Trump’s Discarded Minions Turn Against Him

There used to be a halo around the heads of most of our Presidents. Newspapers didn’t mention George Washington’s bad teeth. They ignored Woodrow Wilson’s incapacitation during the last year of his final term. Some newspapers might have photographed Eleanor Roosevelt with her mouth open, but they never ran a shot of FDR in his wheelchair. They knew Kennedy was having affairs with Marilyn Monroe and others but gave the guy some space. By the time we got to Bill Clinton, the media went wild reporting Monica Lewinski’s exact words.

We almost expect our presidents to lie about their private lives, but when a leader misleads the American public on domestic policies, public safety and important dealings with other countries, that’s bad, really bad. If this makes you think about Donald Trump, let me drop this in your cup. Lies from his loyalists have only made matters worse.

One could argue the that if John Bolton and Michael Cohen had gone to Capitol Hill and testified truthfully about Trump, he’d be, to quote The Eagles, already gone. But that “coulda, shoulda, woulda” mindset doesn’t solve the current problem. Cohen knew that Trump broke the law. He’s a lawyer and was doing the dirty work. Bolton knew that Trump had committed unethical and possibly illegal acts in his dealings with other countries, but John remained silent. I can hear the justification, “Well, I didn’t want to say anything because the Democrats are also wrong.” Cohen believed that he could get a pardon. He openly admits that when the feds said they were going to indict his wife, he started to help the prosecutors. He’s just another lying, chicken shit, opportunistic fool.

America has a strange way of reconciling justice. Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel which ultimately proved fatal to Hamilton, yet Burr was never convicted of murder. Instead of New York, the duel took place in New Jersey, where killing someone in a duel was less of a crime. In a small measure of justice, there’s a Broadway play about Hamilton, but not one about Burr. Vice President Aaron Burr went behind President Jefferson’s back to buy land in Louisiana and start his own negotiations with Great Britain. The government charged him with treason, but Burr was found not guilty. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall presided over the trial and ruled there was no evidence and not one credible piece of testimony strong enough to convict Burr. The star witness for the prosecution admitted that he had doctored a letter implicating Burr. Why does this feel familiar?

Each of Trump’s former appointees fits into one of two buckets. Michael Cohen, Anthony Scaramucci and Omarosa Manigault knew and worked with Trump for years and have seen the light. The other box contains many sycophants who worship Trump, and are nothing but members of a death cult.

The people who have come to their sense, know the dark recesses of this man’s mind. Michael knows the Donald cheated on his taxes, charities and applications for loans. The racism, Cohen adds, is just icing on a shit pie. Scaramucci is a money man and he knows more about economics and trade than Trump ever could. Anthony didn’t get a million-dollar hope chest from his father and I trust him. He knows Trump is a liar and fraud, but he wanted to bask in the power. He thought he could save the country by being in the White House. He actually did help, and we can thank Scaramucci for getting rid of Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, two useless ideologs.

Omarosa worked with Trump on his TV show and says that Donald John Trump changed from the person she worked with back then. She knows that his ambition, once seen as a good thing, has eaten him up. To use the words of Lord Acton, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Ms. Manigault focuses on Trump’s style and his lack of care for others. Okay, but it was her decision to join the administration and it’s unclear what her job was in the White House. Perhaps it was believed she would provide outreach to the African American community, but mostly she sat in the background at meetings.

Michael Cohen’s book will probably produce a giant yawn from not only the public but also from those who cover and analyze this presidency. Most of what Cohen has written are things we already know. From Cohen’s testimony, we know Trump lied about the worth of his holdings to get a better insurance deal, while he gave the IRS different sets of numbers to pay less tax. We know Trump makes racist statements behind closed doors. Remember, he’s never denied saying that certain African and Caribbean counties are “shithole countries.” Certainly, Trump’s high regard for Russia is not based solely on Trump’s “boy love” of Putin’s power and wealth. I’m willing to wager that money and business deals are factors in that equation.

Michael Cohen, Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York have not seen Donald Trump’s taxes. What the fuck, people? Watergate’s “deep throat” told Woodward and Bernstein to “follow the money,” so why in the hell are we listening to Michael Cohen? When someone accused of a crime keeps telling you he cannot provide a single piece of evidence that would either acquit him or convict him, it’s probably the later he’s worried about.

