The Truth About Far-Right & Far-Left Movements

Tomorrow is a sacred date in American history, and I hesitate to write this piece, but I feel compelled to connect some dots, dates and delusions. Can there be any doubt that Donald Trump is promoting and motivating the far-right to rally behind him with their pickup trucks, Trump flags and automatic weapons? If the President of the United States honestly believes that encouraging militias and their half-baked wannabe mercenaries into the streets to mess with protesters and far-left groups is a positive effort, then he’s not only an idiot but unfit for the presidency.

I can’t help seeing Trump’s young male supporters in trucks with their flags and guns and comparing them to troops from other places. Don’t we see the same picture with Taliban and ISIS groups patrolling the towns and territories of Iraq and Afghanistan? Or how about the new pro-Trump, anti-mask militias in places like Washington state, Wisconsin and Oregon? Those troops are not sanctioned to do this work. The have not be deputized and they should not be in our streets with guns because they make things worse, not better.

Trump thinks of these clowns as his army. I remember the remarkable NFL success of the Steelers in my hometown of Pittsburgh. One of the stars of that legendary team was fullback Franco Harris. During World War II, Franco’s father fought in Italy where he met his future wife, an Italian, thus the name Franco. That history produced the lore and fan base known as “Franco’s Italian Army,” whose wild fans wore army helmets displaying his number. It was playful and fun, and no guns were involved.

I believe that Trump visualizes losing the election but calling on these goons to take control of the country so he can stay in office. Donald would resist even if his golfing buddy Lindsey Graham were to visit the White House and cajole his departure. This is not a game, people. This is real. It’s plain that Donald Trump’s ego is tempting him to do dreadful things.

Just like the Taliban and ISIS, Trump’s “LIBERATION” groups are being motivated by dark and unamerican ideals. Yes, the concept of militias is supported by the Second Amendment but only if “well regulated.” It is disheartening to see local police and federal agents lending support and encouragement to these guerrillas. We must stop their lawless, murderous entries into cities, even if it’s their own city. Trump’s not-so-subtle call to action of these thugs can be adjudicated after he leaves office as a blatant form of obstruction of justice overflowing to voter intimidation. If I were a Grand Jury member, I would vote to indict this cretin.

Our society has a problem with how we apply justice. Do you remember when the Ohio National Guard killed four students on the campus of Kent State in 1970? Well, no one was ever charged in that action. There is a thin line between peaceful protesting and crime, and I wonder why members of some far-right groups can roam our streets dressed in camo uniforms, carrying long guns and waving Trump flags and be treated with respect and kid gloves, while peaceful protesters against racial grievances are beaten, pepper sprayed and pushed back.

Real Black Panthers

In 1966, it was legal to openly carry a loaded firearm in California. When the radical Black Panthers figured this out, they marched in the streets with rifles. They even entered San Francisco City Hall while armed, which inspired the state to change the law. You see, there are two standards. Most states with open carry laws do not discriminate against people of color, but their reaction to someone of color holding a gun is vastly more extreme. Black kids with guns get shot by police.

I don’t think those with flags and signs displaying their love for Donald Trump should be arrested. The moment they display a firearm however, they should be seen as a potential problem and dealt with differently than they are now. They are currently intimidating peaceful citizens with their guns.

Most legal experts will tell you not to pull a gun unless you are threatened. If you are not being in danger, raising a weapon is called brandishing. In essentially every US state there is a sharp legal distinction between a person pulling a gun for self-defense or doing so for another purpose. Even under a murky circumstance, all one has to say is that they felt threatened, and judging by the latest events it would be fair to say that either or both sides could feel in danger.

Leadership flows from the top, but our feeble President has placed himself in the middle. He’s rooting for the militias, while the real military is becoming less and less impressed with Trump’s actions and words. Donald John Trump is uncomfortable with the military and oblivious about how the Pentagon works. Military soldiers don’t like militias; they never have. Any notion that citizen groups must take up arms to protect the police and the country is stupid and ill-advised. Local, state and federal police don’t need any help to do their jobs and, contrary to what Trump has said, they are not wanting to go to war and spend lots of money.

