America Can Do Better Than This

I woke up this morning with a question thumping through my mind, “Why do Americans have to suffer because of Donald Trump?” For the life of me, I don’t understand why any clear-thinking person can’t see through this bloated baffoon.

First, we do have one of the best economies since right after World War II. Why can’t the boy in power just leave that alone? Why aggravate the situation with emotional trade wars, threating tweets and creating barriers between the US and our allies? If we are doing so well, why would any American have to go without a paycheck? Trump’s theories are ill-conceived and foolish, and they make people go without pay and cause children to die in our custody.

Donald Trump suggests we are going to have to suffer for the short term to fix what he claims has been broken for years, really? For the most part, the world has avoided massive wars during the past 45 years and the economies of most developed countries have been relatively stable. Why screw with that? I don’t believe in Donald Trump. He’s not a king or a deity, but he certainly is a shitty economist.

You can line-up the top economists and Neo-cons in Congress and ask them to explain things, but you will not get a clear answer about what is so wrong with a global economy. We’ve already paid for a better life with cheap clothes and cars. BTW, the air is cleaner in Pittsburgh and a hard drive company now sits where a steel mill used to be. Trump didn’t always buy American steel to build some of his unimaginative buildings, and you can argue that hurt this country. But now that he’s in charge he wants to fix it all. Good luck, fat ass; isolationism works only when you have no friends.

The recent government shutdown, the third in a year, proves that Donald J. Trump is a horrendous executive with zero talent for pre-planning and advanced thinking. We could avoid all this if Trump wasn’t such a stupid politician. Smart politicians get what they want by goals that inflict the least amount of pain on the people they expect to re-elect them.

Trump stood in the rose garden of the White House yesterday and inferred that people who aren’t getting paychecks care more about his wall than the pain they will feel without food on the table. What an out-of-touch human being. What a dolt Donald is.

The Democrats, now swelling with power in the House of Representatives, feel that they must stop Trump. Are their actions purely partisan or are they really executing a brilliant tactic to demonstrate that our leader is only a feckless loser wearing no pants?

What most people don’t understand is that building a wall of the magnitude Trump wants would take decades with a cost close to $200-300 billion. In my hometown, it took six months to repave a one-mile strip of road. At that rate, straight math suggests it would take more than 300 years to build a 2,000-mile border wall.

Donald Trump knows that construction projects take time. Building the Trump Tower in New York took two years, and two people died in the process.

The real problem here folks, as the Donald likes to call you, is that we have a thug-businessman in the White House, and that doesn’t seem to be working in DC. As much as I hate Newt Gingrich, at least he understands that Washington works on its own rules and on its own clock. Trump knows nothing; I’m not at all sure about what skills he has. He certainly doesn’t know how to please all the people who want him to be a real leader, including 60% of American citizens and our allies all over the world.

Trump’s government shutdown over the wall is symbolic of his whole presidency. He cares only about a win for Trump, regardless of the cost to American workers and their families. He casts a shadow over the prospect of meaningful negotiation by saying the government could be shut down for months, maybe years. What a fucking baby. And then he says he could declare a national emergency and build the wall as Commander-in-Chief. Now you know why Mattis quit, General Kelly is gone, and McMaster is missing in action. Yet our lunatic President claims that he knows how America works. Where are the new Generals to step up keep this jagoff under control? Well I call BS. It’s time to impeach the motherfucker. To be clear, both Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels are mothers.



Trump’s Tactics and Indiscretions Exposed

Don’t let the Latin get in the way. Ad hominem means “to the man” and adds precision to the title of this piece. It means employing a fallacious, argumentative strategy to cloud the subject of a discussion by attacking the character, motive, or any other attribute of the person making the argument. This tactic attempts to move the listener away from the substance of the point, fact or argument. There is also a risk that one could be making things worse in the long run by employing the fallacy of irrelevance.