Of one thing I’m certain, if retired Generals John Kelly and Jim Mattis held a press conference and verified what Trump allegedly said about our fallen war heroes, they could change the course of history. Why do these men remain loyal to Trump? Could it be that their military madness compels them to be loyal to the concept of the presidency and, thus, seem loyal to America? It’s sad that they feel no loyalty to the American people by revealing Trump’s feelings and essence before a critical election. Or maybe they’re holding back so they will have information to nest in the future books they will write about this space in time.

Over 1200 books have been written about Trump since he took office. I wrote one of them, and it called for Trump’s impeachment after only 200 days in office. I guess that makes me a “never ever Trumper.” Regardless, Trump will remain president for at least, another four months and I do not look forward to what “lame duck” Donald will do in his last hours in the Oval Office. I am sure he will sell pardons and change laws as fast as he can. The incoming president will be challenged by all the things he will have to unravel.

Michael Cohen is not relevant and won’t change any minds. His time has passed and in the end America will make a choice. That choosing should not be based on the damage of one man’s lies over another man’s lies but, as they say, it should be made based on love for the soul of America. Yes, it might sound like a cliché, but if we let Donald J. Trump have four more years, he will become a total dictator. But then if you regularly read this blog you already know how I feel. I have never wobbled or wavered from my convictions.

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Are US Presidents Above the Law?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally spoken. His words were exact and well-chosen. He specifically said that his team could not indict a sitting president, period. He also said they would have exonerated him if they could have. They didn’t.

Congress is the only court of law in which a president can be charged. Specifically, the remedy for presidential misconduct is impeachment. It starts in the House of Representatives and courses through a trial in the Senate in which the Chief Justice presides and the members of the Senate are the jury. A two-thirds vote, which is 67 members is necessary to convict and remove a President from office.

We don’t know the procedure after a conviction because impeachment of a US President has never gone that far. One would hope that the person convicted would go honorably, as Richard Nixon did when he was on the precipice of impeachment. That being said, we don’t know what Donald Trump would do. Some say the Congressional Sergeant at Arms would physically remove the president from government property, but that is just an opinion.

Robert Mueller may go down as the most potent silent person in government. He states that he has spoken in the more than 400 pages of his report. If you read the report, you will see that Donald Trump is a paranoid power-hungry crook. Robert Mueller told us what Trump did and urges you to read his work and not bother him with politics.

What we learned today is a special prosecutor and special counsel can’t arrest a president. Being an employee of the Justice Department, a prosecutor or special counsel must follow the guidelines and rules of that department, which were designed to keep an out-of-control prosecutor from unnecessarily hindering the Executive Branch.

Throughout Donald Trump’s life he has thumbed his nose at the law. He’s not a person you would trust in business because he would likely do something illegal and get you entangled in a lawsuit that you will ultimately pay for. It’s a Trump common practice which is both legendary and extremely troubling. It speaks to a real lack of character.

The American taxpayer shelled out more than $25 million to find out that their president has, at least, obstructed justice and weakened our election security. Mueller was very clear, Russian operatives attempted to change our election results. He said that the Russian effort favored a certain candidate (TRUMP) and expressed the truth that if he could have cleared Donald Trump, he would have. This is not a gordian knot but rather clear and specific legal code for “he’s guilty,” and Congress now has the power to do something righteous for the country.

Were Robert Mueller given a truth serum, he would tell you exactly what he thinks of Donald Trump and his minions. I’m sure he probably has a low regard for the president and those around him in the administration, as well as for the Congressmen and women who refuse to focus on the real danger of this president. Trump doesn’t take foreign interference in our elections seriously. Mueller knows that, despite his warm and fuzzy feeling for Attorney General William Barr, that man’s independence is in question. Barr’s statements and actions are driven by his rank and President Trump’s authority over everything he says and does. Mueller knows that Barr is not an independent agent of justice.

The events of this corrupt presidency should be a positive motivation for legislation on several important fronts. First, we need to mandate and codify transparency in the Executive Branch. After fifty-years of the tradition of presidential candidates and presidents releasing their income tax returns, this practice should become part of US law. The refusal of the Treasury Department to release Trump’s tax returns to the Ways and Means Committee in the House means we need a stronger law requiring every major candidate and office holder to make public their tax returns.

Congress should pass a law that commands all political campaigns to disclose to the FBI any communication with a foreign person or government that offers information or “dirt” on another US candidate. Withholding such information should be against the law.

