Georgia Election Reality

Well, finally the hype is over and the winner of the runoff election, Raphael Warnock, has said, “Now the hard work begins.” But what does it all mean?

As many demographers have explained, the racial and cultural shifts in America will continue. Some say that by 2045 the US white population will be under fifty percent and, though it might irritate some people, there is nothing that can be done about it. Even in 2020, only sixty-one percent of our citizens identified as white. You could say it’s as simple as black and white.

It’s wrong to believe that all people of one race vote monolithically and the means of communication to those in that group must be similar. Consider, for example, the Hispanic label is applied to many Americans, but they are not one cluster of datapoints. The differences across the people are many and varied.

Those of Cuban American decent are not like the Mexican Americans living in Texas, and the Chicanos of California are as distinctive as Italians or Irish Americans. That being said, there are certain veracities brewing in our melting pot. People are specific and all elections are local. Some might say that Raphael Warnock was obviously more suited for the US Senate, but I must remind you that 1,719,393 Georgians voted for Hershel Walker. Sure, he was a famous football player and flawed to the max, but many people bought into the shadow that Republican politicians painted over his running mate Warnock as a person who votes only with President Biden. Such loyalty is never rewarded when the goal is simply to besmirch a person. Why wouldn’t Warnock vote for his party? Who else would he vote with? Donald Trump? Wouldn’t that make him a puppet of the former President?

Many political figures fail to see the hypocrisy in their words, deeds and policies. You want to outlaw abortion? Yes, it’s a moral issue, but aren’t you missing something? The people who need an abortion to plan their family or keep it economically strong are the very minorities, immigrants and unwanted voters with differing views. A strange aspect of your racism is more minorities, more recent immigrants and more non-Republican zealots will be born, and the future will become exactly what statisticians are predicting.

You see, representative government generally follows the path of the population. Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and other current powerbrokers are white men with little experience understanding minorities. Warnock mentioned his mother picking the cotton and tobacco crops owned by a white man. Sure, Mrs. Warnock and many mothers and fathers who have memories of separate restrooms and Jim Crow laws saw Senator Warnock as a leader, while the other candidate was the guy who would be the cotton-pickin’ puppet of a system that continually betrays their families. That’s why Hershel lost you see.

Some say Georgia taught us a huge lesson but let me remind you of the racist-inspired reason they have a runoff when one candidate doesn’t get over fifty percent of the vote. One of the rare places that demands a runoff continues to gerrymander their way around the elections and suppress the vote of those they believe are undesirable in the democratic process. Some racists believe they aren’t racist, but the headline in my local paper here in Venice, Florida said it all: Stricter voting laws connected to lower turnout; Voter arrests also may have contributed. Yes, video evidence shows citizens who went to the polls, but were then arrested for clerical errors, not voter fraud. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, should be called before a grand jury.

If more Georgians would just listen to what Warnock says, read what he proposes and attempt to understand the man, they would find nothing bad about the guy. He’s a preacher, a talent that has served him well. Walker is a football star who lies and scams his way around the state using God’s name, yet right-leaning, white evangelicals somehow feel he is better than an honest, intelligent person. Go figure. I have only one question for those people, What Would Jesus Do?

Here’s my bottom line. There are more thinking people in Georgia who take voting seriously than those celebrity apprentice wannabes who believe a fat, tax-cheating conman knows what is best for them. Trump was president for four years and his people are still angry. The Donald didn’t make their lives better and neither would Hershel Walker.

The deep south State of Georgia has both an African American and Jewish Senator. I am sure Stonewall Jackson is turning in his grave, but all those people who are so nervous about population change still can drive out to Stone Mountain to worship their fallen confederate heroes whose likenesses are carved on the side of the world’s largest chunk of exposed granite. You know, there’s a lot more granite under the Earth and there’s more to life than a single election. Those holding onto their Bibles and white supremacy might want to wake up and realize that America is much bigger than all of them, because it was made for all of us.










You might disagree with me

Let’s approach a subject with a clear mind and begin with two simple points. The first is America being an extremely popular place. Then there’s the notion that most problems, especially the difficult ones, are never solved by the most liked idea but only the best idea. As a starting point, let’s decide if we really have a “crisis.”

Let’s examine our record of letting people into our great land. There is an excellent article prepared and posted online by Princeton University you can see here. The report focuses on how changing immigration levels have affected the US economy and employment. Before 1920, immigration was mostly unrestricted and open. Sure, there were rules, and many were turned away, but the overall effort of building a nation was aided by the influx of people taking many of the hard labor jobs worked by slaves before the 1850s.

By 1920, the world was in turmoil because of a World War fought in Europe. America became uptight about foreigners and those who didn’t speak our language or look like us. According to the Princeton research, immigration fell from about a million people a year to 150,000. Let’s not forget the Chinese Exclusion Act that was passed by Congress in 1882. It provided an absolute ten-year ban on Chinese laborers wanting to immigrate to the United States and wasn’t rescinded until 1965. Yeah, look it up.

That brings us to the supposed “burden” at our southern border. It used to be mostly Mexicans coming through our “open” border, seeking employment or wanting to join up with family members living in the good old U.S. of A. Keep in mind that Mexicans are truly North Americans. Now, because of political turmoil in Central and South America, many people are making trips from their homelands to ours in search of opportunities and safety.

The latest immigration numbers are amazing, with a claim of six hundred thousand illegal aliens coming into the country last year and new numbers close to two million. Yes, this is a crisis, and it truly shows there is no immigration system at all. It’s a figment of someone’s imagination. I don’t want to go too far off the track, but I’ll insert a short story here.

I once lived in a very fine house in Atlanta, but it had a major problem of rain leaking into my basement every spring. After spending thousands of dollars trying to keep the water out, I finally found an expert who fixed the issue. He said, “Sooner or later water will find its way into your basement, so let it come in.” I looked at him like he was crazy and asked, “Okay, so what then?” He explained that when water comes in the best solution is making a way for it to get out. We dug a trench in the concrete foundation, a sunken river of sorts, which led the water to a drain on the low side of the house. The river was covered by a layer of concrete and we rebuilt the basement with no further flooding. Now what does this have to do with immigration?

