Trump’s Midsummer Coarse Correction

We have all worked for people who were oppressive micromanagers. Their need to be involved in everything we did stole our souls and self-determination. Some micromanagers would tell you they simply wanted things to be done right, when, in fact, their need for control was greater than our mental well-being or feeling of empowerment.

Donald J. Trump is not only a micromanager, he’s also a lazy worker. Rather than spending his valuable time studying the security reports and detailed analysis from seasoned professionals, he watches TV for his information. Much of what Trump seeks on his TiVo and cable is what people are saying about him. Trump isn’t entirely wrong when saying lots of fake news is being pumped out daily, but he doesn’t have the wherewithal to ascertain which channels are abundantly fake. The number of uninformed opinions and preposterous predictions that come out of my TV is dangerous for anyone and totally alarming for this President to use in decision making.

Retired General John Kelly was tapped for Chief of Staff and the Mooch became meat. Booting Scaramucci on the first day of the Kelly command is a classic, old school tactic. I was once told by a self-proclaimed expert on management that I should fire one person (the troublemaker) on my first day on the job to gain the respect of the rest of those I would manage. I was told this by a master micromanager.

Bringing in Kelly was a clear indication that the head micromanager decided he was too close to the situation. But wait, Donald Trump is like an alcoholic who knows he shouldn’t drink, but all his friends (his base) urge him to have one more glass. “Ah, come on Donald, just one more tweet for the road.” Can a micromanager ever be cured? Also realize that Trump has only a limited number of people he can fire before everyone in the world realizes that it’s not your poorly chosen people, it’s Trump that’s the problem. The old yarn about a given place being a revolving door meant steer clear, dear.

The decision to hire Scaramucci was the President’s and the President’s alone. There are those surrogates who are already saying that Anthony served a purpose. Really? Exactly what purpose was that? Advancing the vocabulary of common speech?

History will forget that little foul-mouthed tyrant, because the real bully remains in power. What Trump doesn’t understand is that micromanaging automatically sets one up to be responsible for everything, all the blame with no deniably. At least Scaramucci was sacked before he got a paycheck.

Last night’s Washington Post (7-31-2017) reported that Trump dictated his son’s account of the meeting with the Russian lawyer in 2015, which would mean that, once again, our great Orange Leader lied about his involvement. It’s not a crime to lie for your kids, we all have probably done it, but that doesn’t make it right. This spineless, controlling fool in our nation’s highest office thinks he is smarter than his lawyers and does whatever he wants. Classic micromanager.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said on NBC’s Today show (8-1-2017) that all the chaos in the White House is created by the President himself, and the cracks in the Republican dam are beginning to resonate with others in the party.

Jeff Flake, the ultra-conservative Senator from Arizona said, “…his party is in ‘denial’ about President Donald Trump.” Flake goes on to say in a Politico op-ed some very honest things, “It was we conservatives who, upon Obama’s election, stated that our number-one priority was not advancing a conservative policy agenda but making Obama a one-term president — the corollary to this binary thinking being that his failure would be our success and the fortunes of the citizenry would presumably be sorted out in the meantime.”  Trump has pledged $10 million to defeat Flake in the 2018 election. What a fine Republican the Donald turned out to be; breaking Ronald Reagan’s golden rule, never say anything bad about a party member.

Donald Trump is not a Democrat not a Republican and not a Conservative.  He is a Reactionary who opposes any political or social liberalization or reform. He isn’t changing Washington.  He is attempting to micromanage every detail of America while making tons of money for his companies and kids. Why did Congress pass such a tough sanctions bill on Russia? They don’t trust Trump.

Managing the White House staff won’t be a difficult task for John Kelly, but managing the 14-year-old in the Oval Office will be a full-time job. While the Donald nervously awaits the evidence that Robert Mueller will bring to the table, I imagine he feels he has been dealt a bad hand from a soiled deck of cards. Nothing is ever his fault.

When someone lies, the energy and time it takes to micromanage the fabrications by creating even more deceptions keeps them from getting things done. It was reported in the Washington Post that that President Trump worked on the flight back from the G20 meeting structuring untruthful statements about how Donald Trump Junior would respond to questions about his meeting with the Russians. The good news, Trump Sr. wasn’t watching TV. The bad news, he was investing time on a lie, which ended up biting him on his bulbous buttocks.

As we approach his 200th day in office, it is clear to this writer that the President of the United States is a seriously flawed human being with neither the talent nor the patience needed for his job. Perhaps his ascent to the Presidency started as a mean joke to get Obama, or maybe a need to micromanage the world, but we now have a man in office who hates his job, hates his critics, hates the press and hates the arcane political processes of our country. And slowly but surely, we are seeing that Donald Trump even hates the people he picks to help him govern. To use his word, Sad!


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