Discombobulated Donald’s Dilemma 

If we were sitting around the BBQ pit on Memorial Day ten years ago and I was to tell you that a future US President will be glowingly supportive of the leader of North Korea, the President of Russia or the murderous policies of the Saudi Royal Family, you would have said I was crazy. Donald Trump would rather be a friend of dictators than a beacon of democracy around the world. He’s a shameful representative of American values. Maybe it’s jetlag, but more likely stupidity, that causes our president to invariably say stupid things when he’s on foreign soil.

This routine of doing the opposite of what any other mature and thoughtful leader would do is getting worn-out. The truth will eventual prevail that Donald Trump’s mind is a perverse instrument of disregard and self-serving. The confusing disruption to our well-designed foreign relationships with allies is more than baffling. The President of the United States began his time in Japan by insulting his host with whines about unfair trade. It was insulting and embarrassing. Trump doesn’t remember that it was the US that constructed the plan to rebuild Japan after we blew it up. The President is impudent of historical context. Our helping hand assisted with more than seventy-five years of peace in the region.

One real dilemma the Donald faces is that people are not as dumb as he believes. Kim is laughing. Putin is laughing. The EU thinks Trump is foolish. I am sure that the leader of Japan, Shinzō Abe, is wondering why Trump would brush off North Korea’s launching rockets into the sky over Japan. We were told by Donald Trump the missiles from “rocket man” had stopped because of Don and Kim’s love affair. I guess tough love sometimes doesn’t work. Trump’s lackadaisical attitude regarding Kim Jung-Un is disturbing to the world. He’s merely trying to save face from his failure to get anything substantial from Chairman Kim, a ruthless dictator. Trump never listens to anyone and continually gets played by these people.

The farmers are smart and work the math. They know that they are getting financially killed by the tariffs that Trump chucked on the heartland of this country. Let’s see if we can put this into a picture.

When products are imported into the US, a tariff is placed on the goods by our customs agents. Something that originally cost $100 might get a tariff of $25. The importer will pay the $25 to the treasury. While this may seem like profit taken in by the treasury, it’s just a tax that will be quickly matched by the country we slam with tariffs. In this case, it’s China. So, US soybeans worth $100 will now be sold in China at $125. If another country can beat the price, our farmers will suffer from a total loss of business to a competitor. No one buys more soybeans from America than China.

Now, you may think it ends there, but it doesn’t. The item that was $100 is now $125, and the extra $25 is paid by you, the consumer. The importer simply increases your price tag to offset their increased cost-of-doing-business. In a sense, Mr. and Mrs. America, it’s like the US government just taxed you $25.00. Why are they doing that? Why would they give you a tax cut and then take back more than they gave you?

Because the farmers in America are suffering, the US Department of Agriculture will give them relief in the form of a “socialistic” loan, a form of redistributing the wealth to a class of workers who need it. Plain and simple, it’s a bailout, the kind of handout conservative Republicans have rallied against for years. You might ask, who pays for that? Well, we do, the taxpayers!

So, you see, we pay for the increase in cost of each item to give money to the government. Then the USDA moves money around to pay for this economic misstep. To balance the scales, they might spend less on meat inspections. Does that keep America safe? There’s nothing wrong with helping farmers, but what about the family of four buying clothing made in China? They have no bail out. This whole mess is caused by a bad trade policy and no matter how many TV experts explain it, Trump will never understand how it works.

Look at this diagram and observe that China pays no money into the US Treasury. Likewise, the US will pay no money into the Chinese treasury. It’s just a war that the little people fund with price increases that hurt the average American. Even if US manufacturers could supplant the imported items, there is no guarantee that the cost of those goods would ever be cheaper than goods coming from China, with or without tariffs.

