Worst Case of Disregard by a Party

If you have been watching the second Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, you must realize by now the flaw in this whole matter before us. The Democratic House Impeachment Managers have done a terrific job demonstrating that a mob of far-right neo-Nazi, white supremacists and braindead militia attacked the Capitol Building and killed people, but they have failed to convince the sycophants in the Senate that Donald Trump had anything to do with it. Why?

You see, this is not a matter of truth and facts, but that may be appropriate because Donald Trump has never been honest with the American public. I would go so far as to claim Trump isn’t even trustworthy with himself. That advances a premise that the Donald suffers from not only dual personality but schizophrenia. I am suggesting the former president has a long-term mental disorder involving a breakdown between thought, emotion and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions, improper feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships and mental fragmentation resulting in extreme fantasy and delusion.

The big mystery to me is how could seemingly intelligent people in Congress not see this glaring disorder or disease? It could be they have been sucked into a “power guy syndrome.” An alcoholic doesn’t see that his drinking buddy is a drunk, he sees him as a friend. But I get it, they don’t want to piss off Trump who holds all that power they give him. They are literally letting Trump control them, and somehow, they see that as a positive.

The moderates in the Senate who would like to see Trump go away forever so they can get to the job of repairing their party, can’t muster the courage of voting for conviction and disqualification. If they were smart, they would encourage the Spartacus procedure. Remember when his troops were confronted with a demand to turn Spartacus over to the enemy, all the soldiers exclaimed, “I am Spartacus!” thus protecting their leader. If the Republicans wanted to camouflage those who would be hurt by a vote against Trump, they could all vote to convict and take pressure off specific members, but they won’t. They don’t have the courage to do what is right. They are puppets of party loyalty who are incapable of delivering justice to this horrible man.

Trump’s lawyers were given a direction and a big pep talk last night by far-right radicals in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Where in American justice do the jurors ever have a meeting with the defense to help them convince their jury to get an acquittal? Of course, we’ve been told many times that this is not a real trial, as the process veers further and further away from true American courtroom justice, I’m starting to see the wisdom in an off the cuff remark by one of Trump’s lawyers. Maybe it’s time to move the adjudication of this crime to a criminal court. Let’s make Trump defend himself along with the insurrectionists he gathered and directed. I’m sure things would go much differently.

We have seen many court cases on TV and in real life where two of more people have been charged with a crime and each says one of the others made them do it. Yes, it’s common for a defendant to argue that they were under the mystical spell of another who made them cheat, steal or even, murder. The good news is we can handle that situation. We usually give one of the defendants immunity in exchange for their testimony against the person the prosecutor believes was the ringleader. Unfortunately, that falls short of imposing proper punishment over all who share responsibility.

Had the same evidence that was presented in this Trump impeachment trial number two been presented in a criminal proceeding, Trump would have already been convicted and waiting for the pronouncement of sentence. Most experts believe that one who incited an insurrection could get a one-year jail sentence which would, at best, be embarrassing for Trump.

Far too many times in the last 14 months we have been told that impeachment is a political process, not a legal action. Why it is that? Why should impeachment be relegated to political theater? It would seem to me that a sentence of disqualification from holding any future office makes the process profoundly serious, but the partisan insanity downgrades it. I have lived through three impeachment trials now, and I have a suggestion. Why not first convict — in a court of law — the president of his crime and then hold a vote on disqualification in the Senate? Who would want a convicted felon in the White House?

My idea would require changing the Constitution to detail all the possible actions a president or vice president could engage in that would be considered criminal. This would eliminate the scenario of a president telling us that making a shakedown call to a principal of another country is “perfect.” Why not simply spell out that it’s not? Yes, I am suggesting that we need the details of every possible criminal act to be defined as illegal and applied when the need to remove a bad person from office becomes necessary. If the act of a president inciting a riot and attack on the US Capitol is a crime, spell it out then arrest the guilty son-of-a-bitch!

Man Behind Bullet Proof Glass

We already have a solid legal structure in place to do deal with criminal infractions, and if the President of the United States is not above the law, now is the time to prove it. One might argue my idea doesn’t account for a deeply corrupt and partisan magistrate who wants to remove a president, but that is precisely what we have now. There are presently 17 Republicans lacking the guts and moral fortitude to convict “their” president. It’s a miscarriage of justice. When those sycophants acquit Trump, again, the “real courts” will have to deal with his fraud and criminal behavior. Justice delayed, for sure.

This is an extreme case of disregard by a political party that we all must remember. There is already discussion about starting a new Republican party without Trump, but any astute political mind will remind us that a third-party is always the kiss of death. That tactic usually splinters the vote and delivers a victory to the other guy. Just look back to what Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose did to the run by the incumbent, President Taft. Remember what happened in 1992 when Ross Perot ran unsuccessfully as an independent candidate but siphoned off enough votes to help Bill Clinton beat George H.W. Bush.

Much will be written about impeachment part two against Trump, but there are not enough words to solve the problem of division and political polarization in our country. He has been nothing but bad for America. A true crisis is the fact that months after he was soundly defeated in the 2020 Election, we must still deal with him daily. The sooner we can stop talking about Donald John Trump the faster we can begin healing our nation. Until he goes away, he remains a cancer on democracy.

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