Trump is the Bozo on this Bus

I’ve often said that people who work in government are not particularly creative. Some of those public servants may be smart and have imaginative abilities, but the bureaucratic pounding over the years can wring that talent right out of those people with original ideas.

If we agree that illegal immigration is a challenge here in America, then it behooves us to find a solution. People from Mexica and Central American countries are seeking asylum in the US, but the current resident in the White House believes that the law about asylum is a “con job.” In fact, the law is clear: “The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) authorizes the Attorney General to grant asylum if an alien is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin because she has suffered past persecution or has a well-founded fear of future persecution on account of ‘race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.'”

The Trump administration has no interest is this law and will do whatever it can to stop its enforcement, but is it really thinking about a creative solution? Let’s look at a few ideas.

First, the Aleutian Islands off the mainland of Alaska currently has a population of 8,162 people. These 6,821 square miles of land could provide an opportunity for people seeking asylum in the US. We have encouraged landed immigrants to settle in undeveloped lands in our past. BTW, that is about the same area as Massachusetts.

A more creative thinking President might support families seeking landing status in the United States if they would like to develop these sparsely populated areas. Throw in a pathway to citizenship, and we could end up with a huge positive for state, country and immigrants.

What if safe oil drilling and production could take place in this area and bring an economic boom to an ignored area of our nation? What if we could encourage these landed asylum seekers ways to create, run and develop small farms? We could simultaneously increase the quality of the country’s food supply and help solve the problem immigration influx.

Here’s a final idea, perhaps more controversial. We could enlist males of age coming across the border into a strong, Spanish speaking military force to partner with Mexican and Central American forces to end crime and deal a blow to terrorism. Without the control of the underlying problems in these countries, we will never be able to curtail the flow of dangerous refugees into the United States.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about people; he cares only about power. When backed into a corner, he blames someone else. There is no effort to find creative solutions to any problem because he’s doesn’t have innovative thinking or energy. In his privately held businesses, he has shouted orders without the scrutiny of a board of directors, stockholders and employees. Running the United States is much more difficult and the chaos in his administration pushes focus onto how things look rather than creative solutions.

Immigration could bring us a win-win. Unfortunately, our government’s smartest people are not permitted to offer solutions. Trump is the worst boss ever and, absolutely the worst president of my lifetime.


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