There is always a price tag on a solution. I propose we let immigrants in, but we make the cost of entry high enough that we can deter some, while using the new funds to beef up courts, border agents and building a wall where necessary. My idea is each family of four or less would have to cough up $20,000. The large revenue stream could be used to pay for a better immigration program as well as job training, education, housing and the like. We obviously need more workers, not fewer, so it’s a win–win. My plan would also require immigrants to learn English.

What do we do with those who don’t pay the fee and come in anyway? Well, we do what we do now, send them back. We just can’t keep up with the numbers.

Some might react to this proposal as beneath us and our spirit of “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Even in the non-restricted period before 1920, a potential US immigrant wouldn’t get in if they failed a basic IQ test. They were also turned away if they were physically unable to work or if they didn’t have a family or friend who would supply lodging.

Some might argue this will promote corruption, but we seem to have corruption in just about everything we do. Just this week some jerks stole millions of meals for school kids during the Covid pandemic. Maybe this wouldn’t happen so often If we had smarter people running our programs. We must also root out the bad guys with guns wanting a life of crime in America.

Martha’s Vineyard

There is a great line in the conclusion of the Princeton study, “…our research suggests the economic effects of restricting immigration are not so straightforward. While lost immigrant workers can be replaced by new workers (for example through outsourcing), they can also be replaced by new capital (for example through automation), which in turn might also replace U.S.-born workers.” That guy who owns the factory and sees an opportunity to lower his workforce with automation, does as much damage to US workers as immigration. That big boss who pays people in Vietnam to make his products, does more damage to our workers than a few million immigrants. When every business has a sign saying NOW HIRING, we need more workers, not less.

I say let the water in, but channel it to productive use, and make sure those managing the plan understand why people want to come to America. We are still that land of opportunity, but it will be beneficial if we can help those oppressive countries causing immigration influx to become more democratic and stable. But we must be careful and consider the possibility of unintended consequences. Sometimes our “fixing” another country just kills a bunch of people, wastes lots of money and lives and in the end, the place is no better. Just look at Afghanistan and Iraq.

And should you think my idea is crazy, well, we haven’t tried it. it just might work.











The Secret Service was in on the Coup

I could be snarky and just say Secret Service personnel are loyal to a fault. Or maybe I could ask, “What don’t you get about the ‘Secret’ part?” and walk away. One thing’s for sure, I am not buying into the lame excuse the Secret Service lost date because they updated their phones. That is highly improbable, if not impossible.

Anyone with knowledge of databases and software knows a backup is typically an automated process in which a central server stores all data. When migrating to new hardware or software, the best practice is first backing up globally. I am sure the Secret Service did this, and it’s my contention that if any texts were deleted from their system it happened because someone ordered it.

As we learned as a result of a particular individual constantly whining about Hilary Clinton’s missing thirty thousand emails, both personal and official, there are ways deleted data can be retrieved. Then there’s the National Security Agency. Wouldn’t they have stored data from an entity as important as the Secret Service?

The creation of the United States Secret Service had nothing to do with protecting the President. The agency was created in 1865 to end rampant counterfeiting. By the end of the Civil War, nearly one-third of all US currency was counterfeit. To stabilize the country financially, the Secret Service was established as a bureau of the Treasury Department. Abraham Lincoln started the discussion for a secret police force to get after counterfeiters. Then, when President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901, Congress requested the Secret Service provide presidential protection. Later, the agency assumed full-time responsibility for presidential protection. Currently the people of the Secret Service are responsible for not only presidential protection but also for investigating currency and credit card fraud.

According to their website, the Secret Service employs approximately 3,200 special agents, 1,300 uniformed division officers and more than 2,000 other technical, professional and administrative support personnel. This is a small group, which should be easy to manage. By comparison, the Office of the Inspector General has approximately 1,600 personnel. Note also there is one more institution involved in this caper. It’s the National Archives, which keeps records and data for future generations and, in a sense, acts as an arbitrator of truth.

There is no question that the Secret Service broke the law by not having all texts and messages from January 5th and 6th, 2021. Donald Trump’s ripping and flushing of written matter shows he understands the power of physical records. Remember, he had his minions move the transcripts of calls with leaders, like the one in Ukraine, to a super secure server so only he could control the information. That makes Trump more a cagey crook and less a mastermind. He cherry-picked information to release with the primary goal of making him look good. He characterized his phone call with Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “perfect,” yes, perfect enough to get him impeached. Trump’s judgement on what is good and bad has been way far south of dependable throughout his entire life.

Secret Service agent Bobby Engel knows what happened on January 6, 2021, and he should be asked to come before the Select Committee hearing and testify. I suspect he won’t do that because there might be evidence he ordered the deletions because such evidence would make Trump look bad. It’s strange to me a man who can tell us what happened is not going to be put on the stand. What country is this? This was an insurrection ordered by the President of the United States, and people like Engel are part of a lengthy line of Cult of Protection members.

It’s amazing how much the Secret Service did not reveal about various presidents over the years. They protected FDR’s wheelchair as much as they protected him. They were also less than open about JFK’s assassination. They use the phrase, “taking a bullet for the president” as their mantra but depending on who the president is they will stray from the creed. When Trump was hospitalized because of Covid, he made his Secret Service team drive him around the neighborhood to wave at fans. Some believe a few of those agents contracted Covid from Trump, which is not exactly taking a bullet but that foolish misuse of protection was unnecessary.

Engel to far left

The Secret Service text messages are not the end-all and be-all in the case of the insurrection. Even if we never see the chatty-Cathy messages between agents during Trump’s speech on January 6th, it’s clear many of them were on the Trump train, liked his style and maybe even liked him personally. They were out to protect him then and they are out to protect him now. They probably said some embarrassing things about “Mogul” and may have revealed some of his astonishingly treasonous maneuvers that day. Mogul was the Secret Service codename for Trump.

I doubt the Secretary of the Treasury has much to do with the Secret Service regarding the protection of federal officials, after all, they were moved to Homeland Security after 2003, but wait for it, the Treasury controls the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence for laundrying and fraud. Do you feel safe? But Congress and the Office of the Inspector General should have responsible oversight. The Secret Service knew they were going to “lose” the text messages of its agents because they told them to individually back up their data, but it’s not their data. Those are federal employees, so why doesn’t the agency and Homeland Security have a copy of all communications?

