Trump is the Bozo on this Bus

I’ve often said that people who work in government are not particularly creative. Some of those public servants may be smart and have imaginative abilities, but the bureaucratic pounding over the years can wring that talent right out of those people with original ideas.

If we agree that illegal immigration is a challenge here in America, then it behooves us to find a solution. People from Mexica and Central American countries are seeking asylum in the US, but the current resident in the White House believes that the law about asylum is a “con job.” In fact, the law is clear: “The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) authorizes the Attorney General to grant asylum if an alien is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin because she has suffered past persecution or has a well-founded fear of future persecution on account of ‘race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.'”

The Trump administration has no interest is this law and will do whatever it can to stop its enforcement, but is it really thinking about a creative solution? Let’s look at a few ideas.

First, the Aleutian Islands off the mainland of Alaska currently has a population of 8,162 people. These 6,821 square miles of land could provide an opportunity for people seeking asylum in the US. We have encouraged landed immigrants to settle in undeveloped lands in our past. BTW, that is about the same area as Massachusetts.

A more creative thinking President might support families seeking landing status in the United States if they would like to develop these sparsely populated areas. Throw in a pathway to citizenship, and we could end up with a huge positive for state, country and immigrants.

What if safe oil drilling and production could take place in this area and bring an economic boom to an ignored area of our nation? What if we could encourage these landed asylum seekers ways to create, run and develop small farms? We could simultaneously increase the quality of the country’s food supply and help solve the problem immigration influx.

Here’s a final idea, perhaps more controversial. We could enlist males of age coming across the border into a strong, Spanish speaking military force to partner with Mexican and Central American forces to end crime and deal a blow to terrorism. Without the control of the underlying problems in these countries, we will never be able to curtail the flow of dangerous refugees into the United States.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about people; he cares only about power. When backed into a corner, he blames someone else. There is no effort to find creative solutions to any problem because he’s doesn’t have innovative thinking or energy. In his privately held businesses, he has shouted orders without the scrutiny of a board of directors, stockholders and employees. Running the United States is much more difficult and the chaos in his administration pushes focus onto how things look rather than creative solutions.

Immigration could bring us a win-win. Unfortunately, our government’s smartest people are not permitted to offer solutions. Trump is the worst boss ever and, absolutely the worst president of my lifetime.


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Trump’s Punchbowl Dirty Deeds  

The very vulgar saying, “a turd in the punchbowl” applies to Donald Trump in most of what he says and how he acts. It means something or someone that spoils, ruins, or needlessly complicates a situation or circumstance. One could also say, that a person doing such a horrible thing was being a disagreeable nuisance or source of irritation. The President sure does what he wants without the understanding or care of how it might hurt people. He makes up his own analysis and answers without hearing from experts or opposite points of view.

When Donald Trump wanted to fulfill one of his campaign promises to get back at China and Europe, he ordered tariffs on steel and aluminum. When Trump created a fear of South Americans coming to the US-Mexico border, he got his wish. Young men and families attempted to cross the border into San Diego. And in true form, Trump border army launched tear gas and mustard bullets into the crowds without any regard for the women and children. One can argue the old “human shield” argument, but when Trump lied about three border agents being injured, he proved once again that he will lie about anything.

When asked about the latest mandated government report on the affects and possible results of climate change, he simply said, “I don’t believe it.” At this point, we don’t really know what he believes in. He says he believes in America and America First, but when his actions directly harm the economy, the workers and the international reputation of the United States, his actions seem like a big joke, rather than serious governance.

He surrounds himself with “Yes” men and women who sometimes, against their own judgement, will agree with him and push out the lies that support the most outrageous statements. Some in government, knowing they will be held to a certain standard by oversight and ethics lawyers, will tell the truth. And then the truth is buried.

When the smoke clears on this administration, we will fully comprehend the damage that this fool has brought to our country. The shame of those who disagree but do not speak will not be forgotten. With their $800 suits and TV makeup, Senators and Representatives have done nothing to stop this rogue president and his disregard for the rule of law. Donald Trump is just another self-serving political whore without any moral conviction or patriotic spine. He only works toward his own agenda without the long-term implications being considered. He also is lying about how he is losing money by being president. If that is true, why wouldn’t he fire his sons running the company?

Sure, Trump can get press showing soldiers lobbing tears gas into Hispanics at the border, but his plan just might backfire. If Mexico holds the immigrants and works toward giving them jobs and housing near the border, Mexico could have a new low wage work force that will eventually hurt the US job market? Time will tell.

But the man who says he has a plan to make everything better and create millions of jobs is now faced with the inevitable reality, that US corporations are capitalistic organizations that make decisions based on data, not the whim of a man with a big tie. We saw what General Motors did this week, and we know that even though they won’t admit it openly, the tariffs that Trump imposed will cost that company a billion dollars.

A recent article showed tons of soy beans rotting in storage because of Trump’s actions with the Asian markets. When does someone suggest more talking with trading partners and less outright antagonistic bullshit and tweet storms.

The fact that Donald Trump can only disagree makes him a president who cannot work toward someone else’s good idea.

He has created a vacuum and slipped something into the punchbowl that no one wants. Our Great Orange Leader is his own worst enemy. The latest poll shows that 60% disapprove of him and only 38% think he’s a great leader. He says that there may be some short-term pain, but why would any worker have to fear that they might lose their job? The stock market is doing so well, why wouldn’t those companies take care of their workers? Oh yeah, Trump doesn’t care about the workers. He only says he does.

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