Welcome to Trumpworld, Suckers

As much as we want to believe that the judicial system is unbiased, sometimes we feel that an American judge hands down a decision based on a deep-seated bias. Feeling this way, can cause a loss of faith in the system, leading to the phrase, “this system is rigged.”

If you are wondering why the court always pronounces a duration of incarnation in terms of months, you wouldn’t be alone. The clue might be in the “time off for good behavior” policies and laws which are earned in monthly increments. When you looked at your phone and saw that Paul Manafort got 47, you might at first have thought it was 47 years. No, that was 47 months, sucker!

Judge Judy was even surprised

It’s obvious that Senior U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis decided that the crimes leading to Paul Manafort’s conviction were not so bad. This judge was quite talkative during the trial and seemed to berate the prosecutors and editorial comments at every turn. Conservative Judge Ellis said in his ruling that Manafort led an “otherwise blameless life.” Really? Just to remind everyone, the recommended mandatory sentence of Manafort’s crimes is 19 to 24 years. That’s more like 200 months, but the guy got a sentence short of four years.

Let’s put this in perspective. Being caught in Florida with 20 grams or more of marijuana can mean a five-year or 60-month sentence. Why would Paul Manafort get only 47 months? The cynical mind might ask if Judge Ellis is a Republican. Is Judge Ellis anti-tax laws? White collar criminals are not always given such an easy sentence. Bernie Madoff got 150 years in prison. Was that decision because many of his victims were rich white people?

Manafort was found guilty of eight counts of bank and tax fraud by a jury of his peers, He stole from the US Treasury in the form of tax evasion and lies over decades. This decision will certainly pale in comparison to the upcoming sentence that will take place next week in the District of Columbia, where he pleaded guilty to witness tampering and conspiracy related to his illegal lobbying and money laundering. This surely sounds to me like he is a menace to society.

Judge T.S. Ellis did order Manafort to pay restitution of $6 to 35 million and undergo three years of “supervised release” after his nearly four years in jail. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but we all know where this is headed. President Donald Trump wants to pardon Paul Manafort because he thinks he’s a “good guy” and he is “very sad” about what has happened to him. This is based on Trump’s doctrine that “rats” are bad and people who “don’t flip” are good. But Trump has a political decision to make in this matter.

If Trump pardons Manafort, or any of his associates, before the 2020 election, he will risk that the central argument in the next election will be his seemingly lawless acts in a “law & order” administration. Trump fears not being re-elected, because the day after the inauguration of the new president could be the day Donald J. Trump is taken into custody. This next election for Trump might be the most important event in his life.

Paul Manafort is just another bottom feeder scumbag who has fleeced the political system and ignored the tax laws for his own benefit. Like Roger Stone and Dick Tuck, this ruthless, soulless human has bilked candidates around the world out of their money. You might say, “Let the buyer beware,” but there are some significant changes in US policy that were engineered by these self-serving bad guys. Our policy toward Turkey was massaged by retired General and convicted liar Michael Flynn. Paul Manafort manipulated the Republican platform taking arms away from our Ukraine ally. Also, Roger Stone, may have managed the Wikileaks damage from the US. Doesn’t all that sound like treason?

While the House of Representatives passed a resolution against hate and bigotry, the judge in the Virginia courthouse was, in a sense, giving Manafort a gift. Manafort will get more time, but he will serve only a little more than 600 days, not 47 months. If Trump gets re-elected, the first thing he will do is pardon all the criminals he likes. Welcome to the new rules of an evolving despot. The gangster in the White House simply doesn’t care about anything or anybody other than himself.

The President might claim vindication with Manafort’s light sentence, but Trump talks out of his ass most of the time so we can disregard his transparent use of social media. The artful use of the term “collusion” is code for “don’t flip.” You don’t need to be Alan Turing or Michael Cohen to know the subtle subtext of his hyperbole.

Most of the lies and misinformation Trump has transmitted should be reason for his impeachment. But don’t be discouraged, Trump, like Putin, won’t live forever and the worst case is that he will attempt to stay in office by declaring a national emergency. If this asshole gets re-elected, democracy must be on guard.

