Trump’s Opinions on Crime are Worthless

You may have heard the term “suicide by cop.” Unfortunately, it can arise as law enforcement apply undue force to control the final act of desperation by a mentally ill person trying to escape the demons and delusions in their head. In the past ten days, we’ve seen more protesting because of further incidents of death at the hands of police officers whose extreme actions were caught on video. At the same time, the President of the United States has stirred up the far-right militias to counteract the disturbing tactics of a small group of violent protesters who claim to be members of Antifa, a loosely defined group whose members illegally destroy property and injure others.

Rittenhouse & Reinoehl

Antifa is a condensed version of the word “anti-fascist,” and the US group is a decentralized movement of far-left radicals or, as we used to call them, anarchists. Just as the far-right uses social media to spread its destructive messaging and plans, anarchists do the same. Both are attempting to either hijack or eliminate the Black Lives Matter movement.

Trump sees everything through a lens that people either are for him or against him. He views QAnon as good only because they support him. He has no interest in learning anything else about them. He sees the pickup trucks filled with Trump flags, long guns and “minuteman” logos as positive… period. He will not say they are bad because he doesn’t have the mental capacity to analyze them any further than what they can do for him. I hate to break the news, but Donald John Trump wants a civil war.

Our President would enjoy a “race war” so that he can keep up the fear while pitching his anti-freedom, law and order rhetoric. Last night, a fool went on VICE News, a progressive cable TV news show, and admitted that he killed the counter-protester in Portland. It didn’t take long to bring the man to justice, I mean, kill him.

The New York Times says it all, “Law enforcement agents killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while trying to arrest him, four officials said. He was being investigated in the fatal shooting of a supporter of a far-right group.” To point out the brazenness of this guy would be understating his actions. He was asking to be caught and may have wanted to be shot.

Not only did Mr. Reinoehl go on the TV news show, but back in June he posted on Instagram, “I am 100% ANTIFA all the way!” and added that, “I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters! Even if some of them are too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for. We do not want violence, but we will not run from it either!” I must conclude that this guy was on the FBI’s radar.

In the Vice interview, Mr. Reinoehl said he had acted in self-defense believing that he and a friend were about to be stabbed. “I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color, but I wasn’t going to do that.” Okay, but going on TV to build a case for self-defense and saying he had to do it was totally stupid. Video of the incident clearly shows he was a safe distance away from his alleged victim. The audacity of asking his friend, Tiffanie Wickwire, to set up a GoFundMe page to help him with his defense is telling. He knew in advance that things would not end well.

The “task force” surrounded the place where Mr. Reinoehl was staying. Ultimately, the US Marshals Service, the Lakewood Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, along with help from the Washington State Department of Corrections, got their man. This group effort ended when Mr. Reinoehl resisted arrest and allegedly pulled a firearm on the police. They killed him, but we have no information about the number of rounds fired.

If you are wondering why so much force, well, the man killed another human being, just like Kyle Rittenhouse, from Antioch, Illinois, did. He is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the killings of two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse is in custody in Illinois waiting for an extradition hearing to be completed, but that has been delayed for one month. I’m uncertain about the reason for the deferral, but it could be because Mr. Rittenhouse is a minor and not legally permitted to carry that firearm.

But let’s return to the real problem right now. It’s the White House “leader,” who howls at the moon and decries the radical left, holding up the killing of an antifa guy like it was Seal Team Six’s moment with Osama bin Laden. Trump will do nothing to heal the nation. He will not call for a cease fire or attempt to push back both sides. He just can’t. The lame Donald “Duck” Trump quacks and quacks about how bad things are, while continuing to root for the guys with long guns. He’s enabling them, endorsing them, and engaging in a destructive strategy. He’s become Jefferson Davis. So, if civil war is Trump’s answer to losing his power, then American democracy will be destroyed by this child president.

Here is a strange, perhaps inappropriate, observation but, hey, someone has to present it. All the people involved in these terrible incidents are WHITE. The two protesters in Kenosha who were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were white, as is Kyle himself. The anti-protester-protester in Portland who lost his life, was white. The guy who allegedly pulled the trigger is white. This is not an African America battle playing out; it’s all about two extreme, evil groups.

Black people in America are used to white people stealing their music and appropriating their culture. It’s been happening for centuries, but the real danger for young black people in this country is an on-going bias when being approached by police officers. I believe that there is some racism in every white person in America. More Black men are killed by the police than white men, 2.8 times as often, and more African Americans than whites are incarcerated in this country. Those are facts.