Here is some terrible truth. We’ve lost faith in the White House. We’ve lost faith in Congress. We’ve lost faith in the Supreme Court, and now America is watching the Secret Service running an inside game to protect their boss from bullets and bad news coverage. They were so worried they would look like partisan hacks they erased their messaging. Their lack of transparency will destroy any respect we have for them. If the Secret Service is not open to investigation, it makes them no better than secret organizations like Yale University’s Skull & Bones. When gross and ill-informed Steve Bannon talks about administrative and deep state operatives, he’s talking about a secret organization being controlled by a few in darkness. Ah, yes, the Secret Service. It’s all in their name.










Birds of a feather flock together

It would be easy to simply say “bad hair” and walk away, but there are other similarities between the two goofballs listed at the top of this blog. There is an old song by The Who that goes something like this, “Now he’s dropped on to the floor, heading for the bedroom door. Maybe he’s as scared as me, where’s he gone now, I can’t see – Boris the spider – Boris the spider.” The song written by Who bassist John Entwistle is fitting because of the ending, “He’s come to a sticky end, don’t think he will ever mend, Never more will he crawl ‘round, He’s embedded in the ground.” And thus ends the almost three-year reign of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the UK.

Unlike US politics, when the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom’s parliamentary-based system loses the confidence of his or her own party, they get the boot. Now I’m not talking about that place we call the trunk, although, I’m sure some UK politicians would like to put Boris in a trunk and drive him away. The good news is Mr. Johnson cannot claim the voting was rigged, because everyone has stated their position against him on TV. In a rather transparent and efficient way, the majority of the Houses has decided Boris is a goner and he’s now embedded in the ground for good.

Donald & Boris

Boris Johnson was once called the Donald Trump of British politics, and he didn’t push back at all; he rather liked the comparison. His trademark messy hair as well as his brash and common language may have massaged the working class, but his position on Brexit created momentum that landed him the job. No one in either House, and probably the Queen herself, had faith in Teresa May to bring the Union Jack back to full power. Johnson may have done a fantastic job with that massive change, but his lack of transparency and ducking the rules mortally wounded him in the end.

You may or may not care about UK politics, but let’s hope there’s a smooth transition of power and the next PM staunchly supports Ukraine. Boris should have just apologized and rode into the sunset, but baby-minded people like Trump and Johnson don’t have the wherewithal to admit they’ve lost and move on. Trump wants to be loved more than anything else, and his oversized ego will not allow him to even realize the cut of defeat.

Johnson, could come back as an “I told you so” politician later in life, but for now he’s not going to immediately step aside. Trump thinks he is still President and close to announcing whether he will run for President in 2024. Should that happen, it will send the RNC and the Republican party into a panic room. If the Donald runs again, the party will be divided right down the middle, those who believe the “Big Lie” and those who do not, and something will have to give.

As for Johnson, when he got caught in lies, he did not admit he was wrong. He thought doing so would be acts of weakness. When pictures of his staff having maskless parties in the cabinet room surfaced, he eventually had to admit he was wrong for doing it and then wrong for trying to cover it up. When a government operative was accused of sexual harassment and public lewdness with young men, Boris used the old “trumpian” response of “forgetting” about the accusation against the man. That was a bold-faced lie, and everyone saw straight through it.

Consider these lines from Trump’s, “I hardly knew the woman,” and “that person was only a coffee boy,” and then, “that person wasn’t very good, no one liked her, she was a leaker and a never-Trumper.” Well, if all these things are so, Mr. Big Pants, why did you have so many of these types of people overseeing the most sensitive issues and projects in your White House? Check me here, but after firing more than one hundred people doesn’t that point to the man at the top being a terrible judge of talent?

It’s highly unlikely Boris Johnson can claw his way back to being the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, and that’s a good thing. It implies fresh ideas and forward momentum. The peaceful transition of power we brag about so much here has been forever stained by Donald Trump’s inability to just fucking admit he lost the election. If I see one more sign in the front yard of an American taxpayer screaming “TRUMP WON” I will vomit. It’s okay to be an idiot in the USA, but to publicly advertise your stupidity and lack of awareness, well, that’s on YOU.

Lies of a liar

Both Trump and Johnson think they are the smartest person in the room, and Boris actually has some credibility on the intelligence side of things, but that doesn’t give him license to throw away the rules and skirt traditions. British people understand language, much better than Americans I might add, and when you use a new lie to beat down your previous lie, the common folk will say, “Hit the road, you wanker.”

Had the Republican party truly wanted to make their brand stronger, they would have impeached and convicted Donald Trump for the January 6th insurrection, voted to disqualify him for future office and moved on. Sadly, they have too many members who will hold on to the Donald like he hugs the flag, even if it means their own political incineration. There are so many Congresspeople who are damaging democracy, and in any other country they would have been arrested and disqualified to serve. Our founding fathers laid out rules to prevent “dumb people” from being in control. Remember, they originally allowed only white men who owned land to vote. Native Americans, women and slaves did not have a voice. They figured that would keep the “dummies” out of office.

The forces in British politics will go through the pain of campaigns, rhetoric, and falsehoods to find their next leader, who will be just another politician having the challenge of always telling the truth. If that sounds a bit negative, well let’s just say I’m a realist. If Donald Trump runs again for president, know now that if he loses again, he will try to steal the position. Why? It’s plain and simple; he is a dishonest man. Boris Johnson is an example of what can happen when a smart man runs a country. Trump happened because dumb people wanted him to run this country. Don’t let it happen again. STOP HIM!










The dream of converting everyone, just like ISIS

Thomas Jefferson is in his grave, snugly entombed on the property at Monticello, and if the man wasn’t such a goddamn racist his Black mistress/slave/wife would be right there alongside him. We don’t know where Sally Hemings is entombed. In fact, she was never officially freed, but after Jefferson’s death, she was allowed to live in Charlottesville with her two sons, Madison and Eston, who were granted freedom in Jefferson’s will. So, the white father took care of his Black boys, but not the Black mother who birthed them. Nice guy, huh?

