Indictments are Piling up Around the President

I spent the weekend reading the multiple indictments against Paul Manafort and Richard Gates, plus the Democratic response to the biased and debasing Devin Nunes memo released earlier. It’s not fun reading, but easier to comprehend than the typical congressional bill.

What I learned about these two dastardly men is they both have the propensity to cheat and trick the system at every turn. For Manafort and Gates to be involved in a presidential campaign and transition team is a disgrace which displays a of lack of judgement and vetting on the part of the Trump people.

Can we really assume that Donald J. Trump, the candidate and the president-elect, didn’t know how these scumbags operated? Clearly, they would do anything to get what they wanted. If Manafort did what they say he did, including bribing leaders and former leaders of European countries to bend their comments to help corrupt politicians in Ukraine, he would certainly bring that same tactic to our presidential election. Remember the credo, “the end justifies the means.”  Machiavelli would be proud.

While the President discredits those who have the job of investigating bad actors and blames Obama for everything negative happening in America, we are not getting the truth. It’s all soundbites and inconsistent lies. If only the lies were consistent.

While Gates and Manafort were in the thick of the campaign to elect Trump, they were maneuvering through the RNC platform and changing the planks to eliminate their position on arming and aiding the Ukraine. They were, in effect, doing Russia’s work by getting the party to “go easy” on Russian interference in the region. Trump claims he was not involved in this change, which is believable to a point. The Donald is not a detail man.

These two hucksters had $75 million flow through their phony companies and fake bank accounts, where they laundered more than $30 million. They bilked banks by getting illicit loans on properties they owned in America. If one takes the time to read the indictments that Robert Mueller’s team has produced, they will clearly see why three of the bad guys have pleaded guilty. One could also assume that when these pleaders cough up information on the campaign players, someone is going to pay for their dirty deeds.

And now we have the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Minority memo, which covers the Democrats view of what was left out of the Devin Nunes memo which was released a few weeks ago. Significant portions of this missive have been redacted to, we assume, protect intelligence people in the field. However, those big black strikeouts could also be politically purposeful.

If you want to have a boil-down, I can tell you that much of what the President says about this memo proves that he hasn’t read it. Or, perhaps, he just says the same thing repeatedly. But there are some basic truths flowing through this memo.

The first FACT is the investigation into Carter Page started seven weeks before the FBI and those looking into Page ever saw the Steele dossier. Trump continues to latch onto his views like a snapping turtle waiting for the sun to go down.

The next FACT to consider is that Page was on the FBI’s radar for some time, as you would be if you traveled to Russia and met with Russian spies. Nobody seems to make a big deal about the fact that Carter Page lived in Moscow from 2004 to 2007. Did Trump and his transition team, which included Devin Nunes, know about Page’s Russian connection?

Really, why wouldn’t the Feds be keeping their eyes on Page? Once again, it’s Trump fault for not vetting his people and finding out if they had ties to Russia. Perhaps Trump and his campaign thought that it was a good thing and there was some value Putin’s team could provide the Trump campaign.

The mystery of Trump stepping around the horseshit littered timeline of what happened during his campaign and transition is UNBELIEVABLE. One of the smoking guns in this memo, that few have pointed out, is the line: “… the FBI would have continued its investigation, including against [BLACKED OUT] individuals, even if it had never received information from Steele, never applied for a FISA warrant against Page, or if the FISC had rejected the application.” The questions surrounding the redaction are how many individuals and who are they? Without that information it’s impossible for the people of America to have a clear understanding of this whole mess.

But there is a partisan reason those juicy pieces of information were taken out, and we all know it. The Special Counsel, through the FBI, wants to prevent these showboat Congressional committees screwing up their investigation.

From my perspective, neither memo should have been written or released. And neither memo proves that there wasn’t a conspiracy or collusion. The only document that will be useful and honest will be the final report from the Special Counsel’s office.

America needs to get back to law, justice and order to become a “normal” country again. And the drivers for this normalcy will include the impeachment of Donald Trump.


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