Three Hundred Million Reasons Why

If God is all powerful, then everything that happens is part of his plan. When something horrific happens, we ask why a madman did this to us. We never ask God why he permitted this act against humanity to occur. We grant another killer free will, while we pray to a force that, once again, couldn’t stop the carnage.

And this is what we got from Donald Trump on Twitter, his personal way to depersonalize the pain for those Americans most affected: “My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.”

It’s always amazing to me how most two-bit politician can say what we shouldn’t have, but rarely tells the truth about what we should do. In the old days, a President would go on TV immediately, face the nation and give us some hope in our darkest hour. This poor excuse of a president just doesn’t have it. Perhaps he’s not intelligent enough to handle this problem.

The headline on CNN today repeats what we have heard so often before: “Suspect’s digital profile was ‘very, very disturbing’” And the repetitious subhead regurgitates the script we have already memorized: “Suspect bought firearm and passed background check.”

Donald Trump, in his argument for overspending on the military and the need to build a big wall, demonstrated this arcane logic in his 2015 Tweet, “A nation WITHOUT BORDERS is not a nation at all. We must have a wall. The rule of law matters.” So, Mr. Big Shot Presidente, what have you done to stop these lawless infringements on the rights of US citizens to be safe? Are you doing your number one job of Keeping America Safe? Why aren’t we spending our money on prevention of this scourge?

To say that a wall and borders make a country better, safer or more productive is a false prophecy. The President constantly complains about our porous borders, where he envisions millions of people swarming in to kill us. It’s not immigrants causing this problem though. Most tragedies start with regular citizens and their right to legally buy semi-automatic weaponry.

We have too many guns and we have flimsy procedures in place to keep unstable people from buying them. Trump wants to keep those “bad hombres” from getting into the country, but has no insight about how to keep deranged citizens from getting weapons of mass destruction. And even if he had an idea to do something, the National Rifle Association would slap him upside the head so fast his copious hair follicles would fly out. Why is the AR-15 even sold in America?

For a man who wants so much power, the Donald is simply powerless to do anything about the school shootings. Congress is also complicit. It’s amazing how they clean the blood off their hands before the next shooting. America has been hypnotized by our collective inability to see this issue clearly. So, we’ll say it again, we have too many guns and we have flimsy procedures in place to keep unstable people from buying them.

As soon as we figure out what the Second Amendment really means, we will start to achieve a solution. A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It starts with “well-regulated” and doesn’t say that an unorganized, non-militia, one-person coup is permitted to strike down our children in schools. The second amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms and the use of those arms is clear: to secure a free state. Nothing is secured when we allow the killing of innocent people. Why do we ignore the words, well regulated?

Let it be noted that no President has ever been able to solve this problem. They may say they want to broker peace in the Middle East, or set a priority to create tons of jobs, or they might even talk about wiping out the opioid crisis by getting drugs off our streets, but none of them have been able to make America safer from gun violence. We have too many guns and we have flimsy procedures in place to keep unstable people from buying them.

The pain of the nation on the morning after this latest shooting will blur into the list of killing fields. So far there have been 18 school shootings this year, and we are on target to have our biggest year yet. The good people of South Florida will wash away the blood from the floors of the classrooms and, perhaps in an act of pure tribalism, tear down the building, but nothing will make it better. God will stand over us and, once again, hear our slogan of “thoughts and prayers.” We will be judged by our lack of action on this matter of grave importance.

And in the end, another politician will take a large contribution from the NRA and send the message that if you want to be safe in America, go buy a gun. They have gotten all politicians addicted to the money and, with each child buried, the President and Congress have more blood on their hands. Trump’s campaign promises to the NRA and the radio and TV spots that they ran for him were bought with the bodies of our kids. This is your Vietnam, Mr. Trump.

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