Trump Should Take a Long Vacation

Before Donald John Trump was President of the United States, I could not have cared less about his latest investment scam, half-baked idea or xenophobic or racist trope. Now that he’s on his way out of the White House, the best thing that could occur is the giant, orange man becoming invisible. Sadly, that won’t happen.

My hat’s off to Howard Stern for the message he sent to Donald Trump on his Sirius XM radio show, “For once do something good for the country. Calm down your fucking loony hillbilly friends and tell them you lost the election and you’re going to help the transition. These loonies who follow you are all worked up; they think something was taken from them.” Good advice, but Trump won’t take it.

Many people think that Donald Trump will con his rich friends out of money to start a cable news network so that he can continue having the attention he so pathologically needs. However, sustaining the operation of a media outlet requires the financial support of sponsors who want to advertise. It’s obvious this would be a serious challenge, given the problems Fox News has with advertisers who don’t want their companies and products presented in a hostile environment.

I remember when Howard Stern first blasted on the scene, many advertisers did not want to be associated with a “shock jock.” I also recall some broadcast advertising orders having a rubber-stamped message of “NO RUSH,” meaning do not place any ads in Rush Limbaugh programming. Such are the challenges when you compete with the big boys. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and other media companies will not roll over and play dead. Stern’s blunt advice to President Donald Trump over his reported plans to get into media after leaving the White House was correct: “Don’t do it.”

America now needs the Donald to disappear. I don’t know if the Southern District of New York and the New York state Attorney General will ask him to turn in his passport on January 21, 2021, but he might not be able to “disappear too far” if that happens. I think it’s more likely that the authorities will move slowly and carefully regarding the possible crimes and misdemeanors of the 45th President.

The stark nature of the cleanup on aisle five is more than getting the entire Trump family out of government. There are also some dreadfully unpatriotic people in Congress who equally need to be confronted and called out. When I heard that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham called the Secretary of State of Georgia suggesting he throw out some election ballots, I was more than appalled. At the very least, Graham should be censured. This might be less severe than expulsion, but such condemnation and denouncement could have a powerful psychological effect on Graham. He could use a little mental help.

Trump has scammed throughout his life and he didn’t stop while president. I suspect we will eventually learn that he embezzled millions in hotel rooms, loophole tax games and diabolical sleights of hand during his four years in office. I guess we could ask him to pay it all back, but new orange overalls would go so well with Trump’s face makeup.

I once knew a guy who ran a large construction company and unfairly engaged in bidding a government job. He got caught, and while the government wanted money it seemed like the biggest prize for them was putting this man out of business. One of the compromises in the disposal of the case was the guy could no longer have anything to do with his company. I think this would be a great remedy for the Donald Disorder that has infected us all. Expel him from all Trump business entities!

If Trump is found guilty of misappropriation and stealing, he could be banned from government, the internet and corporate management for life. That kind of punishment would be more hurtful than putting him in a white-collar prison where he’d be bossing around others. But, as the cliché goes, we are getting ahead of ourselves. First, we must make sure he actually leaves the White House in January without doing anything stupid.

It’s starting people. This just in: Donald Trump fired the director of the federal agency that vouched for the reliability of the 2020 election and pushed back on the president’s baseless claims of voter fraud. The President fired Christopher Krebs, who served as the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) with a damn tweet, “He has been terminated” and the Donald claimed that Krebs recent statement defending the security of the election was “highly inaccurate.” This is just a bullshit attempt to rewrite history.

As I have asked before, does Donald Trump want his lasting legacy to be a picture on his Wikipedia page showing him in handcuffs being escorted from the White House by the US Park Police? I had some fun with Photoshop producing how that picture might look. See picture above.

I don’t need Donald Trump in jail, but I do want him to finally admit that he’s a liar and that he mislead the American people. That one step could do much to help heal his fractured USA. He broke it, and he should be made help fix it. If he has no desire to help, LOCK HIM UP!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head in the first paragraph. What I want for Christmas 2020 is to forget Donald Trump. Tall order, I know, but 2020 OWES me.

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