Trump vs. Biden has already been decided

I’m not predicting who will win, I’m just stating my belief that every voter has their mind made up and they have either already voted for their guy or they will cast their vote for the man they admire next Tuesday. Nothing has been said, done or reported that will change any minds. We have become a stubborn divided nation with our ears and eyes comfortably closed. Should there be a few “undecided voters” out there, they won’t make a difference. They might end up not voting or just casting their vote for the first name on the ballot. By the way, why is Trump’s name listed before Biden’s in the Florida ballot? Shouldn’t it be alphabetical?

Trump is not a good person but that doesn’t mean he can’t run for president. In our free country, however, we must start paying more attention to the bad guys. I am appalled at the Supreme Court’s decision about counting ballots in Wisconsin. Why are they involved? It’s each state’s responsibility to determine their voting rules. It’s what Justice Kavanagh was trying to say, sort of. This lead story from tells the story, “As a divided Supreme Court on Monday resolved a fight over absentee voting rules in Wisconsin, the justices exchanged warnings about a troublesome scenario: the possibility that next week’s presidential election leads to days or even weeks of legal maneuvering and uncertainty about the winner. Justice Brