The White House Walls Are Thin

It takes a special kind of person to be president. We often don’t know the character of a president until years later. When historians sift through facts, fantasies, fallacies and foibles, we eventually learn the truth. In the past we found out that one of our leaders believed God was talking to them, while another was comforting himself in the dark of night with spirits of a drinkable kind.

The current President sees himself through the lens of a hero coming to conquer all that he believes is wrong with America. In fact, if you asked Donald J. Trump who is the best president ever, he would cast a vote for himself without blinking. Many political experts believed that the end of the Donald’s political career would follow the Access Hollywood tape of Trump saying that he was so famous he could just “grab some pussy.” Let’s not be children here. Many of us knew exactly what kind of man we were getting when he was elected. Still, there were other Americans gullible enough to think it was nothing.

An event underlining the character of Donald J, Trump, the Stormy Daniels saga, will not go away. The intelligence pointing to something that happened in the Miss Universe Pageant, which Trump owned, is funny to me. He tweeted about the event: “The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast live from MOSCOW, RUSSIA on November 9th, 2013. A big deal that will bring our countries together! Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant? If so, will he become my new best friend?”

He was sending a message to Russia, with love, that he was enthralled by the power and money of the country. It exposed an unhealthy desire for its leader. Yes, with Trump able to get whatever “pussy” he could ever want, why not a bromance with the leader of the unfree world?

Steve Bannon’s made a brilliant move to nullify the Access Hollywood tape and dozens of women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct by pushing the Bill Clinton accusers back into the spotlight and Trump was elected. It was as if what was in front of our eyes didn’t exist. Well, now we have a sordid affair with a porn actress that Trump’s consigliere, Michael Dean Cohn, paid $130,000 to gain her silence, or else.

We now know that the “or else” is a payment of $1 million if she breaks the non-disclosure agreement, a small price to pay to free the maiden from the legal tentacles of the mean man in the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He had an affair shortly after his son was born and one can argue that to save his marriage, or perhaps his presidential bid, he had to buy out the woman. If he paid her to save his campaign, that is an illegal campaign contribution that can entangle his business as well. Who paid Stormy Daniels? Where did the money come from? Perhaps it came from one of Trump’s not-for-profit foundations?

And how can this not nudge the evangelicals into a questioning phase of Trump’s fake relationship with bible-thumbing groups? He is not a man of character and, like Putin, the end justifies the means. He got them to “follow him” just as false prophets have tricked holy men and women before. When will they stand up for Jesus and get rid of this money changer for good?

Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He says he like chaos and appreciates when people disagree with him, and then he fires them. Just like an affair with a two-bit actress, he uses and then discards people. He makes his henchmen sign non-disclosure agreements because he always has something to hide. I am sure Melania Trump had to sign a legal document to become the First Lady.

Trump is the bull in the china shop who walks away without paying for the damage. He said he was proud to use the bankruptcy laws to escape financial ruin, and then not pay taxes for years after. He has committed wrongdoings in the name of democracy, or America, or male-pride, or a serious need to be loved. It’s starting to get real.

The Stormy Daniels payment and people leaving the administration like rats leaving a sinking ship cannot be avoided. You can bribe people to say everything is okay and chaos is good, but, turnover is turnover. There’s a cost when people leave, and the investment in and training of new people, always slows the wheels of accomplishment. Trump’s tariff deal was seriously under baked without the details needed for a major policy announcement. Trump’s move was amateurish, at best, and Gary Cohn knew it, so he resigned.

This will never get better until Trump quits. Or maybe we must remove him. He’s just not that good at this president thing.

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