Trump’s Vindictive SCOTUS Pick

Why are there so many controversies with the Trump presidency? Why have so many people departed the administration to date? Forget all that, here’s the most important question. Are we better off with Trump?

If you think that the administration’s policies are driving the stock market, then you probably think the Donald knows what he is doing. Tax cuts that benefit businesses and the very wealthy will always pump money into the stock exchange. Real growth appears to be happening, with unemployment at its lowest levels. Consumer confidence is high and there are some signs that we are running out of workers for our firms. So, what is the problem with Trump?

President Trump is a horrible judge of character and he picks the wrong people to work in his administration. With bad people in powerful positions, he’s doing more harm than good. The Brett Kavanaugh caper shows the lack of thoroughness of FBI vetting and partisan blindness of those in Congress, especially those on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Remember, Trump didn’t pick Kavanaugh. He jobbed that out to the Federalist Society. They have 70,000 conservative members and, quite frankly, the society is the NRA of judges.

Trump and his offspring are arguing that women have weaponized accusations against men for some dark and devious goal. Donald and Don Jr. are clearly demonstrating their disrespect for women, while pushing a false narrative that if you let women tell their story good people will not want to participate in the business of government. Wouldn’t that mean that appointing more women would be a better bet for America? This promotion of male privilege only serves to anger thinking women. You’ve been warned, Trumps.

Once Brett Kavanaugh claimed that his confirmation problem was some deep state conspiracy and payback from the Clintons, he lost any support I might have objectively given him. He showed that he thinks like a politician and not a judge. His anger under oath is being mocked because he portrayed himself as a victim. Is he a target of Democrat strategy or the truth? It’s a little of both, and he didn’t handle either very well.

Chris Wray, FBI Director

The President said that Brett Kavanaugh may have had a drinking problem when he was younger, even though Kavanaugh denied that under oath. It’s bad when your sponsor changes what you said and makes things worse, but that is the Donald’s biggest flaw as a person. He can’t just shut up and let things naturally progress. He believes that if he keeps talking everyone will agree with him. In fact, the more he reveals, the less credible he becomes.

Some have said that Kavanaugh was a sloppy drunk. Some have said that when he drank too much he became belligerent. His testimony demonstrated his fury and now his temperament is being called into question. Does he have the temperament to serve on the highest court? This is the same question we had about Trump and the presidency. Gee, how did that work out?

If this was a murder, an investigation wouldn’t be limited to one week. We all know that if the FBI comes up with the wrong answer for Trump, he will continue to put them down and challenge their veracity. If the FBI comes in with a “nothing to see here” review of Kavanaugh, not only will he be appointed to the Supreme Court, but Democrats will believe that Trump and White House lawyer Don McGahn scrubbed the report to get their man in.

Now we see a New York Times article that says that Brett Kavanaugh was questioned in the matter of a barroom fight in New Haven when he was at Yale in 1985. The record allegedly shows that young Brett threw ice at another man’s face during the melee. This public document points to the question of temperament and brings up the question, is it the drinking or the basic personality of the person that we should examine under the microscope?

And finally, when Kavanaugh said the words, “What comes around, goes around,” he dealt a card that disqualified him for a place on the Supreme Court. The pure meaning of the expression is, if someone treats other people badly then he or she will eventually be treated badly by someone else. I am concerned that his role on the Supreme Court will become that “someone else” who will use his decisions to get back at Democrats, or worse, anyone who challenges him. If Kavanaugh survives this week and gets voted onto the court, we are less a democracy and the #MeToo movement will explode.

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