I take a severely cynical approach to the Manafort sentencing. Judge T.S. Ellis fell for the defendant in the wheelchair trick. Yes, the defense lawyers used the oldest ruse in the book. Like prisoners who ate soap to affect their health and get early release, Manafort ate rich foods all his life and now has gout in prison. Anyone who has tasted prison food knows there’s nothing in that slop that could give a person gout. If I was being even more cynical, I would suggest that Judge Ellis is jealous of the power given to a DOJ Special Counsel. He might see that investigative body as a threat to his own power. We will never know.

Next week will bring another act in this political passion play as Judge Amy Berman Jackson lowers the curtain on the witness tampering, illegal lobbying and money laundering case in Washington. Manafort hid $55 million from the IRS and was caught. He pleaded guilty because he knows that Trump’s pen is surer than another jury trial. Once again, the rich and powerful seem to have a different system of justice. How did this ever happen? Oh yeah, MONEY!


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The Moment of Truth

There is no question that the people who voted for Donald Trump believed he was telling the truth and that he would do all the things he promised. That doesn’t make them stupid, but why do they give Trump a permission slip to constantly lie?

What we have seen in the last week is just another chapter of the highly chaotic and ill-conceived presidency of Trump. He is taking as many hits as Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and now the Carolinas, without any true empathy for people. He may declare that 3,000 people didn’t die on an “island,” but he cannot get away from the constantly advancing swirl of truth. By the way, to say that Puerto Rico was difficult to protect because they are an island should give no comfort to those Americans who call one of the many Hawaiian Islands home. It takes only three hours and 38 minutes to fly from Washington, D.C. to San Juan.

The book Fear by Bob Woodward and the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times by a so-called senior official in the Trump administration have, in a sense, weaponized Trump’s paranoia. If you repeatedly poke a fat, old dog with a stick, he will eventually bite. As the president runs around the halls of the White House late at night in his tighty-whities in search of his treasonous traitor who told the truth in the Times, the world continues to laugh at this bit-actor in clown clothes. We have a freaking cartoon character as the leader of the free world. Boy, are we dumb.

If Trump wanted to know the truth about deaths and hurricanes he would get off his enormous buttocks and travel to that “distant” island and simply count dead bodies. In fact, his own FEMA agency processed more than 1,500 funeral aid requests from the families in Puerto Rico who lost loved ones. They only approved about 70 of those applications but, sad and true, the number of people who died on that “faraway” island was caused by hurricane Maria, and FEMA knows it. It’s probably more than 3,000, but who is counting? Seriously, wouldn’t that be the job of the Federal Government and not a university?

We now find ourselves at the moment of truth. It’s time to rise up and take control of our government, because the man in charge is just a tin can. We need to kick him down the road and let some large FEMA truck flatten the son-of-a-bitch. Donald J. Trump is useless as a president and a person. America deserves better.

Fox News is another enabler in the weaponizing of paranoia. The prostitutes and whores who anchor their opinion shows at might are traitors to the cause of journalism and truth. Why would a news story be written with the goal of making Donald Trump look good? In the same breath, why would anyone purposefully distort the facts to make Trump look bad? Just tell the truth, my brothers and sisters.

The big logo BREAKING NEWS just flared up on my screen and it says that Paul Manafort, the former Trump Campaign Chairman, has pleaded guilty to charges in D.C. Federal court. The remaining question is this. Will Manafort now flip on Trump and tell the truth about Russians and the campaign? Did Manafort change the RNC platform to help Russian interests in the Ukraine?

Casual observers from other countries must think there is something wrong in America. The Special Counsel’s office has indicted more than 30 people, and we have five people within Trump’s circle who have plead guilty to charges. All this before the final report from Robert Mueller, which might show that the 2016 Election was highly manipulated by Russian agents and Donald Trump, the man who has been ignoring facts for most of his life. To help us understand what has happened, the Special Counsel has given us not bread crumbs, but giant loafs.

We are about to see the final melt down of a low-power nuclear lying device known as the 45th President of the United States. When this bomb explodes, the Donald will attempt to seize power and take control of America. Then, and only then, will we learn who the real patriots are in Congress. Until then, they are just a group of goofball dipshits looking for their next land deal. Impeachment is a worthy goal, so let’s just do it!

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


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Trump Loyalty vs. Real Loyalty

Not only did Donald Trump have a bad day yesterday (8-21-2018), but America had a terrible day as we learned of corruption at the top. We are now faced with the task of repairing the republic.

On these pages we have previously pondered the possibility that someone like Donald Trump might take actions leading to a Constitutional crisis. Well we may have one soon.