Dwight and Thomas

The Supreme Court, which seemingly has found Jesus in everything they do lately, is part of the twisted belief system that is eroding the checks, balances and separation of church and state in America. That church part was of great concern to Thomas Jefferson, who was probably not a genuine Christian, but his slave ownership kept him in the bible club. Consider what John Adams could have said, “Most of the time, he sounds like an atheist, but the guy does own slaves, so I guess he’s in with the plan.” Now, exactly what plan was that?

You see, back in those times men used to quote the Bible when they were asked about this horrible, immoral institution known as slavery. Slavery’s free labor made them wealthy men, so how could they possibly do without it? It’s right in there in Ephesians 6:5-8: “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ.” The apostle Paul was plainly instructing slaves to obey their masters, and that became justification for slavery. I am certain this will never be taught in any Florida school, because it’s now against the law to make students feel guilty for the actions of their ancestors.

The Bible rules against having another God, making “graven” images or taking the Lord’s name in vain. It instructs us to keep the Sabbath day Holy, whatever that means, to honor our mothers and fathers, to not kill anyone, to not steal and to not screw someone else when you are married. The Bible instructs against bearing false witness against our neighbor and prohibits coveting. Nowhere does it say don’t have an abortion. Nowhere does it say we have a “right” to kneel and pray on public land after a trivial game of football. And nowhere does it direct us to put our hand on a Bible and swear to God that what we are about to say is truthful. These are manmade rules and conventions. Now, I can respect the value of good ideas, but I do not have to ordain the words of those 70-80 BC salesmen/writers. They were simply making it up as they went along.

Some Supreme Court Justices said, under an oath to God, they believed Roe Versus Wade was law, fixed and decided. However, God works in mysterious ways and if your purpose in being appointed was to eliminate a law, you had to deliver the goods. They said, let the people decide and let the states decide what is moral and good for their territory. Oh really? What is it about the word “Supreme” you don’t get?

It’s hard to ignore the fact that we have six Catholics on the Supreme Court. While I would never want a person’s religious views to affect their job hunting on the open market, the ideologies of those seeking this lifelong job, should be open and honest. I am sure had you asked Amy Coney Barrett, Brett “I like Beer” Cavanaugh or uncomfortably aloof Neil Gorsuch if they would never overturn Roe, they would have taken the fifth. The good news for Brett is beer doesn’t come in fifths. Sorry for this jurisprudence joke, but seriously, they lied under oath. Some say they just cloaked their true feelings in ambiguous words and weren’t outright lying, but it’s technically false witness, right?

When I was slapped on Facebook for some of my radical posts on the Roe decision, I responded with a blunt question to the maniacal pro-lifers, “So, how many unwanted babies will you be adopting five, ten, fifteen or more?” That shut them up in the string of comments, but will not change their desires that everyone think exactly like they do.

The movement of evangelical Christians to take power and rule would piss off the late President Jefferson. Their desire to force their values on all Americans is disgusting. What’s next? Will prayer become mandated in schools? Do they want our kids to be “good Christians” or help them understand and love America, with all her pimples and problems?

Never Peace, Always Power

I am sure most Christians don’t see their “movement” in the same light as ISIS. The Islamic terrorist group, much like the Taliban, wants everyone to be of one religion and to follow the laws created under that dogma. They don’t give a shit about women’s rights or civil rights. It’s so much easier for small minds to follow the ancient text and Muhammad’s demands and dictates. I am sure there are lots of devout Christian men in America who believe it’s their decision about if and when their women get an abortion. Worse, there are some more hardened zealots who actually believe a husband cannot rape his wife. Really?

Here’s a fucking newsflash for all you “patriots” of Jesus; America wasn’t built to be one religion. We ran away from that to form a more perfect union, and we don’t need people who follow one document, the Constitution, but let another document, the Holy Bible, overrule our true beliefs. Let me boil this down. We need to impose a retirement age on those who serve on the Supreme Court. Older members can become senile or totally controlled by their right-wing white witch at home! Hint: Clarence Thomas. It’s time to move to eleven justices, you know, so they can take longer vacations where they talk to real people and learn what American’s genuinely think and believe.

If they sit in judgement of how America should work, we have a right to sit in judgement of them. Giving a corporation the same rights as a person is a colossal mistake. Thank you, Neil Gorsuch. Saying a doctor who increases a patient’s Oxycontin dosage until they become addicted cannot be sued is unbelievably uncivil and wrong. Yeah, they just did that.

Thankfully, we now have a new member of the Court, and hopefully she can talk some sense into six people who have lost their way. They are no longer just following the law; they are rewriting America in their own craven image. As I sit right here next to Thomas Jefferson’s grave, we both concur that it’s no longer a court, it’s a cabal. I think it would be positive to have one brilliant atheist on the court What? Is that too much to ask?










Government Lies Lead to Death

The real liars are taking over and must be stopped. The people who hold positions in government offices think they can lie and get away with it. They think the public is stupid and that most don’t remember or don’t even care. Following is a case in point.

During the beginning of Covid in 2020, a researcher and data complier for the State of Florida became a whistleblower when she claimed Ron DeSantis’ administration asked her to fudge the state’s Coronavirus numbers to provide cover while the government did all it could to keep Florida open as fully as possible. Her name is Rebekha Jones.

She was harassed, fired, arrested and her computers were confiscated by the State Police in a raid on her house. The authorities claimed she used her home as a private communication system to send messages to the state’s Medical Examiners warning them of these nefarious activities by elected officials. The judges, all Republican appointees, have refused to drop the case against her for one count of “offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic devices” for some ill purpose. Okay.

Rebekah D. Jones, the woman in this case, is now running against Matt Gaetz for Congress in Pensacola and it seems her political aspirations are being driven by what she experienced while working for the government. She is a bright person who had no reason to lie about what she was doing, and even after they dismissed her she continued to research and publish a Covid data dashboard as a free public service. Graphic below.

The State Inspector General’s report was released on May 18, 2022, and I didn’t take it seriously. The headline read, “A state investigation into allegations that the Florida Department of Health fudged Covid-19 case numbers to support Gov. Ron DeSantis’ effort to reopen the state after a shutdown in April 2020, has found no evidence of wrongdoing.” Since the Covid-19 crisis hit the state and the US, DeSantis has taken full control of Florida’s Department of Health and was able to move out the person running it so he could appoint a department head who is terribly unqualified for the position, given that he is an anti-mask supporter and vaccine doubter. Yes, DeSantis appointed Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD to the position of Florida Surgeon General and Secretary of the Florida Department of Health. Google him if you want to see the corruption in his appointment.

