Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

No Soup for You, Sarah Sanders

The lyrics of 1971’s “American Pie,” Don McLean’s complex and mysterious song which laments the day that rock ‘n’ roll died, asks us to unravel the history of music and faith. It’s a bitter bite of nostalgia. Various forms of the word “die” are heard almost twenty times. Somewhere in those long, haunting lyrics, McLean makes us realize that things from our youth die just about every day. We now have one more piece of that pie sitting on our plates, the death of Democracy. Will we have to swallow it?

The 116th episode of the TV sitcom Seinfeld which first aired in 1995 introduced the “The Soup Nazi.” That show has been played in what feels like a million times in reruns. The character, Yev Kassem was called a “Nazi” because of the aggressive and excessively strict regimentation he demanded from his customers. In the classic scene, George asks for bread with his soup claiming that everyone else in line got free bread. When George presses his point, the “Soup Nazi” yells “No soup for you!” and the woman at the cash register snatches George’s soup from his hand and returns his money.

Once again, the Supreme Court has set us up. They ruled that a Colorado cake maker, based on his religious convictions, could deny baking a wedding cake for a gay couple. They attempted to soften the blow of their discrimination with language so narrow it practically applied to that one incident only. Today we learned that the Supreme Court wiped away an opinion against a florist who declined to make flower arrangements for a same-sex couple’s marriage. They sent that case back to the lower court, asking them to revisit the suit using their decision on the cake maker as a guide.

When Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stupidly decided to go to a Mexican restaurant after separating families at the Mexican border, she was shouted out of the establishment by protesters. The refrain, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” was too much for Ms. Nielsen, and she wisely left the restaurant.

This weekend, another restaurant owner took things into his own hands and asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family to leave his restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, simply because she works for Donald Trump.

America is now going to use our freedom of speech and convictions to block people from commercial services. It’s not Sarah Sanders they were asking to leave that restaurant, rather they were asking Donald Trump to leave the White House. If Trump uses Twitter to mass distribute his beliefs and conspiracies, the only way to cut through and get our message out is to take radical steps. Hateful as it may seem to some, the President’s strident use of hate demands an equally loud voice.

Of course, President Trump had to defend his Press Secretary on Twitter, “The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows (badly needs a paint job) rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!”

So, this is how it goes. The President of the United States can defame and attempt to shame a restaurant because they were doing the same thing as the florist and the cake maker. He can’t handle discrimination when it happens to him.

Experts say a person can’t sue a sitting president for defamation. Is that true? Isn’t this where we’re headed? You see, with this Great Orange Leader, the Supreme Court will have to decide how much power the Chief Executive has in America. They cannot fail on this issue.

If they give him more power, we are doomed as a nation. All the Trump lovers could have to deal with the next president being worse than Donald. Or is this all just a set up to have one of his inner circle (Daughter or Son-in-Law) take the office when he is too weak to sit on the potty each morning, tweeting his vitriol and hate. Is there an adult diaper big enough to catch all the horseshit that comes out of this angry, fat, old man?

Congress, especially the Republicans, are lost. The Supreme Court is teetering on the brink of conservative nonsense and the President is losing his marbles. I’ve never said this before, but I sure hope that we have some military patriots who will protect the Constitution if need be.

That’s it folks. Sarah Sanders can’t complain about being turned away from the Red Hen because she is complicit in the remaking of an America which mirrors the values taught by her foolish father, Mike. His tweet this weekend, backing up Trump’s lie about Democrats supporting Mexican gangs, is exactly what is wrong with America. Both Sarah and Mike should probably lay off the pie and focus on the Bible. I believe somewhere in that book is the inference that lying is a sin and taking babies away from their mothers and fathers will not help during the final hours. Look it up.

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