There is a notion and policy in the Justice Department that a sitting president cannot be indicted. We aren’t sure if this was what the framers of the Constitution had in mind, but both Republican and Democratic lawyers have used it as a guideline over the years. What some will point out is not what is said, but rather what is written in this case.

In Section 4: Impeachment: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The President, Vice-President, Cabinet Secretaries, and other executive officers, as well as judges, may be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate.

Any official convicted by the Senate would be immediately removed from office. The Senate could also choose to bar the removed official from holding any federal office in the future. No other punishments may be inflicted, pursuant to the impeachment proceeding, but the convicted party remains liable to trial and punishment in the courts for civil and criminal charges. If Donald Trump was not the President right now, he would have been named a coconspirator in the crimes of Michael Cohen.

So, the notion is that, while in office, these people shall be judged by Congress and could be impeached. Once out of office, the courts can have at them. A president can be charged, according to the Constitution, if they commit treason, take bribes or commit other “high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” The capitalizations are from the founders.

Garrett Epps in The Atlantic magazine in 2018 wrote a great article called, The Only Way to Find Out If the President Can Be Indicted: Scholars disagree on existing precedents—and the question won’t be settled until evidence leads a prosecutor to try it. In that article, he points out “that the Constitution suggest that the president is subject to laws like any citizen, but never discusses prosecution in office.”

In 1973, the then-Solicitor General Robert Bork, wrote an opinion that a Vice President should not have the same protections against prosecution while in office that a president would have, but that was just an opinion, not law. Also, the article reminds us that a 1998 opinion, written by a lawyer in Kenneth Starr’s Office of the Independent Counsel investigating President Bill Clinton, clearly stated that a sitting president could be indicted. Of course, he was trying to lock up Clinton for lying under oath about affairs.

Only the Best People?

Yesterday in court, we had President Donald J. Trump being accused in the pleading and allocution of Michael Cohen that candidate and client, Donald Trump “directed him” to commit election fraud. Cohen testified under oath and said that he knew it was against the law. That would mean that citizen Donald Trump is an Unindicted Coconspirator in a felony. This is a federal crime.

Epps’ article points out, [Bork’s] memo considers the Constitution’s text and finds no answer. It says, correctly, that there is no “airtight separation of powers, but rather … a system of checks and balances, or blending the three powers.”

And there is this famous line from then Vice President Gerald Ford, “Impeachment is whatever the Senate says it is.” Remember that Nixon was told to resign from office by his party leaders, long before Congress got to the destructive action of impeachment. Barry Goldwater and other Republicans at the time knew that if a trial took place Nixon would have been the first president to be removed from office.

Even more troubling, if a president has committed “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” and ends up on the outside, the new president could easily pardon him. It happened with Gerald Ford pardoning Richard Nixon. Pence would likely do the same thing with Trump. Why? It’s been said that it would look bad if a former leader of the free world wasn’t free. Huh? We don’t want to look bad? When did the judicial system ever worry about how we look?

Donald Trump wanted to disrupt Washington and the whole of government. All he has done is waste a lot of time on things that don’t matter. He may have pulled the U.S.A. out of a bunch of treaties and agreements, but he hasn’t made better deals. Trump has gotten everyone’s attention in the world on trade, but with no short or long term guarantees that he has done more good, than damage. Trump has moved the Republican party to the far-white-right, but few are complaining in the G.O.P. Were they racists and isolationists all along? Do they care more about re-election than they do about America?

People must decide if they will be loyal to Trump or loyal to our country. Do we uphold the laws of the land, or do we choose to look the other way? It’s time for us to indict a sitting president and see where that goes. If the Supreme Court reasons that the founders and the Constitution say that impeachment is the only way to deal with a crime committed by a president, then let’s impeach the bastard. But if the Congress and the Supreme Court say that a sitting President is above the law, then it’s time to change the laws. Trump is a self-serving anarchistic pea brain with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

The more we learn the worse it gets. Let’s unite this country now and throw Trump out of office.


The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


The Jonas Bronck Series

BOOK ONE (IF GOD COULD TALK) A Cable TV talk show host is approached by a friend who offers a guest for his show who has never been on TV before. The Diary of a TV Journalist is the story about the host of the show and his executive producer vetting the guest and attempting to determine what would happnen If God Could Talk…

BOOK TWO (IF GOD COULD CRY) One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on a quest for truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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First Sentence in the Longer Story

Because of Donald Trump’s diversions, the first sentence handed down in the Russian interference investigation got little attention in the bigger scheme of things. Trump has been tweeting more frequently because he now believes to be running the show at the White House. Those who were there for moderating his puffery and misstatements have either left the building or have given up. It’s time for an intervention.

