Trump’s Horrific Pandemic Failure

When does this end? Why is Donald John Trump putting his own voters in harm’s way? We know that he knows COVID-19 is insidious; we heard the Woodward tapes. He has lured his followers into the dark, dank pit of infection. Why? Because putting people in harm’s way is totally worth it if the result is his reelection. Who is this person? Obviously, all those who said he lacks a moral compass were not exaggerating. He’s a wicked, wrinkled fraud.

Once again, the Donald’s blame game surfaces. His psychological illness drives him to assail and impugn others for his own inappropriate, erroneous and dangerous acts. Trump claims that his downplaying and lying about the coronavirus is Bob Woodward’s fault. Really? The fat, orange clown with the long red ties claims that if Woodward thought those lies were so bad, he would have reported them immediately and saved lives. OMG that’s preposterous!

Woodward’s reasoning that he wasn’t sure Trump was telling the truth is totally valid. It’s not Woodward’s job to fix the President or to prevent the fallout of his irresponsible actions. Yes, one sells books containing flaming facts, flawed characters and salacious stories, and Woodward’s latest effort has all that and more. This author’s responsibility is showing the hypocrisies, lies and malfeasance to bring a person with unchecked power to their knees. Just like Donald Trump’s main product is bullshit, Bob Woodward’s finished work is factual, historical framing.

Most people attribute the phrase “News is only the first rough draft of history” to Washington Post publisher, Philip Graham. I read a thought provoking article on the SLATE website that throws some water on the birth of that phrase. The story claims that a 1943 book review in the New Republic, written by journalist Alan Barth, may contain the first usage of that phrase, but such an argument is unimportant right now.

What is crucial is our 45th president stands before us saying he was not lying, when he was lying. As we battle a viral pandemic, a crisis, the White House has lost all credibility on the issues of healthcare and sound virus containment practices. If Trump really believes in “AMERICA FIRST,” then why are we leading the world in infection and death with COVID-19? Trump blathers that it’s China’s fault for not stopping the outbreak. Well, did President Trump stop the virus from attacking our citizens and destroying our economy? No, because he constantly does the opposite of what he should.

The president spoke on Thursday night for an hour and 15 minutes before a crowd estimated at 5,000 people. The event occurred in Michigan, after that state had limited outdoor public gatherings to 100 people to stem the spread of COVID-19. However, there are exemptions for First Amendment-protected events in Michigan and Trump and his death squad would rather NOT follow the rules and, instead, expose voters to the virus.

I first get frustrated then fatigued by this scum sucking swamp lizard of a president. Why can this man say to a reporter that he knows exactly how bad the virus is but cannot bring himself to be honest with the American public? How can he sleep at night when the entire country knows that he’s a damn liar?

Trump tramples so many facts that he has become a walking-talking conspiracy theory. He told us that New Jersey Muslims celebrated the death and destruction of 9-11, which was probably motivated by a video of Palestinians demonstrating against America. They were NOT Americans, but Trump doubled and tripled down on his bizarre, xenophobic lie. His misinformation has hurt minorities. The abuse and violence against those groups have increased since Donald Trump has become president.

Tragically, our psychologically impaired president continues to endorse and promote the conspiracy theory that the COVID pandemic is a either hoax or not serious enough to warrant the wearing of masks. He hardly ever wears one because of his vanity or stupidity. Go ahead, pick one.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump is a killer president! He brings death to his own supporters! Trump is incapable of understanding what we face and we must remove him from power. He is not qualified to make any decisions, especially those concerning healthcare. WAKE UP AMERICA. It’s not worth dying for Donald Trump. He’s just a piece of steaming, stinking excrement.

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