Trump Offends to Please

Sometimes I meet a person who seems a little out of touch, most often due to a lack of understanding or knowledge of history. This frustrates me because if we fail to agree on facts there’s no way to have a serious discussion.

One of the conspiracy notions that I find most offensive is this bizarre belief that the World War II holocaust didn’t happen. My father was there. He saw the horror and I saw his pictures of the camps. The linchpins of most conspiracy groups simply ignore facts and spout insane reasons for their theories, and they continue to distort history.

According to the Tuskegee Institute, 4,743 people were lynched between 1882 and 1968 in the United States, including 3,446 African Americans and 1,297 whites. More than 73 percent of lynchings in the post-Civil War period occurred in the Southern states.The idea of comparing anything to lynching is an unwarranted, highly offensive act. When President Trump feels that his back is against the wall, he strikes back with a comment meant to take the attention off a problem and put himself back on the front page. He’s a headline-seeking thug, not a moral president and leader.

Comparing what is happening in the impeachment process to a “lynching” demonstrates that Trump has an amazing talent to offend those who have or will suffer in their lives. Can Trump be so out of touch that he doesn’t consider the impact of a Tweet on one group of voters and citizens? Why would African Americans ever take him seriously, much less vote for him?

Equally horrible was Lindsey Graham’s defense of the offence. He told reporters on Capitol Hill that the investigation into Trump is “a lynching in every sense.” Graham added, “I think it’s pretty well accurate—this is a shame, this is a joke. This is a lynching in every sense. This is un-American.” I had to tweet back to Senator Graham that impeachment is in the US Constitution, but lynching is not. Graham described impeachment as un-American, yet he directly participated in Bill Clinton’s impeachment. That was my motivation when I called Lindsey a “POLITICAL WHORE!” Lindsey Graham is so patronizing and hypocritical that it’s unbelievable South Carolina keeps reelecting him.

Some people ask why Trump seems to talk like a white supremacist, but they can find the answer in these three words, “Because he is.” Patriots of this country are trying to understand why the Donald would have pulled troops from Northern Syria and left our allies, the Kurds, to be slaughtered. When Trump lashes out at minorities, immigrants and anyone who disagrees with him, he shows his severe mental impairment. He’s involved in a major coverup and not fit to be President.

It’s high time we see his tax returns. We need to understand his wealth, whether he has paid taxes, whether he is financially beholding to foreign banks or countries and whether he committed crimes with money. How could any court say his finances should be private? He’s the President of the United States And we need to know these things… now.

The lynching of black Americans wasn’t solely about hangings. Many atrocities were committed during those heinous murders. There was no judge and jury; these slaughters were carried out by malicious mobs justifying their actions on the belief they were superior and had a right to kill anyone they hated, thus the term “hate crime.”

No one wants to mutilate and string Trump up on a tree. They just want to restore some law and order to our government. Donald J. Trump is not a good person and he’s a terrible President. Some may want him “locked up” after all is said and done, but just getting him the fuck out of the White House would be the best thing that ever happened to America.

Trump doesn’t know history. He calls every investigation into him a “witch hunt.” He obviously doesn’t comprehend that the cliché has a true meaning. Fourteen women and five men were executed by hanging during the Salem Witch Hunt trials. When he verbalizes that he feels like he is undergoing a “lynching” with all the impeachment talk, he should remember that thousands of people were lynched in this country. This blathering buffoon has no empathy for people or respect for American history.

Perhaps Congress will wake up and do their duty. Without impeachment, Donald Trump will simply continue to waste time, money and lives to bolster his fragile ego. What a waste and disgrace.

Read About The Country We Love

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Republicans Sell Their Souls for Trump

I never thought I would say I would be happy that Mitt Romney was the next Senator from Utah, but I am. Another way to say it, when Orrin Hatch retires at the end of the year, the United States Senate will be a better body.

When Senator Hatch was asked about the obvious connection between Michael Cohen’s crimes and testimony and Donald Trump, Mr. Hatch said he didn’t care. He just brushed aside the reporter saying, “Trump is doing a good job as president.” Really? Orrin’s reaction was like the Catholic parishioner looking the other way on sexual abuse and saying we should think about all the good things Father “So and So” has done. Where’s the law and order, Mr. Hatch?

We have been hearing Donald Trump’s chant of “No Collusion” and the misrepresentative of the Special Counsel’s investigation as a “Witch Hunt” for more than a year, but the President is running out of time to prove his innocence. Let’s make it clear, the reason the investigation was started was because of the facts that many Trump associates and campaign people met with Russians and LIED ABOUT IT. And the reason this was important from the beginning was because the US intelligence community all agreed that Russian agents attempted to disrupt the electoral process in the 2016 Presidential election. These are facts and dangerous activities.

The dirty deeds of Trump allegedly having affairs and paying the women for their silence to help his chances of being elected, were minor events until Trump LIED ABOUT IT. Michael Cohen and now, the publisher of the National Inquirer have accused Trump of paying women to help him get elected. It’s an in-kind political contribution, which is against the law.

John Edwards used “child support” as an accuse for his dirty deeds. We wonder what senseless scheme or legal loophole Trump’s team will claim. It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up that places Trump in the same league as Richard Nixon.

The fact that Trump refused to release his tax returns wasn’t breaking a law, but the reason he didn’t release them was a LIE. What might be hidden in those returns would shed light on whether Trump owes money to Russian or Saudi Arabian banks. And what moneys will Donald Trump make if he does favors for certain countries? The emolument case in Maryland and D.C. will prove how much money Trump and his family are making since he has become president. Those will be more FACTS, not lies.

The reason the Republicans are not speaking out against the way Trump has handled all this is because of people like Orrin Hatch. What moral authority lets him look the other way when the leader of the free world lies to his countrymen and women? Maybe Mitt can stand up to those in his party and start to bring some moderate, moral judgements to the floor of the Senate. Without Corker and Flake, the body is on shaky ground. The earthquake Trump has brought to America has done its damage and it’s time for someone to stand up and say, let’s move forward with REGULAR ORDER. The cracks in Democracy can be fixed, but we should NOT wait too long.

It’s not a party thing, it’s an American thing. Donald J. Trump is a LIAR, and everyone knows it. He’s a grand master flip-flopper and has little comprehension of how our government works and why international leadership is important. Trump is more interested in performing in his dystopian reality TV show, swirling fear and promoting conspiracies that have no basis in fact. He’s a pathological liar.

We must impeach him. Why waste the time trying to change the law about indicting a sitting president? Congress has a method to remove the cancer from the Presidency, it’s impeachment. We cannot wait for the toadies and traitors in Congress to get the job done. The American people must SPEAK UP and defeat the liars.

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