Here are some facts. To date, there have been 6.24 million cases of Covid in Florida, with 74,719 deaths. And while those numbers sink in, consider this headline which just arrived, “Florida botched Covid-19 stats in early months.” Yes, Rebekah, your state’s “official” 2020 counted cases and deaths were fudged.

Here’s a story from the Palm Beach Post, “Florida health officials missed thousands of Covid-19 deaths in 2020, had incomplete information for millions of tests and spent millions of taxpayer dollars on testing that lacked vital data, a state report released has found.”

According to the reporting, the investigation found 3,082 Covid deaths the state Health Department did not include in its official counts. Including those victims would have pushed the state’s reported death toll up 18% higher.

On top of it, Florida investigators “found no evidence” related to the email incident that officials said had triggered the raid at Ms. Jones residence. They had alleged that a chat message was sent to a planning group on an emergency alert platform, urging people to speak out publicly about Florida’s coronavirus strategies. Wow, thinned skinned DeSantis is now confirmed.

A majority of Florida’s 5.5 million-plus Covid test results — 51.5% — lacked information about the race of those tested. About 59% lacked ethnicity information. Hispanic people compose the largest slice of Florida’s population. Boy, that sounds a bit racist, doesn’t it?

By mid-May 2020, 25% of Hispanics and 20% of Blacks tested positive for the virus, compared with about 11% of whites. The Palm Beach Post discovered this after examining nearly 200,000 test results in which individuals reported their race or ethnicity. The Health Department never released those test statistics. Only 38% of a sample of 2,600 tests conducted by three unnamed state-contracted labs returned results.

The reporter who authored the article for the West Palm Post, Christopher Persaud, reached out to me with a succinct but fact-filled review of the whole Rebekha Jones matter: “The State Auditor examined Health Department data. The Health Department internally examined Rebekah Jones’s claims. The state Inspector General is examining Jones’s claim she was wrongfully fired. The State Department of Law Enforcement has charged Jones with hacking a state communications channel. They’re still investigating. I don’t think the case has gone to trial yet. So, the charges remain.” The fact is that the Sunshine State is not very transparent, and it’s challenging to just get statements from the people in power.

I draw a simple conclusion from all this. Florida’s Governor will lie about anything to make himself look good, and worse, will use his power against anyone who disagrees with him. He spent more energy on fighting Rebekah D. Jones than conquering Covid. If anything, his policies based on his uninformed opinions and advice from unqualified people actually killed people. It’s bad enough the pollution in Florida water is killing fish, but the wannabe king in Tallahassee is killing people.










Teaching how to lie and cheat to win

Even if I told every person living in the grip of the MAGA cult that politicians lie to them because they think they are dumb, they wouldn’t get it. It’s like that rhetorical line from the old Buffalo Springfield song, “Paranoia strikes deep, it comes when you’re always afraid.” It’s fear that drives the MAGA fold to believe every word of ex-President Donald Trump. It’s a maniacal game of tail chasing without reward. Trump lied some 50,000 times while he was president and that doesn’t disqualify him to run again? Why?

Laws are in place to protect us from fraud, but some running for office simply ignore them. Consider this, “All multifarious means which human ingenuity can devise, and which are resorted to by one individual to get an advantage over another by false suggestions or suppression of the truth. It includes all surprises, tricks, cunning or dissembling, and any unfair way which another is cheated.” That’s from the Journal of Accountancy’s website. When an elected official engages in fraud, no one ever takes them to court or asks a police officer to arrest them. Running for office and getting people to vote for you is a sacred concept of democracy, but some nefarious scumbags create false campaign narratives which their opponents can counter with only three words, “That’s not true.”

It forces a zero-sum game, where the other guy tries to find something negative to say about the liar, even if it’s another lie. And there you have the cycle of deception which leads to voter distrust and disillusionment. Most of those people who are creating the false narrative that teachers are trying to groom kids to be gay or trans are exploiting the very class of citizens they claim to be protecting.

Red states are busy racking up laws against teaching Critical Race Theory (C.R.T.), but most who voted to ban teaching the concept have no idea what it is. By passing a law against teaching anything about race merely demonstrates the truth of C.R.T. It’s simple, Critical Race Theory is a belief that white America will pass laws and adopt customs, traditions and rules to keep people of color from living the same free life as them. So, gerrymandering districts to give white politicians an advantage over those of color, and laws making it harder for people of color and disadvantaged people to vote, are profound examples of C.R.T.

Fraud, deception and lies are okay for politicians if they win. If they lose, voters didn’t buy into their con. When a politician in Indiana tells people that being raped is a gift of God and the fetus conceived during that crime must be protected even if the victim would suffer greatly, they are deploying C.R.T. They deny that letting states adopt restrictive rules or bans on abortion will keep the people of color behind white people, but that’s just another lie.

What’s most irritating about these liars and grifters is they never explain why their ideas would be good for most Americans. It’s like when you challenged your parents about something they ordered you to do, and their answer was “Because I said so.” Well, I don’t need Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis to tell me how to think, what to believe or how to feel. Their values are completely lopsided. Florida’s DeSantis jumped into a fight with the state’s largest employer, who also helped fund his campaign, but he was being more vindictive than smart. Why would the state want to take on a billion dollars in debt by taking over all the land and services from the Disney Corporation? That’s fucking goofy.

Some Republicans were recorded talking about the 25th Amendment and asking Trump to resign days after the insurrection but now they’re lining up to say they will vote for him in 2024. Really? Have you no shame? They care about only one thing, staying in power. They should have convicted Trump of impeachment and voted him off the island so he could never run again. That would have freed them to do their dirty deeds without the burden of anointment from their King. MAGA is a cult, and the only way to deprogram the group is for its leader to be eliminated.

Moscow Mitch

Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are grooming future Trumps to take over and keep the party in power. On most days, Ted Cruz is totally full of shit, Graham is such an angry little queen it’s hard to take him seriously and Mitch McConnell is a walking, talking bowl of deception. He thinks he’s a statesman when he is no more honest than a Kentucky used car salesperson turning back odometers to rip off customers. I cannot wait until they all leave the government, but leave it to whom?

