Trump Never Gets It Quite Right

When something bad happens, there are people we can count on to give us sympathy, administer some empathy and help us through a tragedy. Then there are people who we can never count on when times get rough and friends just can’t be found. I think most of us would rather be alone instead of hearing the blaming and gaming of a soulless politician.

As the climax to a dark and terrible week of targeted pipe bombs across the nation and innocent people being gunned down in Pittsburgh by a murderous ingrate, we have been challenged once again. Is hate winning?

When Donald Trump read his prepared response, he said that anti-Semitism and violence has no place in America. However, he has never said that Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and the failing KKK have no place in the United States. He never confronts them with his words. His lack of indictment of hate groups is reprehensible. It feels like he is colluding with them. He refuses to define the cause of the hate or ever think about his role in this movement.

This is what we get from this disgusting President, “The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country. Actually, it is their Fake & Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!”

Blaming the media for what is happening in America is worse than deflection, it’s unamerican. The media will always ask important questions. If our leaders’ answers make no sense, the press should and will simply keep asking. To be a true statesman, a leader must be transparent and tell the truth. Trump fails this test time and time again.

If the Donald was smart, he would realize that his “blame deflection” is teaching Americans to seek a boogieman rather than the truth. When Trump doesn’t have a fact to back up his outrageous points, he invents one. When our citizens are hurt in some way, Trump’s finger pointing prevents the proper processing of sad and demoralizing information. Why would the President of the United States talk about the death penalty before anyone was charged in the shooting of eleven people in Pittsburgh? Didn’t he preach recently about Brett Kavanaugh being innocent before being proclaimed guilty? At best, Trump is the most inconsistent President, ever!

Trump’s words after mass shootings and hate crimes proves he lacks the ability to communicate a message of reason and hope. He just wants to throw the person in the electric chair and get back to those rallies with his adoring fans. He lacks compassion for those suffering and he doesn’t get that his words have given these actors their motivation.

It is true that a crazy hater did fire bullets into a group of Republicans practicing baseball, but that doesn’t answer this question. What do we do about it? When questioned about gun control, Trump quickly promotes the tired NRA messaging. There should have been a guard to defend the Temple in Pittsburgh. More guns. Good guys with guns. Semi-automatic guns, like the AR-15 used in this most recent massacre, will always do more damage and cause more death than a hand-gun. Can we at least start there?

It’s not a coincidence that the hate-filled social media posts of the alleged shooter in Pittsburgh used the word “invaders” instead of “illegals” to describe the people in the caravan walking through Mexico. The alleged murderer may have criticized Trump for being a “globalist,” but the fact Trump vigorously declared himself a “nationalist” the other day sent a message to White Nationalists that Trump is their guy. When does Donald Trump become “our guy.” You know, the president for all Americans.

And finally, on the way back from a rally on the same day eleven Jewish souls were lost, Trump’s priority was the criticizing of a baseball manager. Look at this tweet, “Watching the Dodgers/Red Sox final innings. It is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who is loose & dominating through almost 7 innings, Rich Hill of Dodgers, and brings in nervous reliever(s) who get shellacked. 4 run lead gone. Managers do it all the time, big mistake!”

REALLY? When a whole city was mourning, this was Trump’s focus? He just had to blame someone for something. I am sure Dave Roberts, the L.A. Dodger’s manager, would never tell Trump how to do his job. We know that Trump hates anyone telling him what he needs to do. As anyone can clearly see, there is no empathy in the Trump White House.

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