Trump Says the Stupidest Things

Many politicians create catch-phrases and slogans that seem like good ideas at the time but, in retrospect, are more like a giant slab of pie in their faces. We all remember, “Read my lips,” which was supposed to be a pledge not to raise taxes. Some have used them in defensive posture, “I am not a crook” or the now famous, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” They all seem funny now in the light of day.

I guess Trump’s big talking point, “Drain the swamp,” was just another piece of raw meat thrown to the mob. His fired-up base could repeat it endlessly, while the rest of us saw that a more accurate phrase would be, “Here comes the new boss, just like the old boss.” The draining of the swamp was merely a bullshit campaign slogan. As one Trump voter said in West Virginia recently, “He’s just another politician.”

We are learning now that Donald J. Trump and his “personal lawyer” were involved in a business-as-usual, pay-for-play scheme with several large corporations. Not only did Michael Cohen’s LLC shell company pay a porn star for her silence, it became his in-box for millions of dollars. Before and right after Trump’s election, Cohen was using his proximity to the Donald to sell access to people who wanted to influence the new administration.

Corporate payments to do commerce in certain countries is simply thought to be the cost of doing business. In my experience, $40,000 in India could speed up the start time and circumvent the red-tape of creating a new company there. In China, a payment to a local official can get you into the country when you are a multi-national. The rate card varies.

AT&T, which according to CNBC, gave Cohen “up to $600,000 for ‘insights into understanding the new administration.’ At the time it engaged Cohen, AT&T was seeking tax and regulatory relief, as well as a favorable outlook on its proposed merger with Time Warner.” Ironically, Trump tweeted against the merger. Was that just a coverup of the bribe?

Drug maker Novartis delivered $1.2 million to the Cohen slush fund, saying they wanted health care expertise. Just for the record, Michael Cohen has no experience in this field. And a firm attempting to land a multibillion dollar contract from the Pentagon for military training jets, Korea Aerospace paid Michael Cohen $150,000 for his “accounting expertise.” Seems like his accounting sloppiness has landed him in a huge mess.

Unbelievably, our legal system permits these kinds of left-handed bribes. If a company is a registered lobbyist, they can legally contact, pitch and attempt to affect legislation on Capitol Hill. But Michael Cohen is not a legally registered lobbyist. He used his alleged personal lawyer “fixer” status to bring in the cash. This is perhaps a Federal Election Commission violation. After all, Trump did file for reelection right after the inauguration.

Trump was already a shady character before he was elected. He never played fair in business. For someone who is always decrying things as “unfair,” like the little child not understanding what is right or wrong, the Donald’s ability to use the bankruptcy laws stops just short of defrauding investors out of money. They paid and he left the scene of the crime with all his money intact. What is fair about that?

Michael Cohen is a bottom feeder, but one must put some blame on these douche bag corporate scoundrels for getting sucked into such ridiculous shakedowns. Why would AT&T think that paying this broke-dick lawyer would help them navigate a tricky merger? If I was an AT&T investor, I would be at the next stockholder meeting demanding to be heard. The question is simple. Why would AT&T engage in this kind of activity?

This whole caper should not come as a surprise. Trump is a corporate whore who worships only the holy dollar. Everything he does is designed to help his cronies and capitalists on Wall Street. All the claims that Bernie Sanders and Trump himself made about Hillary Clinton are the total embodiment of who Trump is. Remember, they both said that Hillary and the Clinton foundation were in the pocket of Wall Street and large corporations. Under Trump, the corporations got the big tax cuts, not the average person here in America. The deregulations and disregard for monetary safeguards are aimed at big business, not the health and welfare of the middle class and the long-term stability of our economy.

What we have learned is that Washington continues to run on corruption. Trump claims he will lower drug prices, but he is not in control of the game. Big pharm multinationals like Novartis are in the driver’s seat. Our insurance companies do secret deals with pharmacies and providers so that their drugs are dispensed first at the price they demand. Money paid to Michael Cohen was intended to make sure Trump didn’t mess up their schemes and the business-as-usual attitude of bilking billions from sick people would continue.

And finally, if Trump’s whole deal is “America First,” why would Cohen take money from Korea Aerospace when they are up for a billion-dollar contract with the Pentagon? Why would the president’s personal attorney help a company from Korea? Why shouldn’t that contract go to an American firm? Through his actions, Michael Cohen has urinated on both “America First” and “Drain the Swamp.” Trump is already distancing himself from Cohen and, in the end, will probably pardon him. Nothing to see here folks; just go back to sleep and ignore all this chicanery.

Trump lies many times a day. He may create a war in the Middle East or he may get lucky and denuclearize the Korean peninsula, but no matter what happens he will NEVER help the middle class. He doesn’t care about the little guy. He just wants them to shout and mimic his tag lines. Trump is a clown in orange makeup, embarrassing the United States of America with his act.

Donald J. Trump and all his millionaire and billionaire friends will get rich and the corporate corruption will continue. Sad but true. The only aspect of American life that is more soulless than corporations is the government. Trump is just another politician.

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