Trump’s Infallibility Flaw

Donald J. Trump’s attempts to block people from testifying in Congressional hearings is interesting and, up to a point, successful. But things changed when two of Rudy Giuliani’s clients were arrested at Dulles International Airport with one-way tickets to Frankfort, Germany. Now the clear minds and legal scholars are saying that anyone who gets a subpoena should proceed to tell the truth. Some of Trump’s people are starting to understand that taking a bullet for Trump could put them in jail. They saw what happened to Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. No one can ever trust that Trump will have their back or offer a pardon if something goes bad. Trump will do anything to get his way and look good.

New President Pelosi

When I ask Trump supporters what they think about the call to the newly minted president of Ukraine and the quid pro quo that was in play, they simply say they don’t see anything wrong with that deal. WTF? When I pose the hypothetical of a President Biden calling Russia and asking for Putin to get dirt on Trump, they simply go into a hypnotic trance. The Mueller investigation provided a detailed description of things that happened before and right after the election, but it failed to present its findings in clear language. Mueller did not follow the money; he simply talked to people. The premise of the investigation was a fear of foreign influence in our elections, which the Intelligence Committee proved happened. Right after William Barr presented his “nothing to see here” defense of Donald Trump, the president picked up the phone and did exactly what the probe had been investigating. So, he cannot plead ignorance this time.

It’s ironic that Trump is going after Joe Biden’s son while most people ignore the treasures that Trump’s kids have collected by using presidential power to their advantage. Ivanka got patents and copyrights for her fashion line in China. Don Jr. and Eric, when not mouthing off on TV for their father, have increased their wealth through the profits of Trump properties. Some say they made as much as $80 billion since their father was elected. The wicked sardonicism that Rudy Giuliani and the two Soviet-born confidence men had lunch at the Trump Hotel in DC right before they were arrested is just another dollar in the kids’ pockets. Of course, the president will also reap a long term reward from those funds.

And there will be another victim in this Trump era of corruption. Not named, but it’s known that former Texas Representative Pete Sessions took money from these two Soviet-born businessmen and it appears Sessions may have played a role in their indictment. You see, the swamp continues to be where all the bad people live, and Trump has done nothing to get rid of those slimy political whores.

Pete Sessions (no relation to Jeff) came under scrutiny in the past for his personal ties to disgraced banker Allen Stanford, who in 2012 was convicted of orchestrating a $7 billion Ponzi scheme. Sessions received over $44,000 in political contributions from Stanford and took multiple trips to Fire Island and the Caribbean to attend Stanford-sponsored events. Those trips included private travel on Stanford’s fleet of jets and accommodations. Slimy Sessions was in Congress until January 2019. What took so long to bring this bastard down?

Part of what people get terribly wrong about our government is the fallacy that lifetime public servants are corrupt, lazy or taking advantage of taxpayers’ money. There is a Capitol Hill harangue that a person who is not elected by the people is flawed in some way. Why would someone spend years of their lives making a lower salary working for the government when they could be making big bucks in the private sector? These are demanding jobs. Many people in government work endless hours with no overtime. They often become whistleblowers, patriots who point out waste, corruption and lies.

In most agencies and institutions in Washington, there is a public distinction between a lifer and a politically appointed person. Some of our country’s lifetime servants do understand the temporary nature of political appointees. Others may look down their noses at people who were given a job without any experience or proper vetting. Not all political appointees are bad people, but they do seem to get away with things.

Giuliani has become a bottom-feeder. He, like William Barr, has exposed his ideological partisan side. By their comments and actions, Rudy and Bill have taken off their masks of credibility. Trump is not infallible and by pure definition he cannot ever have a “perfect phone call.” During his conversation with the new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump proved that he is just another smarmy politician, shaking down a government for help with his reelection campaign. Trump has been poisoned by Giuliani, played like a fiddle by his has-been lawyer. Rudy says he doesn’t take payment from Trump, so I guess the Donald is getting what he’s paying for. NOTHING but trouble. Giuliani has led the president into breaking the law.