Perhaps the biggest foible in all of this is the fact that a president cannot be charged with a crime while he or she is in office. The legal logic makes sense on the surface, but it weakens the notion that no person is above the law. If a president murdered someone and there was clear proof that he did so, how can this not be a punishable crime in the normal judicial process? If Congress is not the Judicial Branch, can they truly be above the partisan swamp? Can they give a true verdict when they are willing to look the other way for their personal gains and preservation of their elected positions?

We have a lot of work to do and most of it has been caused by a President who cares little for the “normal order” of government, law or fair play. Whether he likes it or not, Donald Trump will soon inherit his own classification of concepts such as “Tea Pot Dome,” “Watergate” and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Trump is an inept political operative with too much money to understand the pain of the middle class. He’s above the law in his own mind and Robert Mueller knows it. Trump keeps saying that “he’s the most transparent president in history,” making us wonder why he didn’t sit for an interview with Robert Mueller. Maybe Trump’s just afraid of him. Why doesn’t Trump release his tax returns? Maybe he’s afraid of what we would learn.

Trump must be impeached, or he will think he can do anything. Without impeachment, this country has just elevated a president to King. And the king has no pants.


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Trumpers Rally Around Denials

As I walked to my local library, I couldn’t help but notice a small card table at the doorway with a couple sitting in the hot sun. The poorly made sign said, “No Collusion.” They were passing out Trump reelection brochures. Even before the ink on the Mueller Report was dry, the idea of using the phrase, “No Collusion” as a slogan for a reelection campaign seemed rather senseless. But with Trump denying things and lying his way out of any situation this seems to be standard operating procedure. Trump the martyr.

Even the first statement Trump made after the 4-page letter from the Attorney General William Barr was read to him was a lie. WHY? Clearly, in this documents (Here v0) you can read the line, “The Special Counsel states that, ‘while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’” And yet, that sentence in black and white was totally ignored by Donald Trump. His first sentence included the phrase, “… total exoneration.”  Clearly, if you believe what the Special Counsel said, then Trump’s problems of misdeeds, misconduct and malfeasance while in office is not quite resolved.

The Southern District of New York office of the Justice Department may charge Trump and his organization for things done before Trump became president, but that doesn’t mean that Congress cannot hold Mr. Trump to a certain ethical standard while he remains in office. He is making a ton of money being President. Isn’t that against the law? There are some very important issues at stake here and the sooner we Americans focus on them, the quicker we might be able to stop Trump from trampling over the rights of the citizens.

Depending on the demographics, most voters are focused on healthcare/healthcare costs, employment/jobs, the effect of immigration and its administration on the general well-being of America. Whether the Mueller report has some great consequence in their lives is far from where the rubber meets the road. Now, the lunatic in the White House has a new push.

According to, “The Trump administration wants the federal courts to overturn the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, an escalation of its legal assault against the health care law. The Justice Department said in a brief filed on Monday that the administration supports a recent district court decision that invalidated all of Obamacare.”

The ACA covers 15 million Americans and along with Medicaid expansion that covers another 15 million, Trump and his henchmen will destroy the healthcare of more than 30 million Americans with the stroke of a pen. They will take away the right to get insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. A free and open market in healthcare, hospital care and pharmaceuticals will guarantee price increases. This might be good for all the Congress men and women who own stock in healthcare and drug companies but will only hurt the common man and women. Eyes open people. Medicare is next.

Trump has continually claimed that by getting rid of Obamacare, we would have a better and cheaper healthcare system. But the big orange glow job of the West Wing has never laid out what that post-Obamacare policy will be. His administration is so wrapped up with catch phrases and sales pitches, there is never any meat on the bone. No one knows what he will say, so no one on his staff commits on details.

Here is what America should be asking, would we have wanted P.T. Barnum or Teddy Roosevelt commanding the troops during the Spanish – American War? Barnum, who was a lot like Trump said, “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.” Our taste in leaders is highly suspect. While President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” And President Trump will always be known for, “No Collusion.” Sad.

When I read that 4-page letter from Attorney General William Barr, I was rather confused. Didn’t they just do exactly what Jim Comey did with the whole Hillary email scandal? They said they wouldn’t exonerate but couldn’t bring a charge in that case. Why are they allowed to do this? Oh, yeah, that’s right, they aren’t the judicial branch, they are the executive branch. They are the order, not the LAW. That is up to Congress and the Supreme Court.

