Trump’s Name Games

It amazes me how Americans get sucked so easily into fads, phrases and fallacies. We gravitate toward simple thoughts to arm ourselves with a snappy retort to appear smart. These are mostly talking points from “our side” but they appear stupid when put under the microscope. We repeat some slogan that has been hammered into our skull by self-serving politicians or repetitive usage by the media.

The minority party Democrats thought they would pull off a crafty move last week by shutting down the government for leverage against the White House’s scattered statements about a fix for DACA. The Deferred Action executive order that President Obama had signed to get around Congress’s lack of action helped more than 600,000 undocumented aliens who were brought to this country illegally when they were kids. Obama’s DACA set Trump up to knock it down.

Majority Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell quickly framed the discussion with the word, “illegals”, while the Democrats were concentrating on DACA and immigration reform. Either McConnell or Trump, most likely both, branded the shutdown as the #SchumerShutdown, which, with the help of Russian bots, became the winning label. It may have also inadvertently elevated Schumer’s power.

The Democrats should realize that they aren’t good at marketing phrases and that putting Trump’s name on something doesn’t make it good. Look at all those buildings with his name on them, not special. Along with the Schumer alliteration, the majority players managed to make it seem like the donkey party was hurting government workers because of their love of illegal immigrants.

Now, we sit back and watch how the White House takes credit for ending the shutdown, just as the Donald tweeted that the women’s march was all about him. Name games, sleight of hand and the audacity to believe he is always right are just some of many personality-disorders this man embodies.

What we get from the real Trump is a combative, argumentative posture that might be his interpretation of what politicians are supposed to do. It could also be, as one medical professional said recently, “Maybe he’s not crazy; maybe he’s just a jerk.”

All his spokespeople carry the same gene. They argue instead of informing or convincing the public that the policy is a good idea. Often a “journalist” will ask a question and the interviewee responds, “I disagree with the premise of your question” and then begins an assault of the media. Why? Why not answer the question, make your point and move on? Why is everything an argument?

The whole premise of who won the shutdown is stupid. It wasn’t even a good shutdown, lasting only from midnight Friday until Monday afternoon. No one was really hurt. No one gained anything but a weak promise to debate broader immigration reform with no guarantee this won’t happen again. The whole non-event could have been avoided if the President of the United States had done his job.

Candidate and citizen Trump had no problems explaining how the President should step in and fix the broken system. Instead he decided to just say no, after flip-flopping and defensive posturing and insulting Africa and Haiti and all the people of color of the world. He said he would sign anything they brought him and then he said no to everything they suggested. What a feckless third-rate politician, not the one you all voted for, right?

If you are looking for some answers about why people don’t approve of Trump, look no further than what he has done so far. Our public lands and historical places are less secure from the menace of development. The world influence, sported in trade, diplomacy and climate protection, is gone. People in the red domains may think this president is strong, funny and truly leading, but he’s mucking up most things.

Congress figured out over the weekend that more would get done without the Donald involved. And if the Democrats don’t get DACA in February, they will shut down the government again. If you blame them for trying, or just go along with the premise that Trump must know what he is doing, you are still wrong. The deeper the divide between the sides in America, and the hate that has surfaced against minorities and religions, is all on Trump. He can craft funny names for things, but in the end he will be judged not for what he accomplished, but what will have to be fixed after he leaves.

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