A goal without a plan is just a wish

If you have been paying attention, you know that little planning, vetting or reviewing takes place in the Trump Administration. It’s a one man show, with tap-dancing tweets into policy and the monkeys telling lies to keep their jobs. Many people have left this circus. More than 45 major players in the current administration have been shown the door or found their own personal escape from the burning dumpster.

Some medical professionals and armchair shrinks have suggested that Donald Trump is suffering from a major psychological malady. The one disorder most often mentioned is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Trump may not be in the grip of this illness, but his public displays indicate that, at least, he is an artful actor mimicking all the disorder’s signs. He regularly makes the monkey on his back come out and dance for the public more than any reasonably calm personality ever would. He’s more than insecure.

And just as disturbing is the daily dishing of Trump’s “cognitive dissonance,” the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. It doesn’t take a doctor, lawyer or social scientist to see this in action.

The idea of declaring that he is about to close the Mexican border, without any comprehension of the problems that would cause to our workforce and economy, is reckless. More than $600 billion in trade crosses our southern border and more than five million US jobs would be affected. One of the hallmarks of the Trump presidency is solving one problem by creating a second, bigger, problem. That’s when the cognitive dissonance kicks in.

We saw that with the defunding of the Special Olympics in the Education budget. Trump asked for the cut and got it. But when Congress and the general public pushed back, our esteemed president reversed the decision and claimed he was overriding his people. Really? You know, little Donnie constantly plays the blame game; it’s always someone else’s fault.

Now let’s move on to a more serious subject. The knowledge and belief in the power of the atomic weaponry of the United States is something that Trump has always waved around. I doubt that our current president has any understanding about the workings of a nuclear bomb. I’m sure the science, the physics, and the mathematics that went into this dreadfully dangerous weapon are way over his head. Donald Trump was not in Hiroshima or Nagasaki to see the wrath those two small bombs produced. He wasn’t born yet. Still, we must assume that Trump believes atomic bombs are real.

It’s beyond ironic that the same person who relies on the fear of nuclear annihilation to push around world leaders, says that scientists are wrong about Climate change and the effects of global warming. Trump is oblivious to the fact that within the last two years weather has caused more death and destruction than the 9/11 attacks. Even more bewildering is this man’s lack of empathy for American citizens who have suffered. His visits to sites of national disasters are merely photo-ops. Trump doesn’t care for anyone other than himself and those who kiss his big, fat ass.

Scientists and mathematicians will tell you that an owner of a gambling casino knows any roll of the dice, turn of the roulette wheel, or pull on the lever of a slot machine can deliver a major win for a customer. The odds are known, and a temporary loss for a casino owner is quickly erased by math and probability theory. It’s hard to imagine that someone could fail at a gambling casino, but Trump did. Now he will blame Atlantic City, or his vendors or something else, but a casino business is almost foolproof, unless a fool is in charge or something else is going on.

Donald Trump claims outside forces explain his failures over the years. The uncertainty of the universe is not his concern, he’s only interested in what happens in Trumpworld. Clearly, the outside force that is creating radical weather patterns, lost of life and property is definitely out of Trump’s comprehension and control.

Donald Trump’s thoughtless position against climate change is much like George W. Bush’s block of funding for stem cell research to please the evangelicals. Donald doesn’t see climate change, so it doesn’t exist. His denial of science is a misguided way of pleasing people who believe God’s will can prevail over any evil, including global warming. The Donald believes a little sweeping of the forest floor will prevent wildfires and that Puerto Ricans are too slow and dumb to use the aid that was already sent. He relies on the software in his own jet, but says that aviation science is getting too complicated.

Trump walked in front of the bright lights and cameras declaring that the Republican party will be known as the party of Healthcare on the very same day that he asked his Justice Department to support a declaration that Obamacare is unconstitutional. With no replacement envisioned, let alone written, he once again farted his cognitive dissonance into the air. Then one day later, he tweeted to the world, that healthcare will have to wait until after the 2020 election. Darting around, changing his mind, lying with ease and confusing even his own party, Donald Trump has no plan. He’s ineffective at leadership and a total failure at politics. His wishes aren’t plans and he has not even an inkling of how to make America great.


Perhaps the seas will part, and the air will clear when we see Donald Trump’s income tax returns and the full Mueller report. As the orange man claims on video that his father was born in Germany, it might be more prudent and helpful to America if his medical records were made public. Then we would know what is going on in his head.


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