or keep it economically strong are the very minorities, immigrants and unwanted voters with differing views. A strange aspect of your racism is more minorities, more recent immigrants and more non-Republican zealots will be born, and the future will become exactly what statisticians are predicting.

You see, representative government generally follows the path of the population. Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and other current powerbrokers are white men with little experience understanding minorities. Warnock mentioned his mother picking the cotton and tobacco crops owned by a white man. Sure, Mrs. Warnock and many mothers and fathers who have memories of separate restrooms and Jim Crow laws saw Senator Warnock as a leader, while the other candidate was the guy who would be the cotton-pickin’ puppet of a system that continually betrays their families. That’s why Hershel lost you see.

Some say Georgia taught us a huge lesson but let me remind you of the racist-inspired reason they have a runoff when one candidate doesn’t get over fifty percent of the vote. One of the rare places that demands a runoff continues to gerrymander their way around the elections and suppress the vote of those they believe are undesirable in the democratic process. Some racists believe they aren’t racist, but the headline in my local paper here in Venice, Florida said it all: Stricter voting laws connected to lower turnout; Voter arrests also may have contributed. Yes, video evidence shows citizens who went to the polls, but were then arrested for clerical errors, not voter fraud. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, should be called before a grand jury.

If more Georgians would just listen to what Warnock says, read what he proposes and attempt to understand the man, they would find nothing bad about the guy. He’s a preacher, a talent that has served him well. Walker is a football star who lies and scams his way around the state using God’s name, yet right-leaning, white evangelicals somehow feel he is better than an honest, intelligent person. Go figure. I have only one question for those people, What Would Jesus Do?

Here’s my bottom line. There are more thinking people in Georgia who take voting seriously than those celebrity apprentice wannabes who believe a fat, tax-cheating conman knows what is best for them. Trump was president for four years and his people are still angry. The Donald didn’t make their lives better and neither would Hershel Walker.

The deep south State of Georgia has both an African American and Jewish Senator. I am sure Stonewall Jackson is turning in his grave, but all those people who are so nervous about population change still can drive out to Stone Mountain to worship their fallen confederate heroes whose likenesses are carved on the side of the world’s largest chunk of exposed granite. You know, there’s a lot more granite under the Earth and there’s more to life than a single election. Those holding onto their Bibles and white supremacy might want to wake up and realize that America is much bigger than all of them, because it was made for all of us.