Here is a newsflash for you folks, Mueller, Barr and Rosenstein are convinced Donald Trump’s words on Twitter or news conferences or campaign rhetoric cannot be used to codify his intent. So, why didn’t they put Trump under oath? Even the judges during the Muslim ban hearings kept questioning whether slogans and declarations on Twitter and the campaign trail were just jokes and just part of some political, public masturbation. Clearly, Trump asserted more than 183 times that Robert Mueller was corrupt, confused or conflicted. But when the letter from Barr came out, Trump said Mueller did his job honorably. So, which is it? Trump hates someone until they agree with him, then they are “tremendous.”

If your campaign slogan for 2020 is “No Collusion” you must be crazy. Next Tuesday, if the DOJ complies to the demand from Congress for the whole Mueller report to be handed over, we will see the details of Robert Mueller investigation. I predict some of the more obvious and embarrassing details will motivate Trump to keep up the “Witch hunt” mantra. The President is quite insecure. Someday we will have a real “leader” in that position, so think about who you would like to replace him in 2020. Get to work.


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Trump Whisperer Gets Caught in the Web

It’s time. When someone from the Trump camp says they did nothing wrong, we must turn over that stone and see the evidence. When Trump himself continually says “No Collusion,” we have a pattern of denial that is baked into the man’s shallow credibility. When Roger Stone claimed there was no evidence linking the 2016 Presidential campaign to Russian interference and leaked DNC emails he was lying, just like his buddy, Trump.

There are a lot of things Donald Trump could do to ease the anger that is being fueled by his obvious lack of candor and the thousands of lies he has told, but I doubt that will ever happen. There are clear signs of obstruction of justice in this case, as well as a genuine lack of respect for the law.

Roger Stone is an old school political operative who has worked for Republican politicians like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp and Bob Dole. Many of his actions may have not been unlawful but they were certainly awful. Most people who know him say this man would do anything to help his client get elected. In the 25-page indictment of Roger Stone, it’s clear that he truly believes he is above the law. His long, late-night conversations with Donald Trump made Mr. Stone more than an employee. He’s a co-conspirator in the attempted hijacking of America’s democratic process.

Stone has been charged with obstruction of justice, making false statements to law enforcement and attempting to persuade a witness to provide false testimony to, and withhold pertinent information from, investigators. The latter is the very reason Paul Manafort has been jailed since he was charged. Why shouldn’t Roger Stone also be incarcerated now?

There are many more shoes that will likely drop and one must ask some basic questions. If you could have a president who didn’t lie, would that be better than the president we have now? Would you like to have a president who has a reasonable understanding of America’s political strength in the world and our need to help keep global peace? Would you like to have a president who doesn’t seem to be working for Putin and Russia? Well, assuming we all want that, we have the wrong president. It’s time to Impeach Trump before he is arrested. He’s been lying through this whole mess.

Why can’t we just get back to NORMAL government? Who framed Roger Stone? He framed himself, just another narcissistic human being trying to seem like a big shot with Donald Trump. As the bullshit veneer is stripped away from the packaging of lies and deceit, Stone and others like him will all go down. They are an embarrassment to the United States of America!


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Ruthless & Truthless Liar

A Case for Indicting a Sitting President

There is a very well-written 29-page memo the Department of Justice posted on October 2000 that clearly says that a sitting president cannot be indicted. If you want to read the whole thing, it’s right here. But let’s cut to the chase, it says that, “The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions.”

Some might argue that it’s time to examine that under unusual circumstances, a sitting president should be able to be indicted. Within our legal system the only true remedy of dealing with an unsavory leader is impeachment. Anyone watching this slow-moving disruption of the norms of America with Donald Trump will agree that this president has created an “usual circumstance.”

The opinion memo from DOJ in 2000 has a funny reference to the concept of charging a sitting president but postponing a trial until he’s out of office with, “…there would be a Russian roulette aspect to…[it].” RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!

Another not so funny admission was that Justice thinks having 12 unelected jurors decide the fate of the President would be a dangerous precedent and alluded to the fact that such weighty matters would be outside the regular joe’s experience. In short, they are saying ordinary citizens are not smart enough to judge such complicated matters. Really? That’s how they kept the vote and being on juries from women for almost 150 years. Or were they being a bit truthful about the flaw in the system of a jury of your peers?

