Trump Stooge on Trial on the Hill

I’m totally mystified why the new Attorney General, William Barr, released a four-page letter after receiving the full Mueller Report on March 24, 2019. It has been called a summary, but while testifying in Congress, he said it wasn’t really a summary. Are you confused yet?

It was only a few years ago that the Director of the FBI, James Comey, attempted to do the same thing, even though it was against policy to comment on an active investigation. When these officials speak, the nation listens. In Barr’s case, he claimed the letter was intended to provide an overview of the 400-page Mueller report, while waiting for his team and the Special Counsel to redact parts that deal with Grand Jury testimony, ongoing investigations and court cases. His redactions should prevent exposure of those who were not charged with any crime, preserving their innocence, unless and until proven guilty.

I found Barr’s statements to the House and Senate Appropriation Committees didn’t clarify the language or intent of his March 24 letter. He refused to talk about what he wrote, but spoke of “other probes” that might be coming. Didn’t he do exactly what former FBI head James Comey did when right before the election he talked to the American public about the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton? Unlike Trump, his boss, Barr refuses to call the Mueller probe a “witch hunt” or illegal investigation. Yet Barr seemed to laugh with the Republicans about the potential of a leak by Congress should the full report be given to them.

What I found most disturbing was Barr’s lack of candor about the Department of Justice’s reversal on the case against the Affordable Care Act. He made it seem like his own decision to have the act nullified by the courts is so outrageous that no one should worry it will actually happen. Barr said his decision to reverse course two weeks ago was based on what he could legally justify and the President’s wishes. He didn’t say that his intent had anything to do with the good of Americans. Strange isn’t it? He seems to have no concept or regard for the millions of citizens who would surely suffer if that act was torn from them.

Then there’s this convoluted logic. He wrote a letter saying what the report didn’t say, as much as what he thought it said, but didn’t want to include more because people would talk about it. Huh? Let’s read between his lines. That letter was not a favor to the American public.  It was a big, wet, sloppy kiss for Donald Trump.

The more Barr talks, the more I see him as a partisan player who was put into place to do exactly what Trump wants him to do. This is the kind of AG that Trump trusted Jeff Sessions to be but was publicly disappointed when Mr. Sessions followed the law. I don’t know Barr’s exact agenda, but his answers and non-answers make it clear he’s just another creature in the swamp of old-line Washington politics. Remember, he was standing behind President George H.W. Bush when he pardoned all the liars in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Barr also told a Senate panel on Wednesday that he thinks “spying did occur” by the US government on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. He plays right into Trump’s narrative, then adds, “I’m not suggesting that those rules were violated, but I think it’s important to look at that. I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly.” The rules he spoke of are those that were enacted many years ago after it was disclosed that Vietnam protesters were the targets of government surveillance. Barr is simply broadcasting misinformation, adding fuel to many of Trump’s most troubling conspiracy theories. This feels more like Nixonian opinion on Presidential power rather than justice for all.

Perhaps William Barr will look better once the Mueller report is released, but the ability to shade the effect of the report by redaction will be closely monitored by the Democrats in oversight committees. Trump thinks he won, but this is but one round in ongoing investigations. Mueller could not exonerate the President because he can’t foresee the future disposition of those cases. The Donald may see Barr’s letter as a personal pardon, but there is more coming.

This isn’t wishful thinking. In another battle, Trump will stonewall the release of his tax returns. He will wait until after the election to pardon his buddies, but if he loses the election he could end up sitting in meetings with lawyers over the next ten years. In the end, he will do no jail time because, as he says, “the system is rigged.” Rich, white, powerful men always prevail in America and that is the reason we need many more reforms that help citizens, not officials. It might be time to get rid of those in government who don’t work in the interests of the people who pay them, we the taxpayers.


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Trump Shows His Lack of Leadership, Again

Once again, the Republicans and their head Goofball, Donald Trump, have passed something without the comprehension on how their policy affects people. The Tax Reform the President cheered, was basically a trojan horse that gave a right-wing judge in Texas the justification to throw out the whole Affordable Care Act. What the fine print giveth, a judge wrote some large print to, in a sense, make a new law. Judges are not supposed to write law, they are supposed to judge the constitutionality of a policy.

The fact that the fine, or what Justice Roberts called a tax, was taken away by the president and all his clones in Congress, has created a problem far behind the celebration we saw at the White House. When Trump said that healthcare was very complicated, “who knew” he showed his lack of focus on subject and the reason his lack of reading and understanding anything is a giant flaw in this man. He’s unqualified to be president and has no credibility on any issue. He doesn’t take the time to understand or even take a deeper look to see the pros and cons of any important decision.

The Complicit Members of Congress

Trump tweeted without thinking again, “Wow, but not surprisingly, ObamaCare was just ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a highly respected judge in Texas. Great news for America!” One of the questions someone should ask the president, “How is this good for America?” When our Great Orange Leader cheers taking away people’s healthcare insurance, how can he sleep? Trump is not incurable disease, a deity or an emperor, he can be eliminated with a cure called IMPEACHMENT.

After being excited about the Texas ruling, Trump’s more civil side sent out a tweet that said, “Now Congress must pass a STRONG law that provides GREAT healthcare and protects pre-existing conditions. Mitch and Nancy, get it done!” He totally doesn’t recognize that his bad ideas led to problems. He created the problem by sabotaging the law and then he pushes the problem to Congress as if he is an external satellite only rotating around the people, not really helping them.

With all the complications Trump faces with investigations into every part of his business and governance, he decided to attack SNL. WTF? He positioned the comedy show as part of a vast conspiracy against him. Hate to break the news to him, but it isn’t a conspiracy, they are presenting skits where you are the joke. What the Donald should deal with is the fact that more than 60% of the America public want to laugh at Donald Trump. They love when the court jester shows that the President has no pants.

The number of his rants (tweets) are increasing because he feels like he is under attack, surveillance and being second guessed on everything he does. It’s true, there are many patriots out to get him. They are smart lawyers and law makers who realize that Donald Trump does not respect the law and has no patience for regular order. He wants chaos over calm. He wants dictatorship over leadership. He serves no productive purpose in his current position and should be removed. After he is impeached, the courts can decide whether he is the crook many think he is. But for now, let’s get to it and IMPEACH him. That would make America great, again.

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