Alex van der Zwaan, a 33-year-old London-based lawyer, was ordered to serve 30 days in prison by a federal judge in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The lawyer lied to the FBI in September and October of 2016 about his contacts with a business associate of onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and with Manafort’s deputy, former Trump aide Rick Gates.

The sentenced lawyer is a Dutch citizen and the son-in-law of billionaire German Khan, who owns the Alfa Group, Russia’s largest financial and industrial investment group. REALLY? A Russian relationship to this and we are NOT hearing the media and press making a big deal about it? His father-in-law, Kahn, is a banker! He knows about Trump’s investments.

While the sentencing was underway, Trump was chattering about our terrible laws on border crossings and immigration as well as a “caravan” in Mexico, a word that was planted in his head by Fox News.

Now he surprises everyone about pulling out of Syria, which would please Putin and the Russians. We must remember that Bashar al-Assad, takes aid from Russia and Iran. Turkey also wants the United States to pull out of the region and stop giving aid to the Kurds. We have several thousand troops in Syria, with their primary order being the taking out of ISIS. Trump believes that effort is almost done so he, like Obama, has decided to bring the boys home, even when his commanders in the field urge against withdrawal.

Trump is bitch-slapping China with tariffs and rhetoric and they are not taking it sitting down. The U.S. stock market has been unstable and volatile since Trump has been complaining about how unfair the world is.

It’s amazing to me that when the President of the United States provokes a major trading player in general terms, China fires back slamming tariffs on specific products. The Chinese appear not only very prepared for Trump, but clearly more organized and faster acting than our pontificating phony President.

Gary Cohn was smart to have gotten out before the shit hit the fan. It’s unclear whether the administration’s predictions that this will all work out perfectly as planned, but the drama, grief and pain of the U.S. citizens are unnecessary.

If the Donald was the great deal maker he professes to be, all of this could have been taken care of behind the scenes or through the World Trade Organization. Then the transparency would have worked in our favor. But, no, Trump must be the bully. It’s the only method he understands, and other countries know that they cannot trust a word he says. To put it bluntly, Donald Trump is a two-faced liar.

Robert Mueller is a smart man. As the judge was handing down a small slap to the Dutch lawyer, Mueller was releasing a document to the judge in the Manafort case. Manafort has over 30 charges hanging over the former Trump campaign director including counts of bank fraud, tax fraud, failure to disclose foreign bank accounts, conspiracy to launder money, lying to the executive branch, and conspiracy against the United States. In this latest document, Mueller’s team answers the charges that he has drifted out of his investigatory focus.

The Special Counsel’s office said that Paul Manafort committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials with respect to the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election for President of the United States, in violation of United States law.

Well, there you have it. They are using the word “colluding” and linking Manafort to the campaign and to possible crimes.

Alex van der Zwaan, the sentenced lawyer, is connected to Manafort and the campaign. They not only met with Russians, some of the people they talked to were Russian intelligence officers. To put that in plain English, they met with spies. This is more significant and leads the way for Trump to go under oath and probably deny a connection to any part of the mess. The President will lie and try to make it look like he was simply an uninvolved candidate. We already know he’s a second-rate executive and a horrible judge of people, but this is what we have. I didn’t vote for him.

Yesterday, Trump barked that he wants to send troops to the border with Mexico. And, while teachers’ strikes broke out around America, Trump’s Secretary of Education was AWOL.

The school and workplace shootings continue with little action on the part of the president. He plainly dropped that ball.

We have snow falling in April and no one in power thinks that climate change is real. We have cabinet secretaries accused of wasting taxpayer money, and our Great Orange Leader says he has their back.

What happened to the tough guy? What happened to the pro-business president? He’s attacking U.S. companies and success stories just to get even with people he doesn’t like. When our corporations and people are hurt by his complaints and lies, he demonstrates how he’s only a small, little man with an over-sized ego on his sleeve.

The longer story is that 35% of America have been taken to the cleaners. 65% of us are waiting for the other shoe to drop. If the result of Mueller’s investigation shows that Trump was just a bystander to the evils of over-zealous campaign people, he will still be responsible for dividing the nation, promoting xenophobia and racism and making it harder for less advantaged people to have a better life. He has made America less great, and we must figure out a way to stop him in his tracks.

