Putin Over-Powers Another President

When Donald Trump ran for president, he painted everyone who had come before him as weak and ineffective. And some of the people in this country voted for him, believing his rhetoric that he was a tough guy and a great deal maker. We’re not getting a do-over on this one.

If the last 18 months have shown me anything, it is that Trump is a horrible negotiator and unbelievably sheepish when he is face to face with anyone of power. He was critical of the sitting Prime Minister of Great Britain in a newspaper interview, but denied he said anything negative when standing next to Theresa May. Once again, he called it fake news, which is his go-to line once caught in a lie. The tape recording of the interview that Trump referenced in his denial showed that the reporting was exactly what he said. After all, the newspaper was The Sun, owned by the same person who owns Fox News. Maybe there is something mentally wrong with the 45th President.

So, Trump and Putin had a press conference after their short four-hour discussion today (7-16-2018), and Trump disappointed and embarrassed America stepping into so much crap. It would have been better if he left his shoes and the asshole standing in them in Finland.

Fox News said that the Donald seemed weak and unprepared when he was standing with Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Even Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House of the United States spoke out, “There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world. That is not just the finding of the American intelligence community but also the House Committee on Intelligence. The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally. There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals. The United States must be focused on holding Russia accountable and putting an end to its vile attacks on democracy.”

So what do we do now, America? We have a puppet president who is intimidated by strong men to such a degree that he makes unAmerican statements and actions which could harm our nation. Donald J. Trump has sided with Putin and Russia and believes that his own intelligence community cannot be trusted. Our president seems to be more worried about Russia selling gas and oil to Germany than the fact that Russia attempted to disrupt our democracy by meddling in our election.

Not surprisingly, Senator John McCain also rebuked the President after he witnessed Trump’s presentation “Today’s press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake.

President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin. He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the president made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world.

It is tempting to describe the press conference as a pathetic rout – as an illustration of the perils of under-preparation and inexperience. But these were not the errant tweets of a novice politician. These were the deliberate choices of a president who seems determined to realize his delusions of a warm relationship with Putin’s regime without any regard for the true nature of his rule, his violent disregard for the sovereignty of his neighbors, his complicity in the slaughter of the Syrian people, his violation of international treaties, and his assault on democratic institutions throughout the world.

Coming close on the heels of President Trump’s bombastic and erratic conduct towards our closest friends and allies in Brussels and Britain, today’s press conference marks a recent low point in the history of the American Presidency. That the president was attended in Helsinki by a team of competent and patriotic advisors makes his blunders and capitulations all the more painful and inexplicable.

No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant. Not only did President Trump fail to speak the truth about an adversary; but speaking for America to the world, our president failed to defend all that makes us who we are—a republic of free people dedicated to the cause of liberty at home and abroad. American presidents must be the champions of that cause if it is to succeed. Americans are waiting and hoping for President Trump to embrace that sacred responsibility. One can only hope they are not waiting totally in vain.” GOD BLESS JOHN MCCAIN.

During the Helsinki press conference, Putin gave Trump a ceremonial soccer ball from the recently concluded World Cup in Moscow. South Carolina Republican Lyndsey Graham showed his thinking and sense of humor by saying, “Meddling & collusion are NOT the same thing. Russia did meddle in 2016 election & are trying it again. I’ve seen no evidence of collusion, plenty evidence of Russian meddling. Russia didn’t beat Clinton. Trump beat Clinton. Bad day for the US. Can be fixed. Must be fixed. Finally, if it were me, I’d check the soccer ball for listening devices and never allow it in the White House.”

The only way to right this ship is for Congress to remove Trump’s power over foreign policy. If the Republicans cannot rein him in, then America should vote more Democrats into office to balance this insanity. And if things get worse, we should not be so shy about advancing a discussion about impeachment. It is clear that Donald J. Trump is unfit to be President of the United States.

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