Trump’s Terrible Weekend of Death & Fear

I cannot imagine what my emotional state would be if one of my siblings were removed from this earth. Death is an all-powerful notion we humans respect and revere. It was sad to learn that Robert Stewart Trump died last Saturday. Robert is Donald Trump’s younger brother and he’s believed to be a direct opposite to his erratic and self-serving brother. Robert benefited greatly from the Trump fortunes and even worked for his brother, running the Casinos in Atlantic City, NJ.

Unsuccessful Casino

To put this story in perspective, know that the Donald blamed Robert for the failure of the Taj Mahal casino. Auditors claim the casino lost millions because of mismanagement. Donald Trump berated Robert in front of other employees and Robert simply walked out of the room, just like the big, orange presidential pumpkin does when confronted by the press.

Robert patched up things with Donald after his big brother started running for President, which netted Trump an endorsement from his little brother. Robert was about 6’5” while Donald stands at 6’3”. I’m sure that difference bothered the Donald. To the President’s credit, he visited his brother in the hospital the day before he died, then played golf on Saturday.

People are being critical of Trump for that leisure while his brother was living his final hours, but isn’t that consistent? Donald Trump went to a movie with his sister Elizabeth when his older brother Freddie was on his deathbed. I am disturbed by all the hate, vitriol and lashing out about Trump on social media. Hey, he’s afraid of dying and has a bizarre idea that his death will come when someone poisons him. Paranoid?

While 170,000 Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19, Trump is laser-focused on his campaign and not the health of American citizens. His new virus task force spokesman, radiologist Dr. Atlas, must be reading more tea leaves than X-rays by claiming virus fear is a product of the media. Do radiologists know anything about viruses?

I am struck by the electioneering being done by loud, angry and spiteful Trump supporters at some of the early voting locations in my county. The Biden supporters will have to walk through the mob to vote on November 3, but hopefully we will get a resolve on the post office drama this week. Trump broke the USPS, and if he doesn’t fix it I am hoping another criminal charge will be added to his permanent record in January.

What is it about Donald Trump that compels him to break things? He is like the spoiled kid losing in Monopoly and throwing everything off the board, toppling the table and yelling, “CHEATER, CHEATER!” as he runs back to mommy — a mother who had no time for him.

I have said to anyone who will listen that the best thing for this country would be Donald Trump or one of his immediate family contracting COVID. I am not saying that I want any of them to succumb, but the reality of this virus cannot be fully understood until it’s on your front porch.

Most conservatives don’t understand the normalcy of homosexuality until one of their kids comes out of the closet. A parent then has three choices, disown, embrace, or deny and only one of them is good. We cannot depend on Trump and his flunkies to make good calls during this pandemic; they just aren’t smart enough. They deny and disengage, but the facts and figures are everywhere. They cannot disown their behavior and inaction. Hey, 170,000 people are DEAD!

I just finished reading, Michael Beschloss’ book, Presidents of War and the more I learned about the men who held the office the less I liked each of them. I am amazed at how many people don’t simply say they dislike Trump. Instead they use words like, “I cannot tell you how much I hate the guy.” Wow! In a weak moment the other day Trump said, “I guess people don’t like me.” There, out loud he admitted his greatest fear, being rejected. I guess all the Democrats and anti-Trump Independents have become Trump’s dead father. Why does he need so much attention and love?

Trump is unprepared for the office of President, unqualified to deal with trade and unable to cope with science, truth, statistics and fatalities. Out of the five Fred and Mary Trump offspring, only the women survive. Yes, swipe intended. The little whiny baby in the White House has no empathy in the tank. He’s a spent little man.

The moment of truth is arriving. There will be much chaos and arguing and debate about whether Donald John Trump is worth saving. He’s not. I wonder if Maine’s Senator Susan Collins now thinks Trump has “learned his lesson” after the impeachment. He hasn’t. Can Trump deal with death? Probably he’ll post a tweet and move on, thinking, “Well, at least it wasn’t me,” and that is terribly sad.

If Trump loses the election, will he be able to concede and walk away like an honorable man would do? He’s running out of people to pardon, but who knows what his reaction will be. Will he become the only president in history to be hauled out of the White House by the D.C. Park Police, or worse, by the military? That would be so totally disgraceful. It would be the ultimate proof he cares more about himself than America.

Why do we have to deal with the Donald? Well, we made a mistake and we must fix it and move on. I am not afraid of the Trump flag wavers giving me the finger, but I am angry that even those sycophants had to endure this idiot. I took a stand in 2016, and I am not going to give it up. HE’S AN IDIOT! And as I drove by the Trump protesters, I put my bullhorn out the window and chanted, “HE’S GONG TO KILL YOU! HE’S GOING TO KILL YOU!”

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