The clouds around Stormy Daniels have been blown away for now, but in the end, Trump will be exposed as the person who feeds himself the two-scopes of ice cream, while everyone else gets only one. He’s nothing but a fornicator and an over-weight egotistical elitist who deserves more than thirty-days in the hole, without ice cream.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


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Low-Level Volunteer

Trump Thinks He’s a Lawyer

Donald Trump constantly acts in ways that would give even the youngest lawyer heartburn. He attempts to litigate and impeach people before he knows all the facts. This jumping of the gun might be his way to secure a win, but it disqualifies him as a credible contestant.

One of the things I learned early in business was emotional reactions to things and events must be confined. When attempting to sue someone for what I thought was wrong-doing, I blasted off what I thought was a stern letter laced with sarcasm and creativity.

When the letter was attached to the response from the other side’s law firm, I was accused of being “cavalier.” My offhandedness, it was explained, would be used against me in court. Trying to understand this, I asked, “Why is that bad?” And my thoughtful lawyer explained, “You come off as arrogant. Most judges and juries usually side against people who are arrogant.” Lesson learned.

This week, we had two top campaign officials indicted on money laundering and conspiracy against the Unites States. We also had one person, who the United States District Court for the District of Columbia calls a foreign policy advisor to the Donald J. Trump campaign, plead guilty to charges of false statements to the FBI.

The Donald, with no restraint, attempted to handle this bad situation as if he was running a TV show, rather than legally managing a major scandal in his administration.

This morning (10-31-2017), the President of the United States tweeted, “The Fake News is working overtime. As Paul Manafort’s lawyer said, there was “no collusion” and events mentioned took place long before he came to the campaign. Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar. Check the DEMS!” Aside from the over use of ellipses, exclamation points and missing punctuation, Trump is indeed being arrogant and cavalier.

Words seem to have different meanings for our great Orange Leader. Collusion, a word he always spells correctly, is a secret agreement or cooperation between two or more people, especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. You know, like acting in collusion with the enemy. That is more like treason. Donald Trump is a deceitful human being.

It’s interesting how Trump uses the term “young” in a disparaging way when talking about someone who seems to be a problem for him, but never uses that when talking about his son-in-law and daughter, who I guess are high-level volunteers. Allegedly, they don’t take paychecks from the government.

The leader of the free world, in the most arrogant way, has no problem saying that someone is “already proven to be a liar.”  Of course, anyone convicted of lying to the FBI is a liar, which is why they must arrange a plea deal. But the Donald didn’t bother to read the statement of offense. The feds are claiming that his actions impeded the investigation into the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 election.

Okay, that would mean that someone from the campaign had contact with the Russians. This is something Trump, already proven to be a liar, has denied from the beginning. Papadopoulos’ plea proves that there was communication and the nature of those emails and discussions fall into the category of deceitful purpose.

The people involved in this caper surely know who the “overseas professor” might be and, of course, the identity of the “high-ranking campaign official” the complaint lists as the person Papadopoulos was talking to inside Trump-world.

On or about May 21, 2016, George P. emailed that “high-ranking campaign official” with the subject line, “REQUEST FROM RUSSIA TO MEET MR. TRUMP.” (I added the caps). Now, within the scope of arrogance and high-handedness, this also stacks up as blatantly stupid. With Trump and his minions claiming that the Russia-Trump scenario is a hoax with false narrative launched by the cunning Democrats, the name Russia sure shows up a lot in the cross-talk of the campaign. They seem to have been obsessing on Russia before obsessing on Russia was the fashion.

On October 5, 2017, George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to these charges and part of that deal means he will get no more than six months in jail, rather than five years. The fines will also be reduced. The court will determine his sentence, but the court is not bound by the plea agreement or the sentencing guidelines. Yes, the court has the final decision Mr. Trump. This is the way America works.

OF NOTE: Something was hand-written into the agreement. Papadopoulos cannot use the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to documents (this part was written in) “for the duration of the Special Counsel’s investigation.” If Trump fires Mueller, George would be able to write a tell-all book about what happened.

In the final analysis, someone who sat with Trump, advised Trump and was called an advisor by Trump himself, willfully and knowingly made a material false, fictitious and fraudulent statement to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I guess the word, “Fake” is not a legal term.

