The Grand Illusions of Trump

Without truth, we are doomed to follow the fools in Washington who lie as part of their body politic. When those in power attempt to manipulate the law and order of the nation by being deceitful, we are destined to a lower standard and a perversion of our democracy.

The problem with Donald Trump is twofold. One, he has never become a real president; he remains frozen in time as a bully politician. Second, his use of Twitter exposes his lack of understanding of basic facts. He truly believes he can say anything in a tweet and constantly overcommits himself. Those things he has posted in the past make his flip-flops apparent. We have a written record of every Trump inner thought, hoax, fear, myth and misguided effort that hurts America: @realDonaldTrump.

That brings us to his new battle with US Representative Ilhan Omar. Might I add that she doesn’t have a grasp on the gravity of her comments and lacks the ability to properly formulate her sentences? All she had to say was, “something [terrible] happened…” and her speech to the Council on American-Islamic Relations would have been forgotten by everyone. One could argue that Omar’s comments to this organization were just as irresponsible as some of the things Donald Trump says at his rallies. Sadly, the far left and the far right don’t realize the similarities of their bigotry.

Trump is aware of the power of his platform. He knows if he continues to super serve his base he can count on them to yell loudly enough to scare other people into voting for him again. By using the 9-11 attacks to shame Omar, the Donald has yet again chosen to create negative energy against those of the Muslim faith. It’s completely accurate to accuse the President of the United States of xenophobia, even though it might be a misuse of the First Amendment. The latest fake battle is just another instance of Trump establishing an “US” and “THEM” America rather than advancing a helpful dialog.

Yes, painful moments in our country’s history are sacred cows. You didn’t make jokes about Pearl Harbor to my parents’ generation. The JFK assassination, which came later, is still in the grip of myth and controversary and rarely the punch line of a joke. Omar is not incorrect in her assessment that 9-11 created fear among Muslims and resentment of like people. Sikhs with turbans are not Muslims, but they have been targeted because of appearance. Trump’s rhetoric relies on boogiemen, enemies and challengers. He is not a peaceful man, and if his tweets cause harm to any citizen he should be impeached.

There is something cowardly about a president sitting on his golden throne and blasting out a dozen, poorly written morning tweets. He places little or no thought into his words and his underlings mostly admit they have no power or input into his posts. What I find more disconcerting is that the TV responses of many within his administration make it sound like this President is open to compromise and has thoroughly considered every one of his tweet-based policies. The truth is, they have no idea about what he really believes. When things go badly, they simply blame someone or something else. It’s shameful watching these shallow servants following this lame fool to undo his lies in real time.

When the New York Times broke the story about Trump busing migrants and “illegal aliens” to sanctuary cities, his press corps had to push back. Short of calling the story “fake news,” they said it was discussed but not seriously considered. An hour later, Trump tweeted that it is a good idea which he is seriously considering. Who would want to work for this guy?

This president attempts to create a grand illusion of caring about people. That is so far from the truth, and it hurts to know the person who leads our country has compassion and attention only for those who like him. The more we see how Donald J. Trump treats people and the policies that he has forced on the American public and Congress, the more we know he is not a good person.

If the first aspect of a great leader is honesty, Trump has an empty tank. If the next important attribute is strategic thinking and planning, Donald Trump is a useless blowhard. If we’re looking for a transparent and open leader, we will have to look elsewhere. Trump has darkness all around him and his narcissistic personality disorder drives every thought, every action and every mistake he makes.

America doesn’t need a smoking gun to know who Trump is and how he is dividing and hurting our country. Donald Trump will never be a true president and there is a real possibility that his actions before he became president will land him in jail. But we don’t need to lock up him. We just need to get him out of power.


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Trump & Pope Behind Closed Doors

It was great to see the first lady Melania Trump wearing a veil when meeting the Pope with the President. It was said that she did this out of respect for the Pontiff, while being the uncovered one in Saudi Arabia. I guess respect is a subjective matter in their household.

While the Trump team makes its way across the Middle East and Europe, the President was, as they say, “lawyering up” by hiring a New York law firm to defend himself in the matter of Russia interfering with the election.

This comes within the same week as Michael Flynn, the fired National Security Advisor of the United States, sent letters to both the House and Senate committees investigating him that he would plead the Fifth Amendment and not turn over evidence or testify. One of the reasons given was the appointment of Special Counsel to get to the bottom of the matter.

For those of my readers who need a quick refresher course on the Fifth, here is what it says:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

I added the bolding of the words pertinent to this case. Michael Flynn has the right not to answer any question that could incriminate himself. However, because Flynn is a military officer and the matter of possible collusion with another nation to knowing interfere with our National election, some might want to play the treason card.

The Constitution defines treason as specific acts, namely “levying War against [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” The key word here is “adhering” which in this case could mean “obeying” orders from a foreign government. That would be much worse for General Flynn.

Trump is not dumb in matters of lawyers and courts and suits of all kinds. He has lived most of his life defending his business practices and conduct. He knows that once James Comey, Michael Rogers, Director of the NSA and Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence are under oath and testifying to Special Counsel Mueller Trump will be exposed as an over-zealous politician attempting to obstruct the investigation into Michael Flynn.

