Trump Wants to Help Chinese Workers?

We have seen it all now. Our Great Orange Leader has no problem putting people down or saying horrible things about them and that modus operandi has dripped into others in the Swamp House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. What these immature Trump lackies don’t understand is that anything and everything said on the reality TV show known as the Trump administration will be revealed. Who is doing this?

High polarity in a workplace naturally brings high drama. Some people think they are being funny because they are under the illusion that Trump himself is pleased by sarcasm and humor. Full disclosure here; I have never laughed at anything Donald J. Trump has said. His humor is the worst kind of Dad humor, not funny and, at its best, teetering only on corny.

Yesterday (5-14-2018), the Donald tweeted out what appears to be a joke, “President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”

Now had this been a hack, I could understand it. But what our President is now saying our country is supposed to help a Chinese company, ZTE, because China has lost too many jobs. After telling us that China has raped us, has taken advantage of America and has even been a currency manipulator, Trump now wants to put China First on this issue. This is freaking outrageous.

It appears to be okay for a staff member of the White House to malign an American hero as he walks the last mile of his life. There was already a pattern established by Trump saying that John McCain’s P.O.W status did not make him a hero. Now we can just spit on a dying man and walk away with a clear conscience? Who are these people? They are more concerned about leaking co-workers than the pain they dish out.

The reason people leak conversations after meetings and confabs is because Trump himself leaks every night during his reassuring phone calls with rich people. The Donald doesn’t even realize that “leaking” is a sport in D.C. which the cunning use to step over people and speak truth to power. Unfortunately, with the Trump administration very little truth comes out, so speaking honestly is the duty of the free press, as it should be.

Through the “genius” of Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, we learned over the weekend that Trump himself ordered the Justice Department to stop the Time Warner – AT&T merger. Then, quickly, we got a correction. Trump had nothing to do with DOJ suit against the merger. The flip-flops and self-inflicted wounds of this President result from the lack of discussion and thought that normally goes into presidential speech.

With so many lies blasting out of this White House, it’s hard to know if even the leaks are based on facts. The many loose lips in that swampland guarantee that the only consistent reality of this show will be employee turnover. People will constantly be fired and sent away because those government employees’ only power is to be wined and dined by the press. It’s like taking candy from a baby. They are either disgruntled, or simply amused, at seeing their words under the cloak of an unnamed source.

It will be interesting to hear the justification Team Trump will bring out of the oven on this save- a-Chinese-company decree from President Goofball. We have workers here in the U.S.A. who desperately need jobs, so would someone please tell me why are we going to savage a tech giant in China? Does the Chinese President Xi have a vested interest in this company? We will never know. There is little transparency in a “communist” country.

If Donald Trump really believes anyone is going to buy this radical move, he’s crazy. If the people in his base let him give jobs to China before getting our unemployment down to zero percent, he’s abandoning one of his basic campaign promises about why he would be a good president. Do his followers even understand what he is attempting to pull off? He’s reneging on a PROMISE.

Trump is susceptible to doing things which he thinks will please his friends, rather working for the benefit of all Americans. This could be the true test of whether Russia has a grip on Trump and whether he’s a little afraid. China could financially crush us by calling in all the loans. Maybe in his personal business circle our President is afraid of Russia demanding repayments of the loans to Eric, Don, Jr. and the Trump Enterprises?

If I was all powerful, the leakers, the liars and all the loose lips would be expelled from the White House. That would include the main leaker.


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