Trump Gets His Roy Cohn

There is something very McCarthy-like about all this recent Trump stuff. Joseph McCarthy was the U.S. Senator from Wisconsin between 1947 and 1957. McCarthy investigated what he called un-American activities. which he and his cronies claimed were driven by communist convictions. McCarthy’s attorney was a man named Roy Cohn, who later became a mentor and fixer for a young Donald Trump.

Trump is frustrated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from the Russian Interference investigation. Trump was quoted by several sources to have complained, “Where is my Roy Cohn?” The Donald thinks that he should have the same kind of “protection” President Kennedy had with his brother, Robert, being the Attorney General. It’s as if our Great Orange Leader views the Attorney General as the President’s personal lawyer, rather than the head of the Department of Justice.

The susceptibility of this president to blackmail is alarming. He paid women for their silence about relationships, however far they went. He and his fixer, Michael Cohen, felt a need for six figure payoffs to women to, as they put it, not talk about things that didn’t happen.

And Donald Trump has such thin skin, that any negative comment on TV or in the press determines how he will act. He will even reverse course when the Fox News pundits and talking heads suggest he is wrong. He is totally controlled by media coverage. He is his own press agent with his Twitter account at the ready with no legal or logical filter on his output.

Donald J. Trump is open to strong pitches by people he likes or who are from New York. He relates to Rudy Giuliani because, in a lot of ways, Rudy is like Trump. The fastball con job Rudy has presented shows he is not the great prosecutor he once was. His arrival has only added more disruption to the White House. It’s obvious that Rudy and Trump are not coordinating with the other attorneys on the team. Why would a spokesperson for the President in such delicate legal matters make things worse?

When Rudy disfigures his face and pops out his eyeballs before he speaks, he looks like a demonic character in a horror movie. When one of your legal counselors says, “I’m ‘focused on the law more than the facts right now” every law professor and judge in the nation is throwing up with these comments. Any law scholar will tell you that the only aspects of law that mean anything are the facts.

Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor, was a dirty player. Cohn was disbarred by the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court in 1986 for unethical conduct and died less than two months later. This means either there is a God, or there is some justice in the Department of Justice. Trump probably thinks that Rudy is his Roy Cohn, not even close.

When calmer, more reasonable thinkers, like Trump’s current lawyers, tell him to stop tweeting or talking about legal matters, Trump’s skin itches to punch back. He wants a return of the good old days when Roy Cohn went after the enemies and used ANY METHOD to get a win. Trump is McCarthy.

Trump’s mentality about everything he says and does harkens back to a day when white people were on top, money and fame were true American successes and power was something there for the taking. Trump’s attempt to take us back has only one warrior against it, the law.

Trump is being played by Rudy and he doesn’t care because the end justifies the means. Rudy wants Trump to fire Jeff Sessions so he can become Attorney General. Giuliani must have pitched Trump with the idea that he alone can end this “witch hunt.”

Rudy has convinced Trump that he can sit down and with “Bobby Mueller” to negotiate a peace treaty. In Rudy’s defense of Trump, he sprinkles just enough truth to get Donald into trouble. Giuliani is clearly out of his league and, in the end, will prove to be simply another of the terrible mistakes Trump has made. Rudy will be gone shortly.

What if the Russians did penetrate the center of Trump’s campaign? What if Russian banks funneled money into the National Rifle Association, which then spent $30 million on ads for Trump? What if it we learn that more than two women were payed hush money after having affairs with Trump? Hey, Donald was just trying to “Be Best.” What if it comes to pass that Trump’s grand plan on tariffs and treaties sends the world into a financial slump? I’m sure we can all afford $3.75 a gallon for gas.

Will taking Trump out of office and replacing him with Mr. Milquetoast, Mike Pence, make America great again? Probably not, but somewhere in this passion play we will learn what we are made of and who we want to be.

Rudy’s rage is fake. Trump is fake. They are bad actors playing parts they think the base wants. But you cannot jerk around the system for too long before those West Virginia coal miners realize their jobs are not coming back. The stay-at-home mom in Milwaukee will eventually comprehend that the “glorious, beautiful” tax cut didn’t offset the increases in healthcare costs and she must seek employment.

Giuliani is the problem with politics today. He is attempting to promote himself while making things worse for his client. In the end, we will learn that Rudy was just a pacifier in the mouth of our baby president to make him feel good. Trump has no logic. After he checks off his list of campaign promises, he can sit back and watch America pay for his big changes. It’s just like all his business failures. Someone else will pay.

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