Trump Camp Infiltrated by Anarchists 

Something highly disturbing is happening with the Trump reign. Paranoia is striking deep within our president’s loyal base of lunatics. The delusions of the far right and fringe radical elements are creeping into the cult of Donald Trump. They believe that our President was ordained by a higher power and will lead America into neurotic nirvana. It’s all bullshit, but here goes.

It is a fact that Donald Trump was endorsed by Neo-Nazis, KKK, White Nationalists and many other fringe groups. When confronted about these endorsements, Trump either feigned not knowing the people or just ignored the question. When he was challenged about the anarchists and the white nationalists who caused death in Charlottesville, South Carolina, he said, “There were fine people on both sides.” He refuses to oppose or denounce the hate of these supporters. By his inaction and throttling institutions like the “free press” and the FBI, he has promoted conspiracy theories. The Donald has created a socio-political breeding ground for hate and fear.

That brings us to the signs at the Trump rallies in Florida and Pennsylvania this week. You might have noticed the Q and QAnon signs and T-shirts. This is the evidence that the Donald Trump cadre has been infiltrated by another fringe group of radicals who will absorb any remaining credibility of this president. These people are more than despictable, they are deeply disillusioned.

Imagine if the “deep state” and the “dark web” had a baby. You would get Q and QAnon, which was born on closed web forums and secret chat groups. The leader, or leaders, call themselves Q and promulgate what they call “bread crumbs.” These are short phrases and thoughts which are meant as clues that can be construed and developed into elaborate conspiracies. These people must be really bored.

QAnon says they have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States and have aligned themselves to a supposedly secret counter-coup against the alleged “deep state”. This is where we must remind ourselves that words matter. Anarchy is the absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual. This political ideal, according to Q, is a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. If we are out to fight this political force our militia won’t need guns. We will need a master hacker to defend ourselves and find out what actions this group will take.

The QAnon conspiracy theorists are supporters of President Donald Trump and promote themselves under the names, “The Storm” and “The Great Awakening.” People who run with these guys include, Roseanne Barr, Curt Schilling and James Wood. This group has already discredited themselves but continues to grow.

It started on October 28, 2017 with a person identifying as “Q Clearance Patriot” on the /pol/ board of 4chan. He created a thread entitled “Calm Before the Storm,” a sentence used by President Donald Trump when he had military families in the White House. There is no connection between what Trump said and the title of Q , but it enhanced the chatter online and the myth was elevated.

An app called “QDrops” about conspiracy theories was published and quickly became the most popular paid app in the “entertainment” section of Apple’s online store in 2018, as well as the tenth most popular paid app overall. Apple pulled the app after an inquiry from NBC News.

Edgar M. Welch, a 28-year-old father of two from Salisbury, N.C., read online that Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in northwest Washington, had kidnapped young children and made them sex slaves as part of a child-abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton. Welch came to the nation’s capital to help free the children and says he meant no harm.

On December 4, 2016, Welch walked into the pizza place armed with a knife, AR-15 assault weapon and a revolver, saying he wanted to investigate online conspiracy theories. Welch fired his gun multiple times into a locked storage closet. His actions led to his four-year jail term.

Trump’s on-knowing romance with this conspiracy group will produce more fringe actors and domestic terrorists, who will do more shooting. Is Trump free from any guilt? Would a group like QAnon, who push that Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks are pedophiles, stop at anything to create fear, anger and action? They seem to fixate on pedophilia. Strange.

I truly believe that Donald Trump has a psychological flaw, likely the result of an extremely enabled childhood that kept him from logical thought and critical thinking. The 45th President, doesn’t have the ability to discern a lie from the truth and is extremely susceptible to conspiracy theories and hoaxes. He has used these myths to motivate himself and justify attacking others. Our Great Orange Leader’s extreme narcissism and paranoia make him overreact and execute over-the-top actions even when clearer minds ask him to slow down and get the facts. He is, as many have said, mentally unfit to be president.

Just as Trump constantly uses and cites conspiracy theories, this QAnon group of anarchists in the end are going to hurt Donald Trump and the Republican party. This group will do “anything” to push their false claims, conspiracy theories and disruptive political agendas. They say that they want Donald Trump to succeed, but they will continue to act up, even if it means tearing down the government. They are not patriots. This may be why Trump is avoiding talking about them, for now.

If in the future someone gets killed or property gets destroyed, the administration will have to make it clear where they stand. If not, they will have blood on their hands. The fact that we have a free press and a First Amendment, we will always have people writing, reading and spreading the most outlandish lies and falsehoods.

The leaders of the Republican party probably are naïve and uninformed on the whole nature of the “dark web” and the secret little lies that are surfacing among Trump followers. They could have stopped Donald Trump before the primary election, but they didn’t want to lose. They have proved that winning is more important than honesty and truth. Would the G.O.P. really want to see the government be destroyed by these liars and lunatics?

Donald Trump is a dangerous person. He should not be President of the United States. We can only hope that Robert Mueller and his team of patriots will find the truth, tell us the truth and then, the Congress and Judiciary will do the right thing. No man is above the law and the longer that Trump is allowed to rule, the less safe America will be.

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