We certainly believe that no man or woman is above the law. Our founding fathers were smart men who understood the need to make sure the top executive of the nation was free from frivolous law suits or local laws that could thwart his ability to do the nations’ business. They also had to deal with the conflict between the person who runs the justice department (the President) having the power of executive privilege. You cannot be the defendant and judge in the same case.

The founding fathers were a group of rich landowners who believed, their class, would never let someone of such low values and character to ever land the job of President. They were idealistic and a bit naïve, but then, how could they have ever predicted how America would change or even, a Donald Trump.

With filings landing in the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian intervention into our 2016 election and the proposed “political synergy” between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, we are seeing more hints of obstructing the investigation. If these accusations are true, it seems the President of the United States was, at least, more involved than he has admitted. If you care about America and our Democratic process, then you should take notice that these accusations are coming from the Justice Department, not some left-wing conspirators.

The founders of this great land wanted the Congress to be the check and balance in all presidential matters and clearly stated that impeachment for “high crimes and misdemeanors” was the way to dispense with a bad guy in the White House. And this notion has been revealed in our history.

Presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were all impeached by the US House of Representatives. Although Johnson missed being tossed out of office by only one vote. Bill Clinton’s impeachment verdict fell short by 22 votes. Nixon never made it to impeachment. His party convinced him to resign and walk away from all his illegal activities. Later, President Ford pardoned Nixon. Completing the invisible circle that people in high offices rarely, even if convicted, serve time.

We don’t want to ever think that the party in power could execute a coup to take the voter’s choice out of office. At the same time, the credibility of the entire justice system of America is diminished if the chief executive breaks the law and is not held accountable for his or her actions. That is why it’s called a Constitutional Crisis.

If the President breaks the law while in office, he can only be impeached, he cannot be indicted, arrested or stand trial. We get it. If Donald Trump knows that he will be indicted once he leaves office, he will simply do a deal with Pence to get a pardon. We have already seen this one played out. If a Democrat is elected President, then Trump, if found guilty could do some time. Elections do matter.

Not all is lost, in the memo released in 2000 it does confirm that the Chief Executive does have to cooperate with any investigation and must provide documents, so long as they don’t interfere with his busy schedule. He doesn’t have to go to any courtroom, but he must comply with any request for documents or information, so long as it doesn’t involve national security. That excuse has been used over years and it has not generally impressed the courts or judges. If you want to get into the weeds, look up US vs. Nixon, or Nixon vs. Fitzgerald, or Clinton vs. Jones.

In conclusion, there is no legal way a president can be indicted while in office. The Vice President and everyone else in government does not have that immunity. So, to all the Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans, the only way the presidency (the institution) can be protected is by Congress acting. YOU HAVE TO IMPEACH TRUMP before you can make him stand trial. And if Robert Mueller shows you the President did not protect America and violated his oath, you must IMPEACH.


The Moment of Truth

There is no question that the people who voted for Donald Trump believed he was telling the truth and that he would do all the things he promised. That doesn’t make them stupid, but why do they give Trump a permission slip to constantly lie?

What we have seen in the last week is just another chapter of the highly chaotic and ill-conceived presidency of Trump. He is taking as many hits as Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and now the Carolinas, without any true empathy for people. He may declare that 3,000 people didn’t die on an “island,” but he cannot get away from the constantly advancing swirl of truth. By the way, to say that Puerto Rico was difficult to protect because they are an island should give no comfort to those Americans who call one of the many Hawaiian Islands home. It takes only three hours and 38 minutes to fly from Washington, D.C. to San Juan.

The book Fear by Bob Woodward and the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times by a so-called senior official in the Trump administration have, in a sense, weaponized Trump’s paranoia. If you repeatedly poke a fat, old dog with a stick, he will eventually bite. As the president runs around the halls of the White House late at night in his tighty-whities in search of his treasonous traitor who told the truth in the Times, the world continues to laugh at this bit-actor in clown clothes. We have a freaking cartoon character as the leader of the free world. Boy, are we dumb.

