Congressional Confirmation Process Broken

We should be able to trust that our congressional representatives will keep bad people from becoming decision makers in our government. Donald Trump’s actions and appointees have exposed the weakness in the system. It’s time to take a hard look at how people are nominated and how the confirmation process works.

Trump bombastically promised that he would hire only the best people. He said that he would employ extreme vetting in not only those he wanted in his cabinet, but those who would be allowed to participate in the governing of our great nation. In the less than three years President Trump has been in office, more than one hundred people have left his administration. Most embarrassingly, there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to those who have left Trump behind.

On the morning news, we learned the fate of the UK Ambassador to the US, Sir Nigel Kim Darroch. He has resigned in light of leaked classified documents in which he called the Trump administration “inept,” and described Donald Trump as “insecure” and “incompetent.” Obviously, Trump had to “punch back,” as he calls it. But his rambling rants on Twitter were not only less than diplomatic, they proved Darroch’s point. In his resignation, Sir Kim said, “The professionalism and integrity of the British civil service is the envy of the world. I will leave it full of confidence that its values remain in safe hands.”

Donald J. Trump has no integrity. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles is not part of Trump’s fiber. Being pals with Putin, Xi and Kim Jong-Un degrades the office of President. Letting Saudi Arabia murder a journalist with no consequences clearly shows how Trump is a compromised, corrupt politician. Keeping a sleezy Secretary of Labor on his team after learning about his conduct in Jeffrey Epstein’s case of sex trafficking in Florida and New York is just another brick in Trump’s wall of insecurity, amoral behavior and lack of patriotic grounding in law.

We don’t get to vet the President of the United States. People vote and sometimes the system gives us a turd. Richard Nixon was fecal matter of the highest order. Trump is just today’s version of the kind of tragic mistakes possible in our imperfect experiment of Democracy. But unlike happenings in the lands of kings, tyrants and dictators, we can fix this blunder.

The misery and distress arising from the lack of teeth in Congress becomes more insidious every week. Maybe the people in our two houses of government are too old and afraid to use their political power to bite down hard on those the President sends for confirmation? Maybe it’s time for more young, aggressive representatives to push candidates for important roles hard up against the wall of scrutiny?

The lack of incisive questioning on Alexander Acosta’s involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein plea deal is proof that this system is broken. Acosta should have never been approved. We saw a similar lack of proper process in the Bret Kavanaugh hearings.

Listen up congressional people! I get the idea that when “your” president sends someone up to the hill for confirmation, you are to do your “duty” to protect the person from real scrutiny and vetting; but it’s wrong and must stop. When the votes are counted, your decision to confirm a person can become a giant stain on your reputation. Many of the more than one hundred people who have left the White House were never examined as part of Congressional oversight. Some were just hired hands who couldn’t pass FBI security checks, yet they landed in positions with major responsibilities. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have no business occupying their positions in this administration, but no one is holding Trump’s little hands to the fire.

I know businesses that do more vetting and review of potential employees than this administration does. And it’s not just Congress’ fault. The free press must do its job and dig into these lies and lives and reveal the truth about them. Had the Julie K. Brown article about Epstein in the Miami Herald appeared a day before his confirmation hearing, Acosta would have never been confirmed. After all, the damn Department of Labor oversees investigations into human trafficking, the very charge Acosta let Epstein worm his way out of, producing one big fat sloppy happy ending for the billionaire.

Is Congress brain dead or do they not have the intellect or courage to investigate what is right before their very eyes? I was impressed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ questioning of Michael Cohen during a recent hearing. She asked him if Trump was inflating the value of his properties to garner large loans and deflating the value of his enterprises to the IRS for a better tax deal. Good question? Yes! Republicans on the same panel were fixated on reminding us that Cohen is a known liar rather than calling on the IRS to investigate Trump and his companies about tax and loan fraud. This may end up being litigated after Trump leaves office, but it shows exactly where the two-party system disrupts the important work of oversight. It’s why we must wait so long for bad apples to be plucked from a government we should be able to trust.

This system has been weakened by time and partisan politics. It’s time we elect some straight shooters to upend the apple cart so we can see all the rotting fruit. Trump’s message to drain the swamp was successful because most people believe it’s a needed effort. Sadly, Trump didn’t help the situation. His appointments and hires have been and will continue to be purely political. He even placed people into departments or administrative bodies after they claimed they thought those roles should be eliminated. The ignorance of one man has weakened this nation.