Impeachment is coming. Rudy cannot stop it. Trump cannot stop it. As more and more information flows, the big question is which Republicans will side with the devil? Which Republicans will be known for life as those who let down their country? Facts are facts and the judges will make their decisions. America must be brought back to our greatness without Trump.


Low-Level Volunteer

Trump Thinks He’s a Lawyer

Donald Trump constantly acts in ways that would give even the youngest lawyer heartburn. He attempts to litigate and impeach people before he knows all the facts. This jumping of the gun might be his way to secure a win, but it disqualifies him as a credible contestant.

One of the things I learned early in business was emotional reactions to things and events must be confined. When attempting to sue someone for what I thought was wrong-doing, I blasted off what I thought was a stern letter laced with sarcasm and creativity.

When the letter was attached to the response from the other side’s law firm, I was accused of being “cavalier.” My offhandedness, it was explained, would be used against me in court. Trying to understand this, I asked, “Why is that bad?” And my thoughtful lawyer explained, “You come off as arrogant. Most judges and juries usually side against people who are arrogant.” Lesson learned.

This week, we had two top campaign officials indicted on money laundering and conspiracy against the Unites States. We also had one person, who the United States District Court for the District of Columbia calls a foreign policy advisor to the Donald J. Trump campaign, plead guilty to charges of false statements to the FBI.

The Donald, with no restraint, attempted to handle this bad situation as if he was running a TV show, rather than legally managing a major scandal in his administration.

This morning (10-31-2017), the President of the United States tweeted, “The Fake News is working overtime. As Paul Manafort’s lawyer said, there was “no collusion” and events mentioned took place long before he came to the campaign. Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar. Check the DEMS!” Aside from the over use of ellipses, exclamation points and missing punctuation, Trump is indeed being arrogant and cavalier.

Words seem to have different meanings for our great Orange Leader. Collusion, a word he always spells correctly, is a secret agreement or cooperation between two or more people, especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. You know, like acting in collusion with the enemy. That is more like treason. Donald Trump is a deceitful human being.

It’s interesting how Trump uses the term “young” in a disparaging way when talking about someone who seems to be a problem for him, but never uses that when talking about his son-in-law and daughter, who I guess are high-level volunteers. Allegedly, they don’t take paychecks from the government.

The leader of the free world, in the most arrogant way, has no problem saying that someone is “already proven to be a liar.”  Of course, anyone convicted of lying to the FBI is a liar, which is why they must arrange a plea deal. But the Donald didn’t bother to read the statement of offense. The feds are claiming that his actions impeded the investigation into the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 election.

Okay, that would mean that someone from the campaign had contact with the Russians. This is something Trump, already proven to be a liar, has denied from the beginning. Papadopoulos’ plea proves that there was communication and the nature of those emails and discussions fall into the category of deceitful purpose.

The people involved in this caper surely know who the “overseas professor” might be and, of course, the identity of the “high-ranking campaign official” the complaint lists as the person Papadopoulos was talking to inside Trump-world.

On or about May 21, 2016, George P. emailed that “high-ranking campaign official” with the subject line, “REQUEST FROM RUSSIA TO MEET MR. TRUMP.” (I added the caps). Now, within the scope of arrogance and high-handedness, this also stacks up as blatantly stupid. With Trump and his minions claiming that the Russia-Trump scenario is a hoax with false narrative launched by the cunning Democrats, the name Russia sure shows up a lot in the cross-talk of the campaign. They seem to have been obsessing on Russia before obsessing on Russia was the fashion.

On October 5, 2017, George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to these charges and part of that deal means he will get no more than six months in jail, rather than five years. The fines will also be reduced. The court will determine his sentence, but the court is not bound by the plea agreement or the sentencing guidelines. Yes, the court has the final decision Mr. Trump. This is the way America works.

OF NOTE: Something was hand-written into the agreement. Papadopoulos cannot use the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to documents (this part was written in) “for the duration of the Special Counsel’s investigation.” If Trump fires Mueller, George would be able to write a tell-all book about what happened.