Movements are always susceptible to being hijacked for ideological or monetary reasons. Yes, people are raking in cash by selling Black Lives Matter T-shirts while pro-police organizations make money through the Thin Blue Lives flag decals and paraphernalia they peddle, but these things are not important. What we all should be asking is how do we resolve this crisis? How do we battle COVID, economic uncertainty and social unrest all at the same time?

We need a father figure to bring us together, to help us understand the evil desires and dark sides of these groups and their issues. There are destructive, mean and violent people on both sides. Perhaps you have discerned my radical views on politics and religion because you’ve read my books on both subjects, but do you really know me? One of my sincere desires is God sending Jesus back down to Earth to straighten us all out. Surely, he would never preach there are good people on both sides. There is only one straight path.

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Trump preoccupied with an enemy

Today we’ll look at an ugly part of activism, starting with information from the Wikipedia page on the subject. Antifa is a militant, left-wing, anti-fascist political activist movement. which comprises autonomous activist groups that aim to achieve their political objectives with direct action rather than through policy reform. Activists engage in varied protest tactics, including digital activism, property damage, physical violence and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist or on the far-right. While members of this group may hold anti-capitalist views, they may also subscribe to anarchism, socialism, communism, liberalism and social democracy.” The term antifa, meaning anti-fascism, was created by Benito Mussolini, who once was the leader of Italy’s National Fascist Party. He used the word to denote enemies of fascism in the 1930s and 1040s. Most of his enemies, or those he deemed anti-fascists, were murdered by his administration.

Charlottesville, 2017

After the 2017 protests and riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, Steve Bannon filled Trump’s head with his perspective about the “bad guys” during the “Unite the Right” rally. Trump’s incredibly stupid remarks after that event included the notion of “good people on both sides.” Trump and Bannon sought to define an enemy to cover the activities of the Neo-Nazi, KKK and White Supremacists who killed a person. They repeated the criticism that antifa was an enemy of the people. While that is true, the Neo-Nazis, KKK members and White Supremacists are equal enemies. Both “sides” use unlawful acts to drive home their viewpoints.

Trump tweeted on Sunday, “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.” The first problem with his statement is antifa is not a specific organization, but rather a description of people and groups who oppose fascism. People with antifa views who protest violently are domestic terrorists, but groups supporting white supremacy deploying hate and violence against classes of people are also terrorists.

Those TV reporters talking about whether there is systemic racism in our police departments are wasting their time. Racism can exist in any single person, in any law enforcement organization or even in the White House. Antifa and fascist groups each utilize domestic terrorism to enforce their points of view and can be lumped together in that regard.

The Merriam-Webster of fascism is a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” Trump and his knucklehead cohorts don’t understand that antifa is not a formal organization, but rather a movement without a hierarchical leadership structure. They also are not comprehending the protests and riots taking place in America today. When Trump complains that protesters have recruited people, organized them and led them during the marches, he’s talking about leadership. So, he knows it when he sees it.

When Donald Trump and his followers see that not all the protesters are people of color, they assume that the white people attacking cop cars and Starbucks must be part of some strange, underground movement. This is how racists think. The white kids screaming and busting things up in the streets have been forced to stay home for weeks. Many of them have lost their jobs, are financially ruined and are distressed by their parents waiting in food bank lines. The violent demonstrators aren’t protesting George Floyd’s terrible death; they are repulsed by their government’s destruction of their lives. Trump has singularly and rightfully earned a burdensome amount of blame for all that’s happening.

America, 2020

Get ready folks. Should Trump get another term, his legacy will be the undoing of many civil rights. Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, the power has gone to his head. The only way Trump and his merry men could possibly unwind antifa would be tracking all citizens’ emails, texts and social media posts. Will Bill Barr’s DOJ task the FBI to spy on American citizens, like he claims they did with Michael Flynn and Roger Stone? So, it’s okay for them to go after antifa but not Russian sympathizers?

Let me be clear. When protesters start to break, loot and burn, they strangle the legitimate reason for the protest. They have become anarchists and are no longer supporting the movement to reform US police departments. To understand why white, brown or black cops kill unarmed black men in America, look at the statistics. It’s clear that cops typically fear a black person more than a white person. That’s why they overreact and make tragic mistakes.

I have said that we treat our African American boys and young men worse that animals in a zoo. If a zebra escapes from a zoo, we don’t unload 41 shots to bring it down. No, we use a tranquilizer gun to subdue the black and white equine. Now, before you get your underwear in a knot, I am using a zebra in my analogy because it is neither black nor white. If you are at all disturbed by my use of an animal, well, face it, I am saying we sometimes treat animals better than our own citizens.