Do we really want Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz telling us how to live, what to believe, or who to hate? When John McCain died, America lost a Republican who was first an American. Most of the big mouths in Congress today are in the game only for themselves. They vote like a pack of wolves with the more powerful getting to eat first.

Here’s the real question. Are we grooming logical and reasoning Republicans to eventually assume power or are we just patching together a consortium of unlike views and specific causes with no unifying message? Well, the religious zealots have given the party a bone, and here it is: If you want abortions to be illegal and a woman’s right to her body taken over by big government, vote Republican. If you believe a woman should have the freedom of control over her body, vote Democratic. Keep it simple, stupid.








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Why Support Florida’s Bully Governor?

Some people appreciate the ultra-conservative leader in the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, but almost half the state loathes him. To understand his high polarity persona, you might want to consider Florida’s roots and swamps. Surely, DeSantis surfaced out of a gooey bog of racism and radical right-wing dogma. He’s used hate and disinformation to propel himself to the top job in the state. This tick has been sucking the blood from the body politic by negating all other viewpoints in the Sunshine State. The Republican party of Florida has been desantisized, eliminating logic, reason and common good. Ronnie and his followers are worse than trumped up bigots, they are simply too dumb to understand what is bad for them. I no longer care whose feelings I hurt. It’s time to stop pandering to this overstuffed roadkill.

Bully DeSantis

Two things happened this week to demonstrate my point. DeSantis appeared at a gathering of Hillsborough High School kids for a photo opportunity promoting the state’s funding of cybersecurity education, our esteemed Governor pointed at the kids and said, “You do not have to wear those masks. I mean, please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything and we’ve gotta stop with this Covid theater. So, if you want to wear it, fine, but this is ridiculous.” Swayed by the power dynamic of the moment, some kids were obedient and removed their masks. The governor didn’t want to be seen standing in front of them wearing masks because he calculated it was bad for his image.

The locals were not pleased by this move. News Channel 8, the NBC affiliate in Tampa, posted this on their website, “I would tell (the governor) to stop bullying kids,” Kevin Brown Sr. said his son is one of the seven students from Middleton High School at the press conference. And Dawn Marshall said she is very upset about how the governor spoke to her son and the other students, adding she had told him to wear a mask in school.”

So, while DeSantis was running around the state urging parents to decide what to do in a pandemic rather than school officials, with one pointed finger he snatched away those very rights. He showed just how ruthless a politician he is by bossing around a bunch of kids to improve his image. I’d like to pose a deeply personal question to Governor Ronnie. Why do you keep saying masks don’t do anything?

As a two-time cancer survivor, I know how careful doctors are during exams and treatments. DeSantis’ wife Casey has breast cancer, and I wonder how he would feel about her being treated by doctors who refused to wear masks.

Then there’s this. A bill DeSantis is expected to sign will ban abortions in Florida after fifteen weeks of pregnancy. What might be good for the governor’s reelection campaign with the highly religious, anti-abortion zealots in the state, will give power to incestuous activity in homes and will also bestow power on rapists. If you don’t believe me, read the damn bill. Once signed into law it will hurt women, not help them. It’s just another little push moving Florida closer to a Handmaiden reality.

DeSantis doesn’t care about anyone who disagrees with him. When a data analysist leaked the fact that Tallahassee cooked the books to make Florida look better during the early days of the Covid outbreak, DeSantis sent his police force to arrest the lady. With little follow-up word on this matter, we can only assume Governor Ron got his wish to quell the criticism. He’s as bad as Donald Trump, maybe worse. I have a few more tidbits.

Ron DeSantis brazenly withheld funds for those Florida school districts that bucked his ban on masks. It was a purely vindictive, dickhead move which will hurt the kids in those districts.

DeSantis wants to desantisize the schools by eliminating discussion about Florida’s historical racial and racism realities. He thinks he’s helping people by taking books off the shelves, but he is actually creating an underground railroad of “forbidden books” to be circulated among young readers.

Ron has urged the state to adopt rules that would prohibit teachers from acknowledging gay relationships or even saying the word “gay” in a classroom. You can’t censor away human rights, human conditions or sexual orientation. Wouldn’t it be ironic if, after using his power to paint shadows on this natural concept, one of his kids came out of the closet? That would be an ultimate karmic shift.

So, Ron DeSantis wants to be President of our country. What kind of a leader would he be? A terrible one with his whining, complaining finger pointing and paranoia. He’s an unscrupulous governor and a dangerously prejudicial human being. On top of that, he seems to be getting fat, but every corrupt Florida governor has gotten rich on land deals, letting farmers pollute the water and looking the other way when some companies here don’t pay taxes.


I’ll close by saying our governor never once admitted that Covid-19 was bad. May I remind my readers that almost 71,000 Floridians died from coronavirus? The man brags about how great a job he’s done, but he’s done nothing to comfort the families of all those Covid victims. He’s just broomed them under the rug, with not a single mention of them during any of his braggadocios speeches. Ron DeSantis a loser.


Why is it still a thing?

 America puts up with a ton of meaningless crap we don’t want or need. My job is to complain about stupid things that don’t make sense to me. Let me share just one aspect of life here in the good old USA that drives me crazy: Daylight Saving Time (DST).

I’ve written about this before, but let’s review. Daylight Saving Time was first enacted by the US Government during World War I to conserve coal. Let me add that this happened during a pandemic when hundreds of thousands of people were dying. Maybe they wanted something else to talk about.

Daylight Saving Time persisted in various forms at local and state levels until the federal government passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966. Two states, Arizona and Hawaii, don’t change their clocks twice a year. The territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Island, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands also do not mess with their clocks.

We are far away from the agricultural lifestyles of the early 20th century. Most farmers will tell you they never saw any benefit when changing their clocks back and forth. They got up at the same time to do their chores no matter what the clock said. It’s now unnecessary to save coal by adding morning light from November to March. Some say it’s safer for the little ones going to school, but in the days before the fall-back clock change the kids are already catching buses in the dark. If DST is all about the kids, shouldn’t we have clock changes to keep them in light during December and January?