Some call this the new beginning and one more crack in the dam of deceit, distraction and obstruction. The name Papadopoulos will be haunting President Pumpkin for more than just this Halloween. One person’s trick, is another person’s treat. Mueller knows what he is doing and we will eventually get to the very bottom of this horrific White House, which 61% of America is already booing.

The First 200 Days Of Trump

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.




Trump’s Denials Seem So Nixon-like

There have been moments in time when corruption bubbles up from the swamp and people’s reputations become soiled forever. The Russian Probe has produced two arrests, but what else looms in the future?

In the past, we had the Teapot Dome Scandal, a bribery incident from 1921 to 1922, during President Warren G. Harding’s administration. Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall did a deal for Navy petroleum reserves at Teapot Dome in Wyoming and two locations in California for private oil companies at low rates without competitive bidding.

This would be like someone giving a $300 million no-bid contract to a new company with only two employees located in the state of the Secretary of the Interior to repair the electrical grid in Puerto Rico. While the headlines screamed corruption, Secretary Zinke attacked the “dishonest media” for asking questions about a shady Whitefish Energy contract. Really? The company is based in the same small town that Ryan Zinke calls home and we are to believe there wasn’t anything fishy?

We had Watergate, which Richard Nixon claimed was a “witch-hunt” – does that sound familiar? That scandal was described by the White House as a third-rate burglary, but morphed into the reality that the President of the United States was involved in a cover-up. Nixon was forced to resign by his own party days before he was to be impeached.

Then we had the Iran-Contra Affair that occurred during the Ronald Reagan administration. This was a complicated scheme to supply weapons to Iran, which then was an enemy of the US, in hopes of securing the release of American hostages held in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists loyal to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran’s leader. Reagan’s men then took millions of dollars from the weapons sale and routed them, along with guns, to the right-wing “Contra” guerrillas in Nicaragua. In 1986, Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa published a series of articles that exposed the weapons-for-hostages deal. I guess they were the “dishonesty media.”

There were almost a dozen people charged for their involvement in Iran-Contra, from the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Adviser, Secretary of State people to CIA personnel. All were convicted for their involvement or perjury. They were all pardoned by George H.W. Bush. And this is the way our government works.

Today, the former manager of Donald Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, and his associate, Rick Gates, have been charged with a 12-count indictment that says they conspired to defraud the United States with money laundering activities, illegal tax schemes and foreign lobbying deeds. In short, they had more than $75 million flow through offshore accounts and managed to, according the indictment, launder $21 million so far with their schemes.

And this just in, according to the Washington Post: “Former Trump foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty earlier this month to making a false statement to FBI investigators who asked about his contacts with a foreigner connected to Russian officials, and the agreement was unsealed Monday (10-30-2017).” So, there were contacts with Russians during the campaign. FACT.

The good news for Trump is neither his campaign nor the administration was mentioned in this indictment. Most experts believe that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, III has only made his first move and people around Trump should take any request for information very seriously. And, oh yeah, don’t lie.

For those people who have a great desire for impeachment, you should focus on how the White House reacts to these charges. Donald Trump, who says he knows more than lawyers, continually distances himself from Manafort and over-amplifies the distractions. His morning tweet says it all, “Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. But why aren’t Crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus????? …Also, there is NO COLLUSION!”

Ty Cobb and his murder of attorneys have taken the bull by the horn and are attempting to spin this Mueller thing away from Donald Trump. But in the end, no one controls Trump and that will be his downfall. If he is the only person to really know, then knowing anything about these crimes is a crime itself.

Today is not the end, it is only beginning. At worst, Trump is just like all those other scandal makers in the White House. Deny involvement, blame someone else, and if someone took some pain for you, pardon them. For a “law and order” President, the Donald seems to have no respect for law.

For now, we know, at least, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump is an extremely poor judge of character.

The First 200 Days Of Trump

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Shameful Abuse of Stupid

The idiom, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” is what first came to mind when I read the emails that were sent to Donald Trump, Jr. He believed they were sent by a Russian government lawyer who was willing to give him dirt on the Clinton campaign. What was a weekend of misdirects from Don Jr. finally turned out to be his release of the emails the New York Times was citing on the affair.  By the way, his release came only minutes before the Times divulged the emails.  Coincidence?