If Trump wanted to know the truth about deaths and hurricanes he would get off his enormous buttocks and travel to that “distant” island and simply count dead bodies. In fact, his own FEMA agency processed more than 1,500 funeral aid requests from the families in Puerto Rico who lost loved ones. They only approved about 70 of those applications but, sad and true, the number of people who died on that “faraway” island was caused by hurricane Maria, and FEMA knows it. It’s probably more than 3,000, but who is counting? Seriously, wouldn’t that be the job of the Federal Government and not a university?

We now find ourselves at the moment of truth. It’s time to rise up and take control of our government, because the man in charge is just a tin can. We need to kick him down the road and let some large FEMA truck flatten the son-of-a-bitch. Donald J. Trump is useless as a president and a person. America deserves better.

Fox News is another enabler in the weaponizing of paranoia. The prostitutes and whores who anchor their opinion shows at might are traitors to the cause of journalism and truth. Why would a news story be written with the goal of making Donald Trump look good? In the same breath, why would anyone purposefully distort the facts to make Trump look bad? Just tell the truth, my brothers and sisters.

The big logo BREAKING NEWS just flared up on my screen and it says that Paul Manafort, the former Trump Campaign Chairman, has pleaded guilty to charges in D.C. Federal court. The remaining question is this. Will Manafort now flip on Trump and tell the truth about Russians and the campaign? Did Manafort change the RNC platform to help Russian interests in the Ukraine?

Casual observers from other countries must think there is something wrong in America. The Special Counsel’s office has indicted more than 30 people, and we have five people within Trump’s circle who have plead guilty to charges. All this before the final report from Robert Mueller, which might show that the 2016 Election was highly manipulated by Russian agents and Donald Trump, the man who has been ignoring facts for most of his life. To help us understand what has happened, the Special Counsel has given us not bread crumbs, but giant loafs.

We are about to see the final melt down of a low-power nuclear lying device known as the 45th President of the United States. When this bomb explodes, the Donald will attempt to seize power and take control of America. Then, and only then, will we learn who the real patriots are in Congress. Until then, they are just a group of goofball dipshits looking for their next land deal. Impeachment is a worthy goal, so let’s just do it!

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Trump’s Iceberg is Melting

As the blistering heat of one thousand blowtorches makes its way across America, leaving fires and floods in its wake, we hear nothing about these demonic occurrences from the commander and chief of America. As mother nature plays out her nasty dark side, there is the smell of revenge and the odor of partisanship wafting out of the orifice of power in the nation’s capital.

Somewhere in a small Midwest town, a farmer sits on top of this year’s soybean crop and wonders why he cannot count on China to pay a healthy profit for his yield. He now questions what seemed to be such a certain bet placed on a businessman from New York. Could it really be true that he was wooed by big talk which eventually took the shape of a retaliatory trade war that would bring him to his knees?

And now we get the news that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, is saying that candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton. This, comes from CNN, a source our Great Orange Leader condemns as “Fake News.” Are people perhaps feeling more confident to leak damaging information and data to that one network because CNN has become the apparent nemesis of the Donald? Is it coincidence that this is the same network his Justice Department appears to be punishing by stopping it from being part of an AT&T merger, even after a judge has found in favor of the deal?

All this talk of deal making and deal doing may be lost on the millions of people who voted for Donald Trump and are now seeing his rabid nationalism affect their daily bread. The world has left Trump and his ass-kissing experts in a heaping, stinking pile of America First for their well-established and connected globalism. All the clothing that Donald and Ivanka peddled in America was, in fact, made in other countries. In business they are globalists while in politics they are xenophobes. Ask the dozens of people who lost their jobs to yet another failing enterprise this family has shuttered. The Trumps walk away with all the money leaving others to pay for it.

Americans are strong-willed and sometimes blind, but once you take money out of their family budget to pay for “long-term” solutions, they get nervous. They see only next week’s grocery bill. The audacity of asking the citizens to be patient while you play your games with world powers is imprudent at best, and downright dastardly at worst.

The echo chamber on all the late-night comedy shows and news networks, except Fox News, reverberates that we have a liar for a president, ha! ha! ha! But the joke must be on us. We do see that Trump is being forced to fix what he broke, right? The meeting the other day with the President of the E.U. was nothing short of remarkable.

Within seven days, the President of the United States insulted the members of NATO, said that Europe was a “foe” and accused them of raping America. Now, he stands with Europe to work on repairing the damage his frothy little round mouth created. What a waste of 280 characters on Twitter, let alone the world’s largest economy.