Time is not a perfect science. Some large landmass countries cheat the clock into a time zone they think is right for them. India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of New York, and Japan. India and China are the only major industrialized countries that do not observe some form of DST because they claim daylight hours are similar during every season. For them, there is no advantage to changing clocks. For example, the difference between Boston and Detroit on the scientific clock is great. At times they could be a 48-minute gap between each other. Clearly, most of Michigan should be in the Central Time Zone. So, one might ask, are the time zones we constructed in America accurate? Why do state lines determine time zones? Perhaps before we debate the DST question, we should make five time zones for the 48 connected states.

The USA cannot even “brag” about this DST B.S. In 1895, George Hudson, an entomologist from New Zealand, came up with the concept of daylight-saving time. He proposed a two-hour time shift, so he’d have more hours of summer sunshine to go bug hunting. Really? It was because he wanted to catch bugs?

Benjamin Franklin gets some credit for the idea of DST, though his recommendation was made in jest. In a letter to the editor of the Journal of Paris, Franklin jokingly recommended the people get out of bed earlier in the morning to minimize the use of candles and lamp oil.

In trying to keep an open mind, I turned to Britannica to see if they could explain why DST is good for us in 2021. Here are the advantages, according to them.

Daylight Saving Time’s longer daylight hours promote safety.

“Longer daylight hours make driving safer, lowers car accident rates, and lowers the risk of pedestrians being hit by a car. Economists Jennifer Doleac, PhD, and Nicholas Sanders, PhD, found that robberies drop about 7% overall, and 27% in the evening hours after the springtime change. They stated, ’Most street crime occurs in the evening around common commuting hours of 5 to 8 PM.’” Comment: Well, in my neighborhood the bad guys usually come in the middle of the night.

DST is good for the economy.

“Later daylight means more people shopping after work, increasing retail sales, and more people driving, increasing gas and snacks sales for eight months of the year (the time we spend in DST). The golf industry reported that one month of DST was worth $200 to $400 million because of the extended evening hours golfers can play.” Comment: Yeah, fine, but why not golf in the morning, and don’t forget that most Americans shop online.

DST promotes active lifestyles.

“When the day is lighter later, people tend to participate in more outdoor activities after work. Hendrik Wolff, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University, stated, because of DST ’people engaged in more outdoor recreation and less indoor-TV watching… An additional 3 percent of people engaged in outdoor behaviors who otherwise would have stayed indoors.’” Comment: Okay, I see this. People do walk after dinner when it is light, but please, it gets darker sooner in winter with the clock change so this is simply a glass half full. In winter, we hit the couch right after dinner.

But wait, since the website is Pros and Cons, let’s get to the Cons!

Daylight Saving Time is bad for your health.

“Changing sleep patterns, even by one hour, goes against a person’s natural circadian rhythms and has negative consequences for health. One study found that the risk of a heart attack increases 10% the Monday and Tuesday following the springtime change and researchers found an increase in cluster headaches (sudden and debilitating headaches) after the fall time change.” Comment: That’s bad.

DST drops productivity.

“The Monday after the springtime change is called ’Sleepy Monday,’ because it is one of the most sleep-deprived days of the year. The week after the spring DST time change sees an increase in “cyber-loafing” (employees wasting time on the internet) because they’re tired.” Comment: This is true. Why can’t we face the music and simply end this stupid chore?

DST is expensive.

“William F. Shughart II, PhD, Economist at Utah State University, states that the simple act of changing clocks costs Americans $1.7 billion in lost opportunity cost based on average hourly wages, meaning that the ten or so minutes spent moving clocks, watches, and devices forward and backward could be spent on something more productive. The Air Transport Association estimated that DST cost the airline industry $147 million dollars in 2007 thanks to confused time schedules with countries who do not participate in the time change.” Comment: Sure, ten minutes is not a lot of time but think of the millions of Americans climbing ladders to change clocks or having to use YouTube to find a video to help change the oven clock.

This might be a good time to thank the computer nerds who figured out how to calibrate all the tech so that the time changes pass without us having to do anything. This year, I woke up at 2 AM to see how my Amazon Echo would change its clock. I stood there and watched it tick from 1:59 AM to 2 AM, and then I realized, it had already changed to DST! Did it cheat and change right at midnight? I’ll never know and, come to think of it, I don’t care.

Most people will tell you they hate clock changing. If President Joe Biden wanted to get his poll numbers back up right now, he would sign an executive order getting rid of all this fall back – spring forward stuff. People would have parades for him, ask him to kiss their babies… ah wait, they wouldn’t, because if Biden did end DST there would an uprising from the Cult of Trump protesting the removal of something they don’t care about. They would probably invent a Critical Time Theory.

So, I’ll get back to reality now and not waste any more of your precious time. DST is just another stupid tradition that has been baked into our country and because we are so influential and powerful countries all around the world have adopted our mistake. It’s like the claim the cryptocurrency uses too much electrical current. But wait, is that even true?

According to the New York Times, estimated electricity consumption (terawatt-hours, annualized) the Bitcoin network uses about the same amount of electricity as Washington State does yearly, or more than a third of what residential cooling consumes in the United States and more than seven times as much electricity as all of Google’s global operations.

On the other hand, global wealth is estimated at just over $1 quadrillion but Bitcoin’s market cap is just over $825 billion. Bitcoin thus represents 0.0825% of global wealth but uses more energy than a state. If Bitcoin functionality requires that much computer power, then why is it a good thing for the world? If we end Daylight Saving Time, shouldn’t we also stop Bitcoin from burning through so many terawatt-hours? Those bitches!

With all the problems we must solve, I am sure no one will challenge our useless clock changes, but maybe someone should concoct a better idea. Even in the fall when I get an extra hour of sleep, I feel out of sorts. And in the spring, I feel tired and out of sorts. I am going to have to drive to the store to pick up some more “sorts.” I hope they aren’t sold out.

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We knew that the great divide in America would have a major effect on the presidential election in the year 2020, but something else was lurking that we didn’t anticipate. The world suffered a global pandemic of Covid-19, and everything changed. The lockdown motivated one author to write MASHED POTATOES: Covid, Cancer & Comfort Food. The cover ironically claims the book is a “humorous” recollection of 2020, but one might ask, “Where was the humor?” This is a work of survival to motivate those who desire to get beyond Covid-19, beat cancer and defend our precious Democracy.  The world got Covid, the writer got cancer and we all ate copious amounts of comfort food. It’s time to swallow the truth, survive the madness, take a large spoon and savor some delicious MASHED POTATOES. Get some here. 



