Samantha Bee Created a Hornet’s Nest

On her TBS cable show, comedian Samantha Bee took things to the next level by attacking Ivanka Trump, a woman who works for the current administration. Coming in the same week that Roseanne Barr lost her job for a racist tweet, the FULL FRONTAL TV show also got everyone’s underpants in a twitter. Bee indicted the President’s daughter for not taking up the plight of immigrant children being separated from their mothers and fathers as they come across the border seeking asylum in this great land of the free.

Yes, Samantha Bee called Ivanka a “feckless cunt.” The words were beeped out in the broadcast version of the program, but not in the web posting of the show. After the web world blew up, the network removed the program from its web site.

Bee’s verbal abuse of the “First Daughter” was motivated by the left’s myth that they could count on her to be the voice of reason. Ha! Ivanka will not take a public stand against her father’s draconian immigration policies. We know that Ivanka is just a trophy daughter, and if that offends you, then why is she there? Tell me. I am convinced she has no responsibilities. No one has ever provided her job description or explained exactly what she does.

The pundits and talking heads on TV trying to explain how Roseanne Barr’s tweet is the same as Samantha Bee’s putdown of the President’s daughter are missing the whole point. Samantha Bee won the messaging war, while Roseanne is just another person out of work.

Most of the country didn’t know who Samantha Bee was before this episode. Those who follow the Daily Show, will remember her as an edgy and feminist correspondent on that program. Full Frontal airs on TBS, a fringe network serving up basketball games and reruns of “Big Bang Theory.” There are those who wonder what happened to Conan O’Brien. Well he’s on TBS and has been for years.

Both Michelle Wolf and, now, Samantha Bee, have made explosive launches into the public consciousness. They used their opportunity to say something, and they REALLY said something. Bee’s message would never have gotten to so many people if she didn’t use the C-word.

No one in the White House or in the house next door would have been talking about this if the Canadian-American didn’t step outside the box. Everyone is talking about Bee and the point she made. This is a huge win for TBS and Samantha, forced to apologize to save sponsors, is in a better position than ever. I am sure the tune in for her next show will be tremendous.

The effect that this will have on the judge’s decision on whether AT&T can buy Time-Warner and, thus, Turner and TBS is unknown. But if AT&T is blocked from the merger by the Justice Department Trump thinks he runs, someone else will line up to buy the large media company, and it could be Jeff Bezos. So, Mr. Trump, be careful what you wish.

Separating families at the border is immoral and hurtful. We know that there is no greater pain you could possibly inflict on parents and their children, so why are we doing this in America?

The quick answer from all those in the Trump camp is that the people coming across the border are breaking the law and the law says we must separate them. Huh? Another answer the Trumpettes give when confronted with the pain they are causing is, “We didn’t start it, Obama did the same thing.” If Obama is the worst enemy of the Trump camp, how do they get away with using an Obama immigrant policy as the justification for doing harm to kids? I don’t get it.

And with this Law & Order White House, why is Trump replacing juries and judges with his pardon pen? Trump seems to pick and choose what laws are breakable and which are punishable.

Samantha Bee should not be fired for using her First Amendment right to speak out about immigration policy, no matter who sits in the White House. You can argue that her personal attack on Ivanka was mean spirited and vulgar, but it got the job done. Her message was heard.

Donald Trump will scream for an apology, which is oxymoronic, or maybe just moronic. Our Great Orange Leader says that he apologizes to no one, not even God. He said he has done nothing requiring an apology. Really?

We are in the grip of a tyrant in the making. He has made it okay to scream back and be rude and to say anything that gets attention. It’s what he does. Trump hates it when someone else takes the stage away from him or, more accurately, the mic. He craves being the center of attention. We wish him luck on his quest for popularity.

Donald Trump will never be well-liked by all Americans. If you are African-American, Hispanic, poor or interested in making money on global projects and companies, this president is a disaster. We will see who is feckless in the long run and, for those who didn’t look up the word, it means a person lacking initiative or strength of character. Hey, if the shoe fits… I would go so far to say that Donald, not his daughter, is the feckless cunt.

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