When the final chapter on Donald Trump is written it will not be the story of a decisive leader who made America great. It will be a sad tale about a damaged man having not a grain of talent for real leadership, but a true gift of entertaining closed-minded people. The word “Statesman” will never be uttered in the whole book on Trump. A book, it looks like the Special Counsel is about to throw at him.

You see, in the land of the brave and the home of the free no man is above the law. And those conservative congresspeople who are attempting to wage war against the Justice Department are engaging in nothing short of obstruction of justice. By introducing a resolution calling for the impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, they are attempting to stop the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Or worse, they may be trying to seize evidence in the case to give to Trump. That would make them parties to high crimes and misdemeanors. Do we smell impeachment in the air?

If I was arguing a case against the 45th President, I would create a matrix of guilt. Using the recordings from Michael Cohen, Trump’s tweets, meetings and timelines, along with the public statements that Donald Trump has made, I would show a definitive amalgamation of obstruction of justice, treason, jury tampering, witness intimidation and, oh yeah, violation of the Logan Act and the Emoluments Clause. This just in from NPR, “Federal District Judge Peter Messitte denied the Department of Justice’s request to dismiss a case brought by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia. The Emoluments Clause bars any president from personally profiting from his dealings with foreign governments — or even U.S. state governments.”

Dumbfounded Donald could be made turn over his income tax returns as part of this case and the whole world will see the money trail. Will it lead to Putin and Russia or is Trump just a two-bit whore hustler who buys off porn stars while avoiding payment of his fair share of taxes, like most rich guys? He thinks he’s a wunderkind trader, but it appears that he’s nothing more than a narcissistic traitor. Mueller will turn up the heat and we know that something has got to explode. We have a lying, conniving criminal in the White House and it will be interesting to see who steps up in Congress to call for impeachment.

Michael Cohen is no choirboy, but he surely looks like he’s President Trump’s “John Dean,” with the truth in his hoister and recordings in his pockets. We gonna have ourselves another “Watergate.” Trump was right on that one.


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Donald Feels the Footsteps

As the news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was putting together a federal grand jury, Donald Trump was winging his way to West Virginia for another ego boost from his base.

Maybe Donald Trump believes that these gun-toting, God fearing, red-blooded Americans will come to his aid in his revolution to keep his position and power, but there is indeed a new sheriff in town who is focusing on law. And law alone.

Like the dog-catcher seeking re-election, the Donald keeps telling us about the dangers of rabies, when the real problem is the dog-catcher himself. He keeps biting the dogs hoping he can instill fear in them.

We have heard endless discussions on mainstream media about what a grand jury means and what its purpose is in the investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 election. The malfeasance that took place did have a motive, there was ample opportunity to commit the crime and there is a smoking gun. You can see the result of the interference on the WikiLeaks web site. I’d say there was a crime committed.

What does a grand jury do? In this case, it will give the Special Counsel the ability to call witnesses, deliver subpoenas to those who might have been involved and of course, the potential of bringing charges against someone or something.

A grand jury’s job is to accuse persons who may be guilty of an offense. They also function as a shield against unfounded and oppressive prosecution. It’s a means for regular citizens, who in a sense represent the community at large, to have a role in the administration of justice. The traditional number of the grand jury is 23 and one of the unique differences from a regular court proceeding, the jurors can ask questions during the proceedings.

I was a plaintiff in a case where a grand jury was asked to bring charges against a man who broke into my house. I was simply asked to tell the story of what happened and they decided that a crime had been committed. The defendant was charged with burglary, later plead guilty and had to pay restitution for the destruction of the front door of my house.

Those who serve on the grand jury will not be involved in the larger case, but they play an important role in our judicial system and can be empaneled for months at a time.

While Trump was in West Virginia, he held his rally and regurgitated his position on the matter of the Russian interference. From the stage surrounded by rabid fans, the dog catcher threw the horde some red meat and screamed, “The Russian story is a total fabrication, it is just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics. That’s all it is.” Well, then, why do we need a grand jury? The man has spoken and he always tells the truth. What?

But he wasn’t done, he had to have the last word on everything, so he continued, “They can’t beat us at the voting booths so they are trying to cheat you out of the … future that you want. They are trying to cheat you out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution.”