Is there a vaccine for it?

Who said it would ever be easy to calm the crazies and far-right and far-left lunatics? I believe that when a Congressperson or news reporter says their number one goal is making a president’s administration unsuccessful, they are voting against America. The Donald Trump administration drummed up support of a loud vocal minority, but much of what it did was not successful in terms of America.

I hate this, but when statements are made, they must be verified. Are there more or fewer countries with nuclear weapons since Trump came to power? There are more. Is the trade imbalance that so many screamed about better or worse? Well, it’s just about the same. Was the bragging that we defeated ISIS just more hype in an administration that gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban? Yeah, that’s about right And, yes, the withdrawal was terrible, but I am sure the Generals behind closed doors were honest about the ineptitude of the Afghan army. By the way, I wonder why members of the Afghanistan government were not involved in those Taliban negotiations that the Trump team finalized?

Taliban Leadership

We now know that unvaccinated people have an 11% greater chance of dying of Covid-19. So, the Biden administration worked to get more people vaccinated and the far-right media soon reported it was an OVERREACH by an out-of-control president. The Fox-Brains screamed about using executive orders to get more people vaccinated. Did they forget that Trump signed 220 executive orders in four years? It’s a normal path presidents take to get things done. Why is the practice suddenly demonized? Woodrow Wilson signed some 1,800 orders during his eight years in office. If you care to look, click here.

Clearly, the far-right dumb-sters and hardcore Trumpers in the GOP have taken a stance against any further government management of the global pandemic. Our governor in Florida has placed all his power in the idea to protect “parent’s rights,” even though his actions have clearly hurt children. His vindicative garnishing of schoolboard wages to get back at them for imposing mask mandates is indefensible. As Ron DeSantis’ poll numbers decline, he’s doubling down on a harmful and scornful strategy. After missing so much school kids are now missing even more because of the Covid resurgence. Every expert agrees, better to be in the classroom with a mask on, than at home without one.

Republicans who believed in Trump’s cry to end the war in Afghanistan have done a one-eighty and now sound like they want us to send in more troops to quell the inevitable, an inevitable that Trump brought them. Let’s not forget that Trump wanted to host the Taliban at Camp David on 9-11! Yes, he did. It’s all right here if you want to read about it. And may I mention one more thing? Joe Biden wanted to get out of Afghanistan years ago but was overruled by President, Barack Obama.

Joe Biden is a good president because he’s been in politics so long he has experience with all we’ve done, both right and wrong. He knows that Obamacare was a good idea. because more people have healthcare insurance. He knows that partisan politics and bad press coverage are part of the game. Sure, he likes to be liked, but I am sure he doesn’t lose any sleep over such stuff that doesn’t matter.

Chris Wallace

In Chris Wallace’s new book, Countdown bin Laden: The Untold Story of the 247-Day Hunt to Bring the Mastermind of 9/11 to Justice, the ace reporter and interviewer discloses that the night Obama was making fun of Donald Trump at the Correspondent’s’ Dinner in D.C., his team was working behind the scenes to plan the raid that killed Osama bin Laden the very next night. Chris points out that a president must keep his focus on the important things, even while they are being speared and skewered by self-serving zealots and jealous partisans.

Many people are so wrapped up in the dogma of their dens and tribes they fail to see the bigger picture. The doctor of one of my neighbors asked him why he hadn’t gotten a vaccine yet. My neighbor answered the question with a question, “So it’s really that bad? How many people have died from Covid this year?” The doctor didn’t know the answer. Shame on him! I sure know. In 2021 so far, 100,000 people have died from Covid-19. In eight months, that’s thirty times the death toll of 9-11. Why shouldn’t that be a cause for concern? If your possible death could be eliminated by getting a shot, why wouldn’t you do it? To me it seems unamerican to not get the vaccine.

A president telling everyone to wear a mask and get a shot is not an act of treason. How many more people need to die before the non-vaxxers begin to wonder, “What were we thinking?” Truth be told, they many never reach that point. It’s because Fox News, One America News Network and Newsmax have signed a pact, not with America but with their investors to keep strong ratings. Unless someone starts a sponsor boycott, or sues them, they will continue to tout unsuccessful or dangerous remedies for the coronavirus, looking for every opportunity to exploit the unaware.

They pound the other side hard, but any plausible deniability for them is gone. It’s no longer moral or factual to say that everything our president does is wrong NO MATTER WHAT. Joe Biden took matters into his own hands. Where I come from, we call that leadership. We surely need a leader right now and Joe is our guy. He’s trying to save lives. What on earth is wrong with that?

Biden isn’t the virus, he’s the doctor. And right now, we need to listen to him!


We knew that the great divide in America would have a major effect on the presidential election in the year 2020, but something else was lurking that we didn’t anticipate. The world suffered a global pandemic of Covid-19, and everything changed. The lockdown motivated one author to write MASHED POTATOES: Covid, Cancer & Comfort Food. The cover ironically claims the book is a “humorous” recollection of 2020, but one might ask, “Where was the humor?” This is a work of survival to motivate those who desire to get beyond Covid-19, beat cancer and defend our precious Democracy.  The world got Covid, the writer got cancer and we all ate copious amounts of comfort food. It’s time to swallow the truth, survive the madness, take a large spoon and savor some delicious MASHED POTATOES. Get some here. 

Book for the Recovery – Build Back Better!

How to Hire Great People: Tips, Tricks and Templates for Success

Great companies hire great people. This short, easy-to-read book will help you recruit, review and refocus your new workers into the style and culture of your company. Motivating people to do great work will manage turnover and keeping good workers at your company will maintain your success. Employee inspiration makes a positive difference in our competitive world. HOW TO HIRE GREAT PEOPLE covers everything, including testing, training, tricks and tips. Follow this guide and you’ll assemble strong teams with smart workers, and you’ll learn some time-tested techniques about how to keep them. Kindle and Paperback Click Here