If the result of disruption, is the rebuilding and restocking of a government with better people, then one can justify stirring the pot. But what Trump has rendered is nothing short of letting the fox run the hen house. After all the hens have been eaten, and all the foxes leave for the greener pastures of private practice, what will we have left in our government? It’s become a place where talented and gifted people no longer want to belong. Trump has fucked up the law, the environment, diplomatic relations with allies and, tragically, has made America a meaner, more divided populace. Congress needs to get its act together and throw the bums out, especially the douchebags in their own chamber.


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 Donald Trump Will Destroy the Republican Party

When the White House sent Sarah Huckabee Sanders out to the lectern to field questions the day after Donald Trump fired the FBI Director (5-9-2017), we saw a combative B team player who really isn’t ready for prime time. Sorry, but even though she is the DNA offspring of deep southern conservatives, Mike Huckabee and Janet McCain (no relation), we blame the President for not having the guts to come out to the press and take questions himself. He is mostly chicken-shit when confronted.

Sarah, the word Atrocity means an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically involving physical violence or injury. When you claim James Comey was guilty of atrocities you moved him into the same level as Bashar al-Assad, Saddam Husain or, wait for it, Vladimir Putin. You owe the guy an apology for your horrible word use and lack of comprehension.

As the Republican opportunists and sordid politicians line up to try to get behind the President on his obvious move to thwart investigations, there is a flaw here beyond repair for the Republican party. Poor Sarah could not have expected that the day she was to fill in for her co-worker busy with Naval Reserve duty she would make things worse. If she is the future of the party, then you might as well bring her father back.

The thinking Republicans, not Paul Ryan, who are asking the good questions will be able to say they stood up and challenged the Liar-in-Chief when he tried to shut down investigations into Michael Flynn. The Democrats are not without sin on this one.  After all you can’t call for Comey’s head and then, when Agent Orange delivers said head, pull out the word, “Watergate.”

The debate will go on for a few days as to whether this is worse than Watergate, or perhaps Watergate Lite, or maybe nothing at all; but from this vantage point we make our case that Donald J. Trump has always been the wrong person to lead America. If this leads to impeachment historians can say this was just like Watergate.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, which Donald Trump is trying to meld with his executive orders and lack of judgement on almost every issue he faces. The most astonishing aspect was the administrations lack of awareness of how this would be interpreted. If you just worked this through a logic process you would say, boy that is how they got Nixon.

Trump hijacked the Republican Party, and they let him. He hijacked the Presidency and millions of people helped him. BUT, he cannot hijack the structure of America. He cannot stop the truth from coming out, much to his frustration. He wants Mommy and Daddy to back up every one of his lies. And when someone keeps saying that he lies, they are added to his enemies list.

Richard Nixon was an ideologue, with an enemies list, who was the last to see that the country was changing. He was a scotch-drinking Quaker who was so out of touch with reality he listened only to those around him. Donald Trump may not drink alcohol but he is clearly addicted to fame. He needs to have his ego massaged everyday by those around him. This makes him dangerously manipulatable.

The RNC may be all happy that they control the Senate, the House and the White House, but are they really in control of anything? In 2018, when healthcare is costing more and hurting real people, those seats will go away and the cycle will continue. Sadly, when the Democrats regain a majority, the atrocities of American politics will kick in. That’s when nothing gets done.

What Donald Trump has brought to the surface is the many cracks in the Republican party and those who claim the country is better off with an elephant in the room. With hearings on TV so often, we get to see those ridiculous GOP ideologues like Ted Cruz who wastes hearing time with questions designed just to put down Democrats rather than to find out what is really going on. Cruz might think he is smart and impressive, but he comes off like the guy at the party who only wants to talk about what he thinks is important. Save us.

The exposure of public hearings puts on trial the lacing depth of many of those on important committees. It also showcases that the Dems are not all tree-hugging, left-winged whackos as Fox News paints them. They are generally well prepared and ask good questions. Whether you like Al Franken or not, he does have a way of getting people to .

My advice to everyone in America, keep your eyes open. Remember what you said about Obama, well double it with Trump. Are you better off yet? Are you winning? Did you get a raise? How much did they charge for that medicine today? The Republican party owns healthcare and they own Trump, poor babies.