The use of the word “demeaning” is interesting. Is he really saying that investigating whether a foreign power attempted to affect the Presidential election is demeaning? Demeaning is causing someone to lose their dignity and the respect of others. If we don’t investigate the meddling, we would be demeaning our country and our Constitution. This is pure Orwellian Newspeak. Trump insists on the opposite to state his case. And is anyone in his crowds really thinking?

His lawyers, especially Ty Cobb, have a proper viewpoint of this investigation, “The White House has every interest in bringing this to a prompt and fair conclusion. As we’ve said in the past, we’re committed to cooperating fully with Mr. Mueller.” The fact that Trump travels in an alternative universe shows that he has no respect for the law or even his legal team. Most good attorneys tell their clients to shut up and I’m sure that’s happening here, but Trump isn’t heeding that good advice.

Donald Trump should read the Maranda statement that police read to people as they are arresting them. It might not be too long before Trump hears these words: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.” I am sure our great Orange Leader will be able to afford his own attorney.





Trump’s Creeping Corruption

When Donald Trump ran for President he promised us he would “drain the swamp,” which was a terrific marketing slogan. Part of the 10-square miles that make up Washington, DC was built on swampland so the language worked. What Donald didn’t comprehend was that once the water was gone he would have lots of angry alligators ready to take him down.

Surveying how Washington works, you find out that one cannot just come in and push all the institutions, customs and traditions aside. I’ve never thought of Donald Trump as anybody but a third-rate entertainer who is addicted to the roar of the crowd, the smell of the grease paint (or orange makeup). He doesn’t take anything seriously until he doesn’t get what he wants. Then he uses the claws of lawyers and influencers and pouts like a little spoiled brat.

As the clock ticks, we learn more and more about Donald Trump and his associates. Today (7-21-2017) it was disclosed that Exxon Mobil violated sanctions by doing business with Russia. The company, which at the time had Rex Tillerson as its CEO, was fined $2 million for this infraction. Immediately, Exxon Mobil announced that they would sue Steven Mnuchin and the Treasury Department, which Mnuchin heads. How can this be happening? During Tillerson’s confirmation hearing he was asked about this. So much for extreme vetting. Under any other administration, the now Secretary of State would be asked to step down during this lawsuit. How can he testify against the very government that employs him?

Ties with Russia seem to be woven into Trump’s words, actions and deeds. We have stopped sending arms to the rebels in Syria, which is what Putin wants us to do.

If the United States returns those two seize properties that were allegedly used for Russian intelligence, we will see that Trump truly is Putin’s puppet.  We were warned this would happen.

If Trump deletes the Magnitsky Act, which puts sanctions on Russia for Human Rights violations, that is just one more give-away to Putin by Trump.

The lack of transparency about Russia seems more like creeping corruption than good diplomacy. The first thing I would ask Trump is this.  What are we getting out of it, Mr. Big-Shot-Dealmaker?

When Trump rambled on in his New York Times interview (7-20-2017), he seemed to threaten the Special Counsel that his companies, his family’s and his own private finances were off-limits. The accused doesn’t get to the block the investigator’s vision while seeking the truth.

Now we learn that Robert Mueller has sent a letter to the White House saying they must preserve all the documents, text messages, voice mails and correspondence pertaining to the 2016 meeting with Don, Jr., et. al. and Russians. The plot thickens.

And if Friday wasn’t hot enough outside, inside the administration just got hotter. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned. He told President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of New York financier Anthony Scaramucci to the position of Communications Director. Will we see more rats leaving the ship?

Whether true or not, it has been leaked, probably by Trump himself, that his team of lawyers are discussing how Presidential pardons work. Aren’t they getting the cart in front of the horse here? You don’t talk about how to get out of jail before you are caught doing the crime.

As our great Orange Leader disparages his Attorney General in the interview with the Times and seems to fail to understand the old yarn about not hanging out your dirty laundry.  He is circling his wagons with more loyalists. Trump being loyal to the people around him is one royal LIE.

The theme has been heard before from the Donald. If a legal mind or someone in the judiciary makes a decision against our 14-year-old leader, he wars against judges with his words. He is not fit to be President and something must be done.

The creeping corruption is slowing working its way to the very man who could end it all, just by telling the truth. Those who stay by his side will be dragged into this mess. Time to be a patriot and get away from this madman. Absolute corruption, corrupts absolutely.