The irony of Trump claiming that certain people in the Pentagon are spending money in corrupt ways did not sit well with Central Command. The President’s suggestion that they want to go to war and spend enormous amounts of cash is paradoxical, coming from the guy who brags about how well he funded them. According to Department of Defense records, on February 10, 2020, President Donald J. Trump sent Congress a proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget request of $740.5 billion for national security, $705.4 billion of which is slated for the Department of Defense (DoD). Why would the Donald say anything about how the DoD spends its money? He’s an ignoramus.

One could argue that people riding around in pickup trucks draped in Trump election gear makes them guilty of voter intimidation. Our President is breaking his pledge to uphold the laws and protect the Constitution. We have a criminal in the Oval Office and gangs in the streets. Every action of Donald Trump only makes matters worse.

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Macron’s Statesmanship vs. Trump’s Incoherence

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is the son of a physician and a professor of neurology. Macron was an assistant to a famous philosopher in his early years and he was an editor for a literary magazine. One of Macron master’s theses was on Machiavelli and Hegel, and he has a master’s degree in “Public Guidance and Economy.” But what propelled Macron to the top job in France was his expertise as an investment banker. While working his way through the banking system he amassed power and influence. To be succinct, he’s an extremely intelligent man of letters and degrees. Imagine what is going through his mind when he sits down with imbecile Trump.

During the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit being held in the UK this week, Trump decided to attack President Macron. When asked about Macron’s comment last month that American indifference to the alliance is leading to the “brain death of NATO,” the Donald barked that those comments were “very insulting” and “nasty.” Trump took the bait hook, line and sinker and was forced to defend NATO, something that is totally out of character for him.

Emmanuel Macron won this battle. He was saying that Trump is brain dead and our great white leader totally missed the point, the joke. When Trump asked Macron if he would like to take some ISIS fighters, Macron rebuked the 45th President with the retort, “Let’s be serious, here!” Trump believes that he is funny, but it’s dangerous to attempt comedy when trying to achieve diplomatic goals. Aside from the language barrier, there are times when you must not attempt to joke a problem away.

If the leader of America is to fulfil the desires of those who elected him to office, you would think he would be aware of how most people in the country think about issues like climate change. According to the Washington Post, “8 in 10 — say that human activity is fueling climate change, and roughly half believe action is urgently needed within the next decade if humanity is to avert its worst effects. Nearly 4 in 10 now say climate change is a ‘crisis,’ up from less than a quarter five years ago.” Why would the United States be the only major country in the world to officially ignore this research?

Macron doesn’t blur his disdain for Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accord which created substantial goals to reduce emissions and pollution in the world. The reason Trump continually gives for pulling out of the deal makes no sense. The agreement wasn’t as binding as any trade agreement we have signed, so what is the real reason?

Something Trump said on the campaign trail plainly displays his idiocy and lack of knowledge. It was a climate change joke about China creating a hoax to gain economic advantage over America. His base responded with cheers and applause and later Trump baked his ignorance into US policy. People must wear masks just to go outside in Beijing. China is moving ahead of us by producing more solar panels and they have more people working on climate change initiatives there than the number of folks in this administration saying climate change doesn’t exist. Trump doesn’t take climate issues seriously. He never talks about them.

This is not merely a story about France and Trump. It’s a sad portrayal about how we have lost our position in global affairs. Trump has given Russia, North Korea and even China, a free hand to take power and exploit influence to higher levels. Don’t focus on Trump walking in front of the cameras at NATO; listen to the other guys. In them you witness well-crafted answers, statesmanship and intelligence, while Trump comes off as a total bullshit artist.

It’s refreshing hearing other leaders using the words “we” and “us,” rather than “me” and “I,” which dominate Trump’s speech. He cares not what his country is doing, it’s only about what he wants, does, thinks and decides. And when his clown car crashes into a wall, he never blames himself or apologizes for the mistakes he’s made. Therein exists his greatest lie. He sees himself as a perfect man with a “perfect call” and he truly believes he’s infallible. In reality, he embarrasses our country while on the international stage.

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