The Emotion of Trust

It’s just a slogan, but I do believe in the healing power of love. Of course, ‘’love’’ is just a word, but it has meaning. At its foundation, love is an intense feeling of deep affection, but it can also denote fondness, tenderness and devotion. In its lightest form, love produces a feeling of great interest and pleasure in someone or something.

These days, the slogan “love trumps hate” has almost become a dirty phrase for some. Once the name-word Trump appears, it’s next to impossible to not think about Donald John Trump. Maybe it’s time to cure the deep-seated prejudices, racism and elitism in America. When I reach out to the “other side” I am often greeted with talking points and pre-conceived notions about how everything was screwed up by Obama and all was fixed by Trump. Enough!

I would love to receive the fifty-thousand dollars I lost due to Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but deep down inside I would settle for a return to healthy-happy times, even though I am no longer sure when or even if they existed. That aside, today I would like to explain some of the sound, logical reasons why so many people hate Donald Trump in the hope of imparting at least a small understanding to his supporters

Trump said he didn’t trust the FBI and the Justice Department. He told us the investigation into Russian interference by these agencies was a hoax. If I had spent hours and hours of my life following leads, finding perps and then bringing them to justice, only to have the President of the United States pardon them, I’d be pissed.

If I was African American, and Donald Trump kept telling me that the police are always right in using force and that cops should not be careful when pushing a suspect into a police car, why would I respect him? When the Donald says he’s done more for the Black community than any president, short of Abraham Lincoln, he demeans history and the entire African American population. Might I add that Black men voted 6.2 million for Biden and only 1.4 million for Trump? African American women voted 9.8 million for Biden and cast only 870,000 votes for Trump. Clearly, Black voters rejected Trump and his rhetoric.

Women in general rejected Trump, with one source saying 46 million women voted for Biden while only 35.3 million voted for Trump. Clearly, women believe he paid a porn-star and a Playboy Bunny (whatever that is) more than $250,000 for their silence after allegedly having affairs with them. Women don’t like men who cheat on their wives, especially right after the birth of their baby. So, there you have some key reasons why women hate Trump.

Remember Trump repeatedly saying how bad Baltimore and its representatives were? Well, when the vote was counted, Trump lost Maryland. At a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump said, right out loud, that there is no way he would have come to Erie if it wasn’t because of the virus and his bad polling numbers. Guess what? Conservative, Republican Erie County voted in favor of Biden.

Don’t Mess With the Cheese Steak!

Trump said this about Philadelphia, “As you know today there was a big problem in Philadelphia, they went in to watch. They are called poll watchers. They are very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things!” I’m a guy from Pittsburgh and I know some things about Philly that Donald Trump will never understand. One is, they never take shit from anyone. Proof? In Philadelphia county (the city) the vote was 81% for Biden and only 18% for Trump. In Montgomery county (the suburbs) the count was 62% for Biden, and 36% for Trump. Trump said bad things about their home, so why would anyone expect Philadelphians to feel warm and fuzzy about him, even in the city of Brotherly Love?

Trump was rude and uncaring about the millions of Californians who were affected by wildfires. While people were losing their homes and dying, Trump was blaming their governor for not cleaning the forest floors. Really? 80% of the lands that were burned and ruined were federal lands. It was TRUMP’S FAULT! Malign and kick a state when they’re down and the citizens will remember. In California, the vote was 64.6% for Biden and 33.3% for Trump. Californians don’t like that man.

I could go on, but you know all the names of the people on Donald’s shit list. It will be fun watching them come back to haunt him. What goes around, comes around. When a judge adjudicates a case, they consider the level of respect shown by the person standing in front of them. A respectful defendant often gets a break. When a judge spends a year on a case and convicts a man for lying to the FBI, that judge will remember and resent a White House pardon of him. Judges don’t easily erase their slates; they are human.

What are we doing? Can we move forward? Love is NOT trumping hate because those who lost the vote are doing everything they can to prevent a return to what the late, great Senator John McCain called “normal order.” Why? Are their party affiliations more important than America itself? It seems so. I don’t hate Mitch McConnell, but I have ZERO respect for him. I don’t need to hate anyone to disagree with them, but if they continually make things worse, they will get added to my shit list. I have no control over whether McConnell stays or goes because I don’t live in Kentucky. I suppose it’s not a bad place with its bluegrass fields and abundance of horses, but really, is that the best the state that gave us Mohammed Ali has to offer?

In the end, and there is always an end, love will trump hate when Trump is gone. He’s a sore loser asshole, with the emphasize on LOSER.

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