First Sentence in the Longer Story

Because of Donald Trump’s diversions, the first sentence handed down in the Russian interference investigation got little attention in the bigger scheme of things. Trump has been tweeting more frequently because he now believes to be running the show at the White House. Those who were there for moderating his puffery and misstatements have either left the building or have given up. It’s time for an intervention.

Alex van der Zwaan, a 33-year-old London-based lawyer, was ordered to serve 30 days in prison by a federal judge in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The lawyer lied to the FBI in September and October of 2016 about his contacts with a business associate of onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and with Manafort’s deputy, former Trump aide Rick Gates.

The sentenced lawyer is a Dutch citizen and the son-in-law of billionaire German Khan, who owns the Alfa Group, Russia’s largest financial and industrial investment group. REALLY? A Russian relationship to this and we are NOT hearing the media and press making a big deal about it? His father-in-law, Kahn, is a banker! He knows about Trump’s investments.

While the sentencing was underway, Trump was chattering about our terrible laws on border crossings and immigration as well as a “caravan” in Mexico, a word that was planted in his head by Fox News.

Now he surprises everyone about pulling out of Syria, which would please Putin and the Russians. We must remember that Bashar al-Assad, takes aid from Russia and Iran. Turkey also wants the United States to pull out of the region and stop giving aid to the Kurds. We have several thousand troops in Syria, with their primary order being the taking out of ISIS. Trump believes that effort is almost done so he, like Obama, has decided to bring the boys home, even when his commanders in the field urge against withdrawal.

Trump is bitch-slapping China with tariffs and rhetoric and they are not taking it sitting down. The U.S. stock market has been unstable and volatile since Trump has been complaining about how unfair the world is.

It’s amazing to me that when the President of the United States provokes a major trading player in general terms, China fires back slamming tariffs on specific products. The Chinese appear not only very prepared for Trump, but clearly more organized and faster acting than our pontificating phony President.

Gary Cohn was smart to have gotten out before the shit hit the fan. It’s unclear whether the administration’s predictions that this will all work out perfectly as planned, but the drama, grief and pain of the U.S. citizens are unnecessary.

If the Donald was the great deal maker he professes to be, all of this could have been taken care of behind the scenes or through the World Trade Organization. Then the transparency would have worked in our favor. But, no, Trump must be the bully. It’s the only method he understands, and other countries know that they cannot trust a word he says. To put it bluntly, Donald Trump is a two-faced liar.

Robert Mueller is a smart man. As the judge was handing down a small slap to the Dutch lawyer, Mueller was releasing a document to the judge in the Manafort case. Manafort has over 30 charges hanging over the former Trump campaign director including counts of bank fraud, tax fraud, failure to disclose foreign bank accounts, conspiracy to launder money, lying to the executive branch, and conspiracy against the United States. In this latest document, Mueller’s team answers the charges that he has drifted out of his investigatory focus.

The Special Counsel’s office said that Paul Manafort committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials with respect to the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election for President of the United States, in violation of United States law.

Well, there you have it. They are using the word “colluding” and linking Manafort to the campaign and to possible crimes.

Alex van der Zwaan, the sentenced lawyer, is connected to Manafort and the campaign. They not only met with Russians, some of the people they talked to were Russian intelligence officers. To put that in plain English, they met with spies. This is more significant and leads the way for Trump to go under oath and probably deny a connection to any part of the mess. The President will lie and try to make it look like he was simply an uninvolved candidate. We already know he’s a second-rate executive and a horrible judge of people, but this is what we have. I didn’t vote for him.

Yesterday, Trump barked that he wants to send troops to the border with Mexico. And, while teachers’ strikes broke out around America, Trump’s Secretary of Education was AWOL.

The school and workplace shootings continue with little action on the part of the president. He plainly dropped that ball.

We have snow falling in April and no one in power thinks that climate change is real. We have cabinet secretaries accused of wasting taxpayer money, and our Great Orange Leader says he has their back.

What happened to the tough guy? What happened to the pro-business president? He’s attacking U.S. companies and success stories just to get even with people he doesn’t like. When our corporations and people are hurt by his complaints and lies, he demonstrates how he’s only a small, little man with an over-sized ego on his sleeve.

The longer story is that 35% of America have been taken to the cleaners. 65% of us are waiting for the other shoe to drop. If the result of Mueller’s investigation shows that Trump was just a bystander to the evils of over-zealous campaign people, he will still be responsible for dividing the nation, promoting xenophobia and racism and making it harder for less advantaged people to have a better life. He has made America less great, and we must figure out a way to stop him in his tracks.

The clouds around Stormy Daniels have been blown away for now, but in the end, Trump will be exposed as the person who feeds himself the two-scopes of ice cream, while everyone else gets only one. He’s nothing but a fornicator and an over-weight egotistical elitist who deserves more than thirty-days in the hole, without ice cream.

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