The Demigod Exploited Their Small Brains

I often wonder why people lie when they know that, given time and probing, the truth will eventually uncover them as total losers. When former Attorney Generals Jefferson Sessions and William Barr were questioned by the press this weekend about investigations, subpoenas and spying on members of the press, Congress and Donald Trump’s own inner circle, both men said they didn’t know what occurred. Are they lying or is there really a deep state with its hands on the levers of power at the Justice Department?

It won’t be long before we know more, but I thought I would throw out a few ideas here. First, we might be uncovering an abuse of power by the 45th President that has far reaching consequences. Did Trump have a lower-level prosecutor and/or judge in his pocket who signed orders, issued subpoenas and passed that information to the President without the top leadership of the Justice Department knowing? Former A.G. Alberto Gonzales said it’s unlikely that Sessions and Barr did not know about these cases. It seems obvious to me that either Barr, or his Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein, kept the gag order intact.

Bill Barr Thinking

While mass shootings are plaguing America, we are forced to consider the fact that Donald Trump was much worse than any left-wing website ever claimed. If the President of the United States was spying on the press, members of Congress and even his own lawyer then perhaps Susan Collins, the Senator from Maine, can learn from it. The lesson is that Trump has a narcissistic and criminal mind, and he will never change, Susan.

The plot was perfect. Jeff Sessions, one of the first members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump for president, wanted to be the Attorney General. Trump gave him the position, but right after an investigation was launched into Russian interference in the 2016 Election, Sessions recused himself from the probe, and rightfully so. After all, he worked on the Trump campaign and had a legal obligation to remove himself from the investigation. Trump blew up and kept bullying and belittling Sessions in public. This made Sessions vulnerable to his own desires to please the President. He was perhaps manipulated and pushed to get more involved in the investigation than he admitted. Sessions was the A.G. when these subpoenas were issued by the DOJ, and if he didn’t order them then who did? Should be easy to find out.

William Barr appeared before Congress and was asked by Kamala Harris whether anyone from the White House asked him to open an investigation. Under oath, he cloaked his answer by saying there might have been discussions but not orders. Barr and Session must be brought to Congress and sworn in to testify in detail what actually took place. If the Attorney General and the Deputy A.G. didn’t know about a major investigation, then who did? I sense that Barr lied to Congress when he was asked about investigations and requests.

Sessions also lied to Senator Al Franken and Harris in a hearing about whether he met with Russians during the Trump campaign. He said he got confused and wasn’t sure what they were asking. Now he claims he cannot remember whether he approved data dumps from Apple. He cannot remember about a gag order he asked the judge in the case to approve? Something is rotten in Denmark.

I’ll stop short of calling both Barr and Sessions liars, but they certainly appear to be in love or in fear of Donald Trump. They wouldn’t even take credit for protecting the country from whatever amazingly deep and dark national security threat that required invading the privacy of Americas. I’m reminded of the time Barr said it wasn’t “tear gas” but pepper pellets that his security forces used to “clear protesters” in Lafayette Park. You fat, hair splittin’ jagoff! The damage to the eyes, noses and throats of those peaceful protesters is the same. Stop fabricating a diversion from truth.

Before the release of the Mueller Report, William Barr decided to protect Donald Trump by saying that the report exonerated 45, when it didn’t say that at all. Barr attempted to obstruct justice, and now we have caught him and Sessions breaking policies at the very least and perhaps being guilty of violating the civil rights of American citizens. It’s time we hold accountable the perpetrators of these injustices.

This story is moving at the speed of light. It all started with leaks, but light travels faster than water. We have this late breaking story from the financial news network, CNBC, “John Demers is leaving his post as head of the Justice Department’s national security division within two weeks.” It seems that Demers was the person who oversaw the investigations into the leaks during the Trump administration.

All the secret subpoenas, draconian gag orders and illicit surveillance by the White House will now be put under a microscope. Current Attorney General Merrick Garland said this today, “As I stated during my confirmation hearing, political or other improper considerations must play no role in any investigative or prosecutorial decisions.” Okay, but will you arrest someone who had your job in the past?

I would like to see Congress take a secret vote on whether Trump should be allowed to run for any federal office. It would be the ultimate censure should the orange boy be rebuffed and barred from holding office ever again. It would also be a tremendous first step in repairing America and relieving the pressure on Republicans to kowtow to Donald John Trump. It’s time to put America first and forget about the loser big mouth on the golf course.


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