In the final analysis, someone who sat with Trump, advised Trump and was called an advisor by Trump himself, willfully and knowingly made a material false, fictitious and fraudulent statement to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I guess the word, “Fake” is not a legal term.

Some call this the new beginning and one more crack in the dam of deceit, distraction and obstruction. The name Papadopoulos will be haunting President Pumpkin for more than just this Halloween. One person’s trick, is another person’s treat. Mueller knows what he is doing and we will eventually get to the very bottom of this horrific White House, which 61% of America is already booing.

The First 200 Days Of Trump

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Trump’s Creeping Corruption

When Donald Trump ran for President he promised us he would “drain the swamp,” which was a terrific marketing slogan. Part of the 10-square miles that make up Washington, DC was built on swampland so the language worked. What Donald didn’t comprehend was that once the water was gone he would have lots of angry alligators ready to take him down.

Surveying how Washington works, you find out that one cannot just come in and push all the institutions, customs and traditions aside. I’ve never thought of Donald Trump as anybody but a third-rate entertainer who is addicted to the roar of the crowd, the smell of the grease paint (or orange makeup). He doesn’t take anything seriously until he doesn’t get what he wants. Then he uses the claws of lawyers and influencers and pouts like a little spoiled brat.

As the clock ticks, we learn more and more about Donald Trump and his associates. Today (7-21-2017) it was disclosed that Exxon Mobil violated sanctions by doing business with Russia. The company, which at the time had Rex Tillerson as its CEO, was fined $2 million for this infraction. Immediately, Exxon Mobil announced that they would sue Steven Mnuchin and the Treasury Department, which Mnuchin heads. How can this be happening? During Tillerson’s confirmation hearing he was asked about this. So much for extreme vetting. Under any other administration, the now Secretary of State would be asked to step down during this lawsuit. How can he testify against the very government that employs him?

Ties with Russia seem to be woven into Trump’s words, actions and deeds. We have stopped sending arms to the rebels in Syria, which is what Putin wants us to do.

If the United States returns those two seize properties that were allegedly used for Russian intelligence, we will see that Trump truly is Putin’s puppet.  We were warned this would happen.

If Trump deletes the Magnitsky Act, which puts sanctions on Russia for Human Rights violations, that is just one more give-away to Putin by Trump.

The lack of transparency about Russia seems more like creeping corruption than good diplomacy. The first thing I would ask Trump is this.  What are we getting out of it, Mr. Big-Shot-Dealmaker?

When Trump rambled on in his New York Times interview (7-20-2017), he seemed to threaten the Special Counsel that his companies, his family’s and his own private finances were off-limits. The accused doesn’t get to the block the investigator’s vision while seeking the truth.

Now we learn that Robert Mueller has sent a letter to the White House saying they must preserve all the documents, text messages, voice mails and correspondence pertaining to the 2016 meeting with Don, Jr., et. al. and Russians. The plot thickens.

And if Friday wasn’t hot enough outside, inside the administration just got hotter. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned. He told President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of New York financier Anthony Scaramucci to the position of Communications Director. Will we see more rats leaving the ship?

Whether true or not, it has been leaked, probably by Trump himself, that his team of lawyers are discussing how Presidential pardons work. Aren’t they getting the cart in front of the horse here? You don’t talk about how to get out of jail before you are caught doing the crime.

As our great Orange Leader disparages his Attorney General in the interview with the Times and seems to fail to understand the old yarn about not hanging out your dirty laundry.  He is circling his wagons with more loyalists. Trump being loyal to the people around him is one royal LIE.

The theme has been heard before from the Donald. If a legal mind or someone in the judiciary makes a decision against our 14-year-old leader, he wars against judges with his words. He is not fit to be President and something must be done.

The creeping corruption is slowing working its way to the very man who could end it all, just by telling the truth. Those who stay by his side will be dragged into this mess. Time to be a patriot and get away from this madman. Absolute corruption, corrupts absolutely.