Trump’s Lack of Vision Keeps Us All Down

During the calamity of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we experienced a totally inadequate effort to rescue the people of New Orleans. FEMA was ill-equipped to deal with the massive disaster and displacement of locals. 1,883 people perished during that catastrophe and, while people were dying, President George W. Bush said to FEMA Administrator Michael Brown, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job!”

Some people remember that line, which nullified some of the great things George W. said during the 9-11 attacks, but I remember another line. During the fundraising event, A Concert for Hurricane Relief, a young black man jumped on stage and took the microphone and uttered these words, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Do you remember who said those words? It was Kanye West. I wonder what he would say about the new death figures coming out of America’s COVID-19 crisis.

Lunatic Trump Fanatic

We are seeing disturbing statistics about the latest coronavirus hot spots in the United States. African Americans are suffering death at a much greater rate than white citizens. According to the Washington Post, “In Milwaukee County, home to Wisconsin’s largest city, African Americans account for about 70 percent of the dead but just 26 percent of the population. The disparity is similar in Louisiana, where 70 percent of the people who have died were black, although African Americans make up just 32 percent of the state’s population.” Why is this happening? During his press briefing last night, Donald Trump said that we don’t know why this is happening, right after Dr. Anthony Fauci explained that African American suffer from more incidents of overweight, high blood pressure, asthma and other preexisting conditions that places them at greater risk. So, here’s yet another example of Trump talking and not listening.

Some people become defensive when I am critical of the head of the free world, but this is not a small issue. A black religious leader reminded me that the use of the “war” metaphor in the virus pandemic possibly encourages violence and should not be used in that way. It’s a valid point and there’s another reason it’s a bad euphemism. During war, we look the other way when it comes to civil rights and ongoing programs. That is precisely how we got the Patriot Act which led to torture and war crimes. Trump knows this and is using the term as justification for taking more power.

Obamacare brought healthcare to millions of Americans, and the Trump administration is doing everything possible to nullify or slow its benefits to low-income and minorities in this country. If we had a better healthcare system, we might have been able to keep people healthier and lower the potential for illness and death in this crisis. I am not ready to jump on stage and grab the microphone away from Taylor Swift and yell, “Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people!” but I am ready to say that his racism and xenophobic policies absolutely hurt African Americans. I realize those are shameful words, but if you analyze the actions taken by this administration, they hold water.

NBC is reporting these COVID-19 fatalities by race in New York City: 34% of the deaths were Hispanics (28% of the population), 28% were African American (22%), 27% were White (32%) and 7% were Asian (14%).

What these terrible statistics suggest is that lower income groups gravitate to cheaper foods, more fat, more salt and less doctor visits as compared to suburban soccer moms. You can see these figures and say, “Well, that’s strange,” or you can figure out what’s truly in play.

Some Republicans are much less altruistic than Democrats and Democratic Socialists and most conservative viewpoints contain that old suggestion that poor people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and go get a good job. This myopic philosophy keeps minorities and poor people down in our society. Rich people in power don’t understand that an unhealthy population will cost more money than a healthy, well-cared for workforce. More than $156 billion is lost productivity from smoking, including $5.6 billion is lost due to secondhand smoke exposure. If we cannot solve this healthcare problem, how can we possibly help poor people now that a coronavirus epidemic is here?

We will not make our country healthier with Trump’s vision for America. Ponder this. Republicans and Trump said it was crazy offering everyone universal healthcare, but we are doing exactly that right now. People made fun of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang when he suggested sending every adult American citizen a monthly check of one thousand dollars. In fact, we are doing that right now, although not each month.

We heard Donald Trump say that he would never make America a socialist country, but he openly endorses giving both large and small companies big bailouts. Donald John must be monitored and moderated because surely, he will attempt to use the stimulus money to pay donors and fans who have said nice things about him. The My Pillow man will probably get a fat check just because Trump likes him. There needs to be oversight! As I write this, a massive Federal effort to redistribute the wealth of this country is underway without the supervision of an Inspector General.

When this crisis is over and objective minds analyze the data and dig into the truth, we will learn that Trump lied and ignored warnings that this plague was coming. He lied to the American people again in yesterday’s press briefing when he said that he never read Peter Navarro’s memo. ABC News is now reporting, “As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population.”  Either Trump is totally ignorant or doesn’t care about AMERICAN PEOPLE of all races. What a total incompetent, lying bitch of a president! WHY ARE WE LETTING HIM CONTINUE? The American people of all races, religions and persuasions deserve better. WE NEED TO HOLD TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE!

If you read this book, you can see why all this happened to us.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs shows how we’ve wasted our GOLD on bad wars and corruption. While GOD is there for many people as a spiritual enrichment and the provider of glowing feelings, the truth is just praying and believing will not change our major arc. We don’t determine who gets a GUN. We aren’t sure if we have paramilitary groups ready to storm the White House or a White Castle. There is no control of weapons. The GOOFBALLS with the power constantly try to manipulate us into spending more money on bombs and tanks and wars. When all of our institutions are infected with neglect and fall in disrepair, we will only have ourselves to blame. This book is not an antidote for the left or right, it’s an accelerant to move the middle off their collective asses to go do something positive for America.

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