The Real Challenge for America

A friend recently asked, “Why do you post negative things about our President every day?” After thoughtfully considering the question, I answered, “I truly believe that he is bad for America.” And, of course, I had a stronger argument. The goal isn’t bringing you to my point of view but rather giving you a few things to think about between now and the next time you vote.

President Trump created a humanitarian crisis by demanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen apply a “zero tolerance” policy to every person coming across our borders, whether they are seeking asylum or not. This terrible mistake demonstrates a drastic lack of thought and leadership by our President. Donald Trump continues to exploit racism and fear because his singular, perverse need is receiving love from his base supporters. We know that this group consists of maybe 30% of this great land, NOT THE MAJORITY!

Trump’s self-inflicted illusion is he alone can fix things. It’ a lie, just like most of what he says. The Donald manages to put a little piece of shit into everything he does, even his rare good plans. He is incapable of bringing our country together and that is exactly why he’s bad for America. He continually uses hate as a propellant, risking not only a potential fire but, worse, a mighty explosion.

Today, we learned that the White Supremacists who sponsored the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year have applied for a permit to rally around the White House this summer. Our Great Orange Leader will do nothing but sit back and laugh and laud the greatness of the First Amendment. Once again, those who want to stop the hate, the put downs and the pejorative attitudes will also have to march that day to match the crown size of the Neo-Nazis and Jew haters. We can only hope no one will get hurt.

And here we find another reason why Donald Trump is bad for America. He waits too long before addressing a real problem. He creates a negative atmosphere then does nothing to calm the waters or lead the country into compromise and betterment. He wastes time and money traveling to his rallies when he should be in the Capital working on challenges and constructive changes.

How do you tell a bullheaded, xenophobic old man that he’s making things worse? We learned this week that Trump believes nothing the polls or the press tell him. He has declared that media is bad and capable only of releasing “fake news.” He fawns over Fox News, but he will simply toss them into the fake news basket if they ever turn on him.

We have learned that his daughter and his wife convinced him to do something, but they are only a temporary relief from his bigoted mind. Watch, he will soon turn back to his in-house racists and fake bureaucratic bastards, John Kelly, Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller, and follow their advice to fuck the immigrants.

Stephen Miller is the evilest one. I find it astonishing that his family is comprised of Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe.  In the early 1900s his mother’s family emigrated to the United States from Belarus to escape anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia.

The very hate that tore apart Europe and killed millions of Jews in the 1930s is now being replicated by this young man, Stephen Miller. How does a 32-year-old political science major from Duke University become such an anti-immigrant racist? Hard to say, but if I could throw only one person from the White House Stephen Miller would be my pick to hit the road. And the ejection would be covered live on TV.

General John Kelly is a phony. He supposedly came into the White House to organize people and communication and bring order. He’s a failure. Some measure of military order would be good, but he has no power over Donald Trump. Kelly, hardened by his service and with roots in the reverse racism of the Irish-American community of Boston, will not serve his country well. He should retire and have a nice life.

Jeff Sessions has always been a typical old-school southerner who relishes a good “Negro joke” among close friends. He climbed the judicial power ladder with his short legs, while posing as a law and order guy for his own purposes. When a kid has their father’s name, it provides a built-in reason to look backward. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is probably no more liberal than his father, or his father’s father.

Each generation has a reason for rejecting progress. Alabama doesn’t allow a lottery, much less pharmaceutical marijuana. But rather than focus on Jeff Sessions’ home state, just look at his policies. They are further to the right than Donald Trump’s. Sessions just locked up innocent kids. And when people talk about how well those children are existing in their Wal-Mart prisons, our government pushes the same scripts old newsreels used to explain Japanese interment camps. Who are we?

The most important aspect of Donald Trump’s caving to pressure by signing an executive order is that he was able to slip a little piece of shit into his decree. Here is the turd-burger the President added to his order, “The Attorney General shall promptly file a request with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California to modify the Settlement Agreement in Flores v. Sessions, CV 85-4544 (“Flores settlement”), in a manner that would permit the Secretary, under present resource constraints, to detain alien families together throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry or any removal or other immigration proceedings.”

The executive order is a trojan horse. Jeff Session is being asked to petition the court to relax the Flores decision, which would mean the children of undocumented border crossers and those who “broke the law” (the parents) can be held INDEFINATELY. With a stroke of his big, fat felt-tipped pen, our lunatic President has created his own private Gitmo within our borders.

Under the present Flores agreement, immigrant children can be held for only twenty days. A minor cannot be charged for crimes committed by a parent, but incarceration with a parent is tantamount to being held without a charge. Imprisonment without due process is against the law on American soil, as stated in our Constitution.

When Trump cries about our laws being so bad, he is railing against the Constitution itself. His treasonous propaganda shows no respect for law. We cannot sit back and let him do this. In the end, the law will have the final say and the Sergeant of Arms will come to the White House and remove Donald J. Trump from office. That perp walk will make America great again.

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