Another fact that whooshed through my brain was the old P.T. Barnum line, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” This is true in business and, I guess the Circus, but in politics and governance that is only a semi-fact. Trump has always fed fact fragments and partial truths to the press, believing deep down inside that they are stupid enough to print it. Worse, the Donald believes that citizens are gullible and unaware, and, therefore, will believe anything he says.

This news of a meeting in the Trump Tower between Don Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, was documented in an email that the New York Times craftily obtained. This revelation was clearly bad news for the Trump White House, because their defense has always been that they never met with Russians. Well, the cat is now out of the bag and a conspiracy has been revealed. Even with Don Jr. protecting his Dad, this stinks like a dead skunk on a country road.

Maybe Donald Trump and his extended DNA believe that only children and fools tell the truth, but when you become President of the United States, you are expected to be honest. The oath that the President elect takes, says:  I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Now, I might be accused of being presumptuous here, but I do believe the framers were assuming that the President would always tell the truth. Right?

The defense of little Don-Don is quite fantastic. Lawyers are paid to spin, deny and deliver a positive verdict for their clients, but wait, why do they all have different attorneys? Oh my, does this mean, they are agreeing that something is there? Are they afraid of individually being in legal jeopardy? Clearly, the release of Don Jr’s. own emails can be called “transparent” by his father, but in fact, the son of a POTUS released the missives to get out in front of the Times story. This is much like James Comey releasing his notes to the New York Times before the President claimed something different was said at their meetings.

The legal team’s disguise was constructed on the basis that Don Jr didn’t know who he was meeting with and the event was so insignificant that he never told his father who was then the candidate for President. In fact, Jared Kushner also “forgot” to include the meeting in his security clearance form. It has been said that he amended that form which started the press inquiries into what was discussed at that meeting.

The President’s plausible deniability will be based on Kushner, Manafort and Don Jr never telling him about the meeting, but there is a way to find that out? They all need to be put under oath.

The meeting with the Russian operative was thought to have some meat, thus the CC to Manafort and Kushner. All three men attended the meeting.  At least Donald Jr and Jared Kushner can make sure they have their story straight, but Paul Manafort, a person who received millions of dollars from a Kremlin backed candidate in the Ukraine, surely has his own lawyer and perhaps a different recollection of the meeting.

The government could very easily “turn” Manafort and Michael Flynn against the President himself if they squeeze the vice tightly and make it clear there could be jail time. If I am reading this right: Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. That is the Logan Act and surely, Manafort and Flynn have discussed sanctions with the “agent thereof” the Russian government. Would protecting the President be worth three years in jail?

Now I know that the Trump Teams will defend this “little” twenty-minute meeting with nothing of value was exchanged.  Even though the content of the emails clearly shows Don Jr’s delight at the prospect of getting what they are terming “opposition research” from this Russian lawyer, time will tell if that was only one meeting, or were there a series of meetings or communications? Indeed, the “so-called” research ended up at the doorsteps of Wikileaks and was published, so we do know something happened in the late summer timeline that Don Jr desired in writing.

Today (7-12-2017) Donald Trump tweeted, “My son Donald did a good job last night. He was open, transparent and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Sad!” The President was referring to an appearance on the Fox News channel where he admitted to Sean Hannity, a known Trump operative, “In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently.” Good boy, good boy, sit, roll over, good little Donnie. Here’s a little treat, now go back to your office and shut up. So much for “Witch Hunt” Mr. President, you cannot escape from the truth with flashy jargon.

One of the most irritating things that our President and all his men and women do is deflecting to the past.  It’s like a child getting caught and then, responding straight from an over-grown amygdala, “Bobby did it first Mommy.” Even Donald Trump, the father, cannot stop this repetitive invective for things: “Why aren’t the same standards placed on the Democrats? Look what Hillary Clinton may have gotten away with. Disgraceful!”

The only change of tone was the use of the phrase “may have gotten away with,” which psychologists say is one typically used when threatened with the truth.  It’s an attempt to throw doubt on someone else. In this case, however, Trump seems to be less cavalier and a bit more legalistic with his words saying “may have.”

The word Russia is being said more and more each week as the forces claw their way closer to the truth. We may have to step on some “stupid” to get the facts, but we will get there. And as we get closer, more and more Republicans will realize that their party has been hijacked and they will surely start to get into position to take it back. Republicans are tired of hearing the chant of Russia, Russia, Russia and the American people will settle for a President Pence to get this behind us.