Trump’s “Fake” Nobel Peace Prize

When elected president, Donald Trump claimed he would bring peace to the Middle East. One of the biggest challenges surrounding that goal is the profound and ongoing distrust between the Palestinians and the Jewish State of Israel. One might have thought that the 2004 death of longtime Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat would bring a first step toward peace for the region. After all, Arafat was the person who disseminated a still-prevailing narrative among Palestinians who deny Jewish history, such as the holocaust, and the legitimacy of Israel as a sovereign nation.

Palestine theoretically includes the West Bank, a territory that divides modern-day Israel and Jordan, and the Gaza Strip, land bordering modern-day Israel and Egypt. Instead of traditional, fixed borders, most regions have been drawn in the sand in years past. Wars, conflicts and overreach have changed those flimsily determined boundaries many times.

In the Islamic faith, the divide between the Sunni and Shia has pitted Persians against Arabs and Arabs against Arabs. Iraq sees Iran as a natural enemy because of a difference in belief about who has a right to rule Muslims. When Donald Trump declared that he would ban all Muslims from coming into the United States, he didn’t specify Sunni or Shia; his words were anyone of Islamic faith. It’s unclear how he would have determined a person’s religious affiliation at a US entry point, but Trump never thinks things through, thus the confusion at the airports and in the courts.

Mahmoud Abbas

It’s rather amazing that anyone of the Islamic faith would listen to what xenophobic, bat-shit-crazy, blathering-old-fool Donald Trump would have say about future relations between Israel and the Palestinian authority. Palestinians don’t recognized Israel, which has refused to accept Palestine as its own state. That is why it’s intriguing that Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner believes he could convince hard-core Arabs and Muslims that peace is possible.

Yes, both Jared and his wife Ivanka practice Orthodox Judaism. Ivanka Trump had to convert to Judaism in 2009 to marry Jared Kushner, which can be viewed in a positive light regarding Jared’s acceptance as a faithful servant of peace in the Middle East. In fact, the Kushner’s and the Netanyahu’s had a personal relationship before Jared’s rise to senior advisor to President Trump. That, too, is an advantage in this matter of agreements.

The strategy is to convince those Middle East countries that have NOT recognized Israel to do so now in order to help Trump. It started with the United Arab Emirates, and more recently, Bahrain. In case you don’t know, the “Emirates” is not Saudi Arabia. It’s a much smaller country located on the Gulf of Oman with a population of about ten million. Dubai, the Vegas of the Middle East is located there. Bahrain’s population is about 1.6 million, and it’s located on a small island in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the Emirates and north of Qatar.

It would be unfair to say the progress between these two countries and Israel is not a good thing. The first step in any viable negotiation is all parties admitting the existence of the others. When Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, much of the Arab world was skeptical and many cursed the deal believing our President didn’t care about their thoughts and feelings. Well, they were right. Donald Trump doesn’t care about what the Palestinians think. Trump wants rich countries to deal with this conflict, and the first nations that joined the coalition of diplomatic acknowledgement have been large US oil, money and power interests.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem, was simply following international agreement. The embassy of a nation should be in that country’s capital city. A consulate conducts a nation’s business in a non-capital city.

This brings us to the announcement that two radicals in Norway have nominated Donald John Trump for the Nobel Peace prize for the efforts of normalized relations between three nations. The fact that Palestinians are not involved in these discussions and their waiting in limbo since 1948 casts serious doubt about the outcome of these negotiations.

The Gaza Strip, a 140 square mile area isolated by walls and economic sanctions by Israel, has produced some angry young men who are attracted to the viewpoints and radicalization of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic positions. Just as an out of work coal miner in West Virginia doesn’t care about what Bahrain does with Israel, these Middle East protestors with rocks, and sometimes bombs, don’t care about Jared Kushner’s braggadocio. They want jobs, money and a better life. Nowhere in all this peace prize hype is an explanation about how it all might help Palestinians. And this just in, hours after the agreements were signed in Washington, Israeli warplanes fired missiles at a site in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. And this is why this whole P.R. hype from Trump has nothing to do with peace.

When asked why the Palestinians aren’t part of these discussions, Jared Kushner simply slaps away the question and brags about his father-in-law. The Palestinians have nothing to gain by declaring these actions as a great feat. In fact, they continue to assert these moves as insufficient and unimportant to their struggle. I am always amazed by the Trump administration’s discussions without any representation or involvement of the sovereign nation. It’s like Kushner meeting with the owners of a meat factory to solve a labor problem without hearing from the workers. This is the ultimate example of the “owner-controller” class they live in.

This Middle East “peace accord,” with the headline that these agreements will “end the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts forever,” is purely hype and bullshit. Even if every Arab nation were to normalize their relationship with Israel, how can Israel cure the border challenges without recognition and involvement of the Palestinians? Most Americans don’t know that the 1,890,000 people who live in Israel are Palestinians. In fact, more than 60% of Israeli Arabs identify as Palestinians. There is no way that Israel would agree to a two-state solution without also moving more than two-million people to, ah, where?

Should I have a voice in the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, I certainly would NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. He’s not worthy. Should Donnie Boy eventually win a Nobel Peace Prize for this, then Elon Musk should also get one for his nifty manipulation of the stock market. Hey, you gotta laugh at the audacity of this White House. They really do think 50% of the people in America are STUPID.

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