What’s wrong with Donald Trump?

I just turned 70-years old so I get to say things that younger people cannot. Some might think that I have become a curmudgeon of monumental proportions, and to those ageists, and in the spirit of age equals wisdom, I say, “Go F yourself.”

This last week, we saw some extremely funny reality TV, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi taking pot shots at the President of the United States. The fool in the White House seized the bait and attempted to console himself with his sophomoric retorts. What is rather remarkable is these people oversee billions of our tax dollars and the defense of our country — scary old white people are running things.

In their back and forth, each older leader claimed the other is not mentally right. Now age doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose your faculties but judging by his comments a case could be made that the leader of the free world has some mental problems. Our president says he hasn’t changed, and that might be true, but that doesn’t mean he’s fit to be president.

Donald Trump is a pathological liar.  Anyone who has observed his routines over the years would agree he has a major problem telling the truth. He forces those he hires to lie at his command. We saw that in the Roosevelt Room when he asked his team to claim he was calm during the three-minute monologue he used to abort a planned meeting on US infrastructure. Of course, his minions said what he wanted them to say, and Nancy Pelosi’s description of his temperament and tone was certainly shaped to advance her agenda. That aside, more than six Democratic leaders came to the White House for a meeting, and I have to believe they attended in the hope of getting some things accomplished. Trump then walked to the Rose Garden and barked about how badly the meeting went. On display was a prepared sign outlining the Mueller report. I’m not sure what the sign had to do with the subject of the meeting, infrastructure. Why would any mature adult need a fabricated interpretation of RUDE? Trump walked out of the meeting and he admitted that Pelosi’s comments were the reason.

Let’s face it. Donald Trump is a fucking, spoiled brat. He has no logic circuitry in his conspiracy ridden brain. It’s time that we get beyond this polite protocol and treat him like the child he is. First, we need some discipline, and if that doesn’t work, a shrink.

For grins, let’s assume Trump has a few good ideas. If those ideas are beneficial to America and our people, why is there always an air of despair about things being unfair, sad and a disgrace? Why does he always need to put down the other party or the former president, which makes half of America feel badly when he’s pitching an idea? Any good communicator knows that you don’t implant negatives when seeking acceptance.

Trump loves to slip a giant turd into the punch bowl before dancing around the party lauding the tasty libation. He tries to convince the attendees that Obama and the Democrats put gin in the punch. Huh? More than half of the country doesn’t trust him, and I suspect most world leaders clearly see his lack of credibility. I may be old, but I’m not stupid. Trump is worse than Nixon.

Research and poll results are important to Americans. We always want to know what people are thinking. We crave knowledge and truth. When Trump says he’s the most transparent president ever, any thinking person will laugh. He requires and exists on lies and secrets. He won’t show his tax returns, when every other president for the past 50 years has disclosed the details of their wealth. What could be so wrong with his taxes that he fights so hard to keep them from being revealed?

Could it simply be that he isn’t rich? Yes, it could. His ego is fragile, his skin is thin and he’s highly vulnerable to shame. Did you notice that he almost crumbled when Pelosi suggested that an intervention should take place? The highest-ranking member of the House just said out loud that she thinks Trump is nuts, causing Trump to repeat his “very stable genius” sales pitch. Who says shit like that?

I think the researchers need a new model. We don’t need to know if people approve of the job he’s doing or whether they support the old white guy. We need to get down in the dirt and dig up the true feelings of our people. And by the way, pollsters should feel free to use this suggestion to gather feelings about anyone running for office, Congress or the Supreme Court. I call it the DOUGLAS SCALE, and this metric will help us understand the real feelings of the America voters and citizens.

How would you describe your true feelings about Donald Trump? (choose one):

    1. He’s worse than what my body feels after Chemotherapy.
    2. He’s a total loser and I hate him with all my heart.
    3. He’s a despicable human being with no redeeming qualities.
    4. He’s a pathological liar who should seek professional help.
    5. He’s only in this thing for himself and will do the wrong things for his ego.
    6. He means well but lacks the ability to be understood.
    7. He’s got some good ideas, but everyone is against him.
    8. He’s a remarkable President who will change America forever.
    9. He’s really doing God’s work, the American God.
    10. He’s the best and should be made President for life.

It would be interesting to see the percentage of people who truly hate the guy. I’ve presented a more American grading scale. We are not a polite people and, since Trump has become president, we have become a more open and direct populace. He’s a dangerous President who needs to be taken out of office, either by impeachment or voting. Trump is an unstable menace to our mental health.


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