Everything happening now profoundly reminds me of the anti-war demonstrations during the late 1960s and early 1970s. How did we get out of those things? Number one, we ended the Vietnam war, and number two, Nixon left the White House. Our current problem is solvable. We must do visible and hard work to end systemic racism, anti-Semitism and political hate in America. These are not easy things, but we will try. To guarantee our success, Trump must leave the White House.

If you read this book, you can see why all this happened to us.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs This weekend, I picked the book and thumbed through some of the chapters, and I re-read chapter called, Take a Knee for America and thought about this never-ending conflict between minorities and the police. It’s not really taking a stand I’m asking you to do, but having a real frank conversation about why some people think they way they do would be productive right now. It’s a book for the moment.

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It’s Easy to Be a Critic

Donald Trump is trying to win an intellectual war outside of the White House, while the real war is raging in his brain. As I have written on these pages in the past, the political spectrum is like a giant clock, where the moderate middle sits at 12 o’clock and the radical left and the radical right faceoff at 6 o’clock.

What the Donald doesn’t understand is that he is creating an opposite force by revving up the Alt-Right. He has been eating a diet of analysis from the false prophets over at Fox News about “his base.” Trump creates his self-worth based on what he owns, not what he thinks. He is so deeply sucked into the rapture of cult of personality that he no longer sees his role as being President of America. Instead, he has become the leader of a gang, his base, the owner of the base.

Long before Trump decided to be president, there was a force out there with an agenda, disruption by anarchy. The history of this broad definition of people who protested, organized and acted out against the established norm can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. Teddy Roosevelt became President because of the actions of one anarchist. Look it up.

The situation today is a far greater problem for this so-called President because he truly doesn’t know what to do. His instincts, and guidance from Jeff Sessions, will probably lead to action precisely opposite of sound reasoning. This could hasten a culture war between factions and only muddy the political waters in Congress.

The comments Donald J. Trump made after the Charlottesville tragedy were a failed attempt to be intellectual and accurate. His communication skills were simply not up to the task. He created a strong Alt-Right with his comments and nurtured a favored nation status for hate groups, such as the KKK, Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists. Worse, he didn’t realize that he’s stirring the far-left anarchist pot, as well.

One might make a joke that the KKK has taken off their silly robes and masks, while the left has created ISIS-like costumes and masks to cover their identities. I suppose they truly believe in this deep state theory and fear that if they are seen, they will be captured and persecuted by the power lords in the government. And they will be.

Inside the Trump bunker, Homeland Security and the FBI have decided that these people are “domestic terrorists,” spreading the fear that anti-fascist groups and neo-Nazis are bracing for an all-out war. In fact, they have launched an investigation into the left but don’t take the far-right all that seriously. Both Homeland and Justice clearly believe there is something less dangerous about people who hate Jews, blacks and immigrants than those who want to break windows in buildings where rich people in power are making the real money in America.

By acknowledging and, in a sense, promoting the “alt-left,” Trump has once again exposed himself as Sean Hannity’s puppet, more than Putin’s plaything. Whatever Sean vomits on his Fox News show, Trump adds to presidential platform within 24-hours. We can only hope that when Fox finally fires Hannity, they will hire someone smarter for that time slot who our great Orange Leader will mimic.

With his “…on many sides” mistake, Trump has set up his critics. He tried to be the President of all protesters, but he created an equality scenario that proposes anyone who protests is automatically wrong. He was trying to point out that there were anarchists at the rally in Charlottesville, but failed to understand what made him president in the first place; people hear only some of the words.

I have a suggestion which some might find draconian, but could be practical. Let’s pass a rule for protesters requiring them to wear the uniform of the group they support. You know, like armies wear uniforms. Now, I can hear my libertarian friends screaming and yelling, “That’s just another government over-reach!”

The national guard were fooled by a group of Alt-Right para-military-types who were decked out in full camo with weapons similar to army issue. The guardsmen even asked their commander, “Are they with us?” That is extremely dangerous.

So, yeah, the Neo-Nazis should be in brown shirts with arm bands. I am sure they have seen pictures of that look. And the KKK, sorry boys, but let’s get the white robes back; we need to know who you are. In addition to carrying flags, uniforms will more precisely indicate who’s who. The irony clicking out of my keyboard right now is hurting my head.

Trump has a problem with the far-right, he has a problem with the far-left and he is disliked by 61% of regular citizens in this great country. We all know he wants to be loved, but when he gives too much love to the other kids the normal members of the family become resentful.


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