Trump pulls out, Kim wants back in?

Have you ever watched two seven-year-old kids get into an argument? You try to be a good parent and hear them out, but as they talk through their disputes, reasons and opinions, you soon realize that their lack of experience and logic only gets in the way.

What just happened with this summit between the United States and North Korea? You could blame all the confusion and chaos on the lack of experience and the naïveté of a conflicted leader, which might be either man in this case.

Maybe this drama playing out in front of the whole world is some master deal-making, or could it be that a lack of planning and the immature, overt commenting has gotten in the way? Why did Trump agree to a meeting so quickly and so openly?

This is not business as usual. When things become unwieldy, the talking heads attempt to justify the quick changes as part of the voodoo our president has been selling from the beginning. The Kool-Aid drinkers claim that secrets and mystery are part of the Great Orange Leader’s “talent.” What few people stand up and say is that these broken promises and whimsical changes are game playing and bad business form. Not good, but bad, Donald.

The blame for Trump’s temporary halt to the summit can be assigned to two people. And might I remind you these two were Trump picks. One was John Bolton, who decided to compare North Korea to Libya. Bad idea. Vice President Mike Pence, the other, obviously didn’t clear his words with anyone when he doubled-down on the “Libya model,” adding more fuel to the fire. Without nukes, the people in Libya overthrew and killed their leader.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, didn’t control his country’s messaging when their top spokesperson called Pence a “Political Dummy.” While I agree with the sentiment, the true meaning of the words might be lost in translation. Were they saying that Pence’s statement was “dumb,” or were they saying that Mike himself is dumb? Who knows? That comment lit Trump’s fuse and he sent a “break-up” letter to his “Little Rocket Man” without alerting Congress, the military or our allies.

While most of the letter was rather formal, there was an embedded threat, “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.” Everything is “massive and powerful” to Trump and he goes out of his way to talk about the money we are spending on our military. Doesn’t Trump realize that putting a two-ton bomb on the negotiating table starts the discussion on a bad foot? And, as we know from Trump’s Vietnam war deferment, he has bad feet.

Most intelligent observers see Trump’s machismo and posturing more as personality cult and less as successful diplomacy, which is done behind closed doors, with few or no press releases or tweets.

I’ll wager that Kim Jong-Un has some fear that Trump will act rashly, perhaps dropping a damn bomb on his head. Of course, the people living in South Korea, Japan, Russia and China do not want him to do that for very good reasons. First, it would kill millions of people. Next, it would disrupt the world economy and drain money from coffers and banks around the world.

The newly non-elected President for life in China knows that he will be around long after Trump is back in New York making more lousy business deals. President Xi Jinping acts deliberately, slowly calculating his moves five, ten or twenty years out. Meanwhile, wild hare Trump moves much too fast and creates a puzzling narrative which might hold viewers to a TV show but is senseless in the world of foreign affairs. And let’s not forget, the tortoise won the race.

As the world changes, will it adjust to Trump, or will the Donald alter his routine to meet the demands of keeping America strong? We heard an almost globalist mantra from our president with his consideration of helping Chinese workers and a sanctioned Chinese phone company, ZTE. What part of security risk doesn’t this President understand?

This is not neo-conservative, not traditional Republican, and certainly not the least bit constructive. It is simply what Trump wants. He has already decided what to do and what it all means. If the facts don’t fit his opinion, he fabricates lies into a story to help his cause. He doesn’t care who he hurts or what is true.

In the end, we will learn what most of those “haters” already believe and some know for certain. Donald J. Trump is just a con man without a soul. He has convinced himself that he is doing a service to the country by fixing all the things he believes are wrong with America. He even exploits God’s name to advance his doctrine. We hope and pray that God soon responds.

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