When Donald Trump was accused of sexual misconduct by more than 17 women right before the Presidential election in 2016, he basically said they were all liars. Trump believes that a man can simply deny to make these cases go away. And when the complainants keep up the pressure, he turns to his argumentum ad hominem routine by discrediting people or buying them off with an NDA, a Non-Disclosure Agreement that keeps another from talking about something or keeping the knowledge of some business matter confidential.

One of the aspects of the #MeToo movement is allowing women who have been sexually harassed or violated, and then forced to sign an NDA, to be unchained from these agreements so they can tell their stories. There is some tradition in U.S. law that if revealing information helps other victims, or prevents future wrongdoings, a court could find that public good outweighs a piece of paper. While Harvey Weinstein probably used power and influence in his industry to keep women quiet, Donald J. Trump simply whips out his checkbook and buys silence. This is a matter of record, therefore a fact.

By attacking the character, motive, or some other attribute of an adversary, Trump attempts to force the viewer’s attention away from any substance that person may be making. By calling Marco Rubio, “Little Marco,” candidate Trump took the focus off any productive plan Rubio might have laid out for America. By continually using the term, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” the Donald was able to position the Texas Senator as someone who shouldn’t be believed. Now that Trump is the President of the United States of America, every statement, tweet and comment becomes the policy of the White House. It’s very clear that after a year into this mess, our Great Orange Leader doesn’t care about truth, facts and real policy. If confronted, he will lie.

Today (3-21-2018), Trump is pouting around the White House about leaks from his administration. If the stories in Michael Wolff’s best seller Fire and Fury are true, one of the biggest leakers just might be Trump himself. He spends endless hours watching TV and talking on the phone to people who massage his frail ego.

What might be an uncorroborated rumor that comes up on a late-night phone call with one of his cronies, gets codified by the Commander and Chief. History will show that Trump’s own loose lips were the source of many of the leaked items that piss him off. He’s like a teenage girl gossiping about the day’s events at school.

As more and more journalistic and legal heat is applied to the 45th President, we see more push back and ad hominem from this narcissistic, soulless human being.

Just minutes ago, as the snow came down around the White House, Donald Trump tweeted a quote from Alan Dershowitz: “Special Council is told to find crimes, whether a crime exists or not. I was opposed to the selection of Mueller to be Special Council. I am still opposed to it. I think President Trump was right when he said there never should have been a Special Council appointed because there was no probable cause for believing that there was any crime, collusion or otherwise, or obstruction of justice!”

Besides being a well-known author on legal matters, Alan Dershowitz was one of the attorneys for O.J. Simpson. He’s a strange person to be supporting Trump. Dershowitz is a Democrat and he supported Hilary Clinton. He is strongly pro-Israel and holds a rare position on the Second Amendment and gun control. Dershowitz says that the right to bear arms has “no place in modern society” and has even supported repealing the amendment.

The interesting opinion that “there was no probable cause” in the attempts to gloss over many facts of the 2016 election is wrong. We now know that Russian operatives attempted to manipulate the opinions and attitudes of voters in America. We know that a company named Cambridge Analytica clipped 50 million Facebook profiles and the Trump campaign used these to push Trump’s narrative. We’re not sure just yet whether laws were broken, but it’s certainly probable cause for an investigation. If we believe Jim Comey, former Director of the FBI, Trump did ask the FBI to “go easy” on his National Security Director, Michael Flynn. I’m not sure what planet Alan Dershowitz is on, but Flynn did plead guilty to charges of lying to the FBI. Does that suggest that appointing Special Counsel was a good idea, or just some frivolous act by a partisan United States Deputy Attorney General?

Is Dershowitz, a TV commentator, planning to pitch for the position of Attorney General if Trump fires Jeff Sessions? Time will tell, but Trump’s attempt to move the listener away from the substance of the point, fact or argument is obvious. Argumentum ad hominem might not be a term Trump has ever heard, but his constant negative putdowns and attacks on America citizens begs this question. When do we get back to a normal president with his or her focus placed on the task of doing the people’s business? Until things change, we have nothing but a large, steaming pile of his business to handle every day.

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