Mike Pence’s Political Career is Over

We are all known by the company we keep but, regardless of our self-image, there are times we must deal with our own words, deeds and thoughts. Michael Richard Pence is a lifetime member of the conservative movement. He was born on June 7, 1959 in the town of Columbus, Indiana. He was governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017, then served six terms in the US House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013.

Pence has often proclaimed, “I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican — in that order.” Funny, there’s no mention of being an American, and that is a huge part of what makes Mike Pence a terrible communicator. He doesn’t speak for all us citizens. He’s more interested in dictating what our values should be. If you want proof, just remember how he ran Indiana.

While he was Governor of the Hoosier State, Pence signed bills that restricted abortions, even if the reason for the procedure was the fetus’s race, gender or disability. This meant termination could not be performed in his state even if a woman’s fetus was suffering from a disease that would bring pain and suffering if brought to term.

When Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) he was surprised about the blowback from not only liberals, but also from moderate members of his own party, the business community, and LGBT advocates. RFRA provided a legal path of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and other criteria. After a horrible press conference where he tried to explain himself, he bent to the will of the people and modified the act. By the way, the NFL threatened to pull Indianapolis as the location for a future Superbowl because of the RFRA, and that fact was probably the main driver of the uproar more than women’s rights.

Mike Pence is a homophobe, a xenophobe and perhaps a weekend racist, but he is our Vice President. Mike and his wife, Karen Batten Pence, have a strange fear of Mike being alone with another woman. They suffer from an illusion that all women he’s not married to are out to seduce him. This is a page ripped from the zealous Islamic custom of covering up women to ward off advances from men. In which century are these people living?

Why did Mike Pence team up with Donald Trump? Simple. He wants to become president. Pence thought it would be an easy path to the Oval Office after two terms of Trump, but that plan went horribly wrong. Why did Trump want Pence? Well, Boy Wonder Jared Kushner recommended Pence to secure votes from evangelicals and hard-core conservatives. Yes, that worked, but Pence’s contributions to date have been repeating the lies of his leader, totally screwing up the Coronavirus Task Force and being absolutely ineffective with legislation. Trump relies on Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to negotiate with Congress more than his Vice President.

There is a giant conflict between Pence’s self-righteous image of a man of God as opposed to the misinformation and fraud he has promoted. If Pence believes lying is not a sin, then what does he truly think? Is it the old maxim that God is using a flawed vehicle — Donald Trump — to do his work here on the Earth? Does Pence imagine he is to facilitate God’s work to end homosexuality, stop abortions and mark those of the devil for the final days? I’m not at all sure about his faith, but his politics are certainly anti-inclusion.


The shit on Mike Pence’s shoes from walking behind Trump has tanked his political career. He’ll need more than Stanley Steemer and a bag full of dung beetles to cleanse his battered soul. Have you noticed that aside from a few hostage tweets he became INVISIBLE after the election? He’s worried about his brand just as much as Javanka (the nickname Steve Bannon uses for Ivanka and Jared Kushner) are concerned about theirs. It’s rumored that the former NYC power couple are trying to convince Daddy to admit he lost. Poor babies. BUT WAIT, this just in, PENCE is going back on the road, why?

Pence has no brand now. The title of this piece might seem a bit harsh, considering its history. Before the 1960s, prison guards would call out “Dead man walking!” as they lead a condemned man down the hallway to his execution. This practice was eventually eliminated, but use of the term has become a euphemism for anyone facing an impending and unavoidable loss. Mike Pence made a bargain with the devil and he lost. One would think a religious man would be more aware of false prophets focused on profits rather than what is good for America.

A man whose value system is based on being a Christian, a conservative and a Republican before being a good public servant, protecting the Constitution and the American people, can never be a good leader in the United States.

My greatest concern is that diabolic Donald Trump will resign from office on January 15, 2021 and newly minted President Pence will pardon Trump and his allies of any wrongdoing while in office. Would Mike Pence sacrifice his future political career for Donald Trump? Pence needs to remember how President Gerald Ford lost all respect after he pardoned former President Richard Nixon. At the end of his term, all Ford and his wife Betty had to show was a substance abuse rehabilitation hospital.

Mike Pence makes personally stupid decisions in the name of his party. As proof that he’s not that bright, recall that he attended COVID super spreader events to please Donald Trump. How could he totally ignore CCD guidelines while heading the virus task force? Is it due to a low I.Q. or just getting caught up in the rapture of the cult?

I have a feeling that Mike Pence will get a slot on the Trump TV network or Fox News to continue spouting the gospel according to Donald Trump. If he had any sense at all, he would run away from Donald Trump as far as possible. He could be called to testify against Trump, and if he lies under oath, he might be awarded an orange jump suit before the Donald gets his. Pence is meat, and not the kind we used to sneak on Fridays. He’s just another broke-dick politician with a phony disc jockey delivery that lacks credibility. Maybe the “My Pillow” guy can hire Pence to pitch a new product line called The Pence Pillow – Truthless Sleep.

As for me, I refuse to sleep! I’m ready to watch the next movie where the fallen devils get their due and Mike Pence openly admits he was wrong. It’s his only road to redemption.

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One thought on “DEAD MAN WALKING

  1. Never snuck meat on Friday. But I am reminded of a Gospel story that comes up periodically in the cycle of Gospel stories. It’s the one in which the Lord goes into the desert to pray and fast for 40 days and toward the end, the devil pops up with some very tempting propositions. One of them is “I can make everyone believe you without going through all this,” I’m paraphrasing here, but when I heard it the last time I heard it, it struck me as key to the role Mike Pence and Evangelicals play in the Trump equation. They really believe this devil can sway ALL PEOPLES to see their point of view without YEARS of extra convincing, simply by making it so. Worth a try. But was it really? One of the other things I remember learning in church — if I can’t quote the exact gospel — is “the end DOES NOT justify the means.” And what we’ve learned in this last election is that the means can actually put people off so effectively that the Get It Quick crowd will be permanently discredited. It’s true politics is politics and people forget. It is my hope Mike Pence will not be forgotten as soon as he might wish. If I were him, I’d cut my losses and go home and put up the tree.

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