What possible reason would Donald J. Trump have to put his entire presidency at risk in order to defend Michael Flynn? If he would just let it go, turn over all the information he and staff might have and let the facts speak for themselves, we could get beyond this. If Michael Flynn was simply an embarrassingly bad choice, fine. Flynn would be collateral damage in the quest to restore trust in our election and the President himself.

The news of Trump putting together a crisis management team to deal with this issue is really sad. And might be more proof that we have a real crisis on our hands.

It’s like the Tylenol people trying to find the answer to sabotage and working the PR angle as fast as possible. Tylenol survived as a product, but this matter will give the leader of the free world headaches throughout the summer.

And it does get hot in DC in the summer, especially when there is a crisis in the house.


Trump Leaves America in Denial

Donald J. Trump, ready to embark on his long trip to meet with leaders of the world, sends his first tweet in 24-hours (5-18-2017). He lives in denial. We can only hope that he can endure the extreme vetting that an immigrant would suffer coming through customs.

We are seeing things melt away fast. Between the Comey memos, creating the possibility that Trump asked the FBI Director to let go the investigation of Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia, we also get the news that Trump was warned about Flynn by Susan Rice, Sally Yates and President Obama.  Nonetheless Trump, named him National Security Advisor. So much for extreme vetting.

Trump uses short little phrases, he probably writes on his little hands, to deflect truth and promote his agenda of lies. He claims this is the biggest “witch hunt” in American history, well he did use the word “politician.” I didn’t think Donald Trump was a politician, I thought he was different; a real swamp drainer.

But as far as witch hunts, the Salem witch trials between February 1692 and May 1693 resulted in the executions of twenty people, fourteen of them women, and all but one by hanging. Not sure you want to dredge up that piece of history with your rhetoric, Mr. Know-It-All. Witch hunts don’t usually end well for the witches.

There are many smoking guns here, but most of the people who voted for Agent Orange cannot see the smoke from the witches. They think the Media are lying and they are the witches and bitches; when, in fact, the press is being played by the leakers who have this righteous viewpoint that democracy is better when people know what is going on. The operative word here is “righteous.”

The Department of Justice has appointed a special counsel to review what happened and possibly bring charges against those who abused their power, Donald Trump is on the defense with a large smear of denial. One day Trump will wake up to the reality that the United States of America is bigger than him and his fragile ego. His self-esteem is so delicate that when the slightest breeze of truth hits it spins uncontrollably round and round.

Robert Swan Mueller III, may have a beautiful middle name, but he will be Donald Trump’s biggest problem in his life. Male swans of all species will ferociously guard their nests and in this case, the nest is our country. While the President runs around the country trying to impress other leaders, Mueller will be hard at work finding the facts.

We deserve to know the facts and get to the bottom of this ridiculous charade that this administration has perpetrated on America. If Trump did nothing wrong, then he can be managed better when both parties know the extent to which his incompetence and unethical actions have damaged the presidency and our country.

If he did something wrong, he needs to be removed from office. He cannot make money on his short stay in the White House, which means he will have to divest many properties to pay for lawsuits that will fall from the sky.

It is sad that, as great as our country is, it could have been hijacked by a con man. Is there really any difference between Bernie Madoff and Donald Trump? Maybe that’s going too far, but hey, you never know.

Paranoia Strikes Deep, Into Your Life It Will Creep*

Trump Sees Boogie Man in Every Shadow

Houston, we have a problem. New York, we have a problem. Chicago, we have a problem. You get the picture. Donald Trump has decreed that his personal myopia and deep seeded need to live in alternate universes and concocted conspiracies will have a great effect on the way his United States of America will be managed.

There are three things that we suggest to enhance the stability of the union at this point. These points should motivate any citizen to write to their representatives in Congress (addresses on this web site) and also suggest to these representatives they consider a peaceful and orderly transfer of power to someone with a sense of mental stability.

Number One: Trump, or any president, should not be allowed to use Twitter. Or at least, the tweets enter a cue that are reviewed by his team before they are released to the world. This is a matter of national security. We must guard that these legal documents of 140 characters not cause damage to our nation.

Number Two: Trump has to release all his tax returns and a law should be enacted that states clearly that all candidates for President, or Vice President, must release the last four years of their tax returns within 90 days of the election. Not doing so should be grounds for disqualification.

Number Three: The Constitution should be modified to create the opportunity for a midterm vote of confidence. We have an election every four years, why not have a midterm referendum which would give the leader a report card of what the electoral feel about the job they are doing. You cannot claim a mandate when things change so quickly.

These are not unreasonable requests. The world has changed. I believed our government was fortified against a lunatic getting into office, but that has been proven to be a false belief. We all have to admit that the very value of the Electoral College, being the safeguard against an unqualified person getting into the highest office, worked in reverse this time. So, we now must pursue a different path to purifying the office of President.

It would be sad to impeach Donald J. Trump and end up with Mike Pence, but when people like Marco Rubio seem to reasonable thinkers and politicians, we can see clearly now that America, yes all of us, have made a terrible mistake. Trump must go. Don’t leave America, stay and fight.

*The headline for this piece was a partial lyric from the 1966 Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth” written by Steve Stills.