TRUMP’S TRADE WAR is just another stupid idea from a clueless, uninformed leader with too much power. Perhaps the responsibility and care of trade should be in the hands of the less than popular Congressional branch. At least Congress would make fewer mistakes because they move in slow but calculated ways. America will pay more for everything during the next five years. Why is this good for us? No one has successfully debated this issue with Trump and his dogma is so entrenched that he no longer believes anyone but himself. The discombobulated frontal lobes of the man in the White House will never see things the ways they are, only the way he wants to view them. When the trade war fails, it will totally be his fault. Remember that, voters!



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Trump’s Challenge: North Korea

That great term, “sword rattling” takes us back to simpler times, which were just as complicated as they are today. As a country, we don’t get to pick the leaders of the nations of the world. Leaders move to the top of a government sometimes because of birthright, while others kill their way to the top. And in democratic places, some run, campaign and get elected. Their viewpoints will either light the way, or cast a shadow over the land they rule.

Donald Trump ran his campaign on hardened opinions based on his consumption of extremely skewed media outlets and conspiracy theories. He railed against China by mentioning their currency manipulation and trade advantage over the US in almost every rally. He said few negative things about Russia. Trump also claimed he knew more about things like ISIS than his generals, but now that he is President it’s important that he actually listens to his generals.

On the day before the 4th of July, this nation’s 241st birthday, Kim Jong Un ordered the launch of what his press described as an ICBM that could reach the United States. Trump is now becoming aware that Little Kim is taunting the leader of the free world. In fact, the missile traveled 578 miles and made it two-thirds of the way to Japan.

In the Rose Garden (6-30-2017) Trump made a big announcement about the Asian country when he said, “The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed. And, frankly, that patience is over.” Okay, not quite a red line, but in a communist country, red is not such a bad color.

Once again, our federally paid tweet teenager took to the internet even before he knew the nature of the missile to weigh in on this crisis, “North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? Hard to believe that South Korea and Japan will put up with this much longer. Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!”

When I read that tweet, I LOL’d. The line that stuck out was, Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? And I thought, yeah, that little monster, lucky-sperm leader is launching missiles and our great orange hope is launching tweets. Why isn’t he just talking to Japan and South Korea? It sounds like he is pitching a movie idea to China. What does he mean by “heavy move.” Isn’t that what Trump said he did with women he thought attractive?

According to the New York Times (6-26-2017): “South Korea’s foreign minister indicated strongly on Monday that her government would honor an agreement to deploy an American missile-defense system despite protests and economic retaliation from China.” That seems a bit far from what you want China to do, Mr. Trump.

The Donald might be impatient with North Korea, but he has to understand that country’s complexities. If General MacArthur in the 1950s would have been allowed to continue his march beyond the 38th parallel, who knows what Korea would be as a unified country, today. China wanted a buffer between a working democracy, albeit corruptible, in South Korea and what they want to believe is modern communism in China. Remember, it was China that convinced Truman to “stand down” and fire MacArthur to avoid another world war.

Trump showed his feelings about China’s lack of involvement in his tweet (June 20, 2017), “While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!” Why is our President attempting to shame leaders of major countries into action? It’s almost more important for him to have a running commentary on his feelings. O.M.G. Our president is like a teenage girl writing in her diary every night: Dear Diary…

While China and South Korea would like more discourse between countries, Trump is doing his best at making this about the cult of personality rather than real political diplomacy. Well, to be truthful, Trump is not a diplomatic person. Why is he President again?

Trump toys with people on tweeter and screams about his big bad enemy, the press, at his politically motivated rallies, while Kim Jong Un toys with nations with missiles. The frightening reality is that Un would sacrifice his country’s 25 million people just to prove that he is the boss. What are Trump’s priorities?

Trump may say he is impatient, but what is next? If the President of the United States cannot rally nations and the strong characters who care about the world, he is wasting his time with those 140 characters on Twitter. Those leaders want to know what is the plan and that includes, what happens after Kim Jong Un is gone. Unfortunately, most of those same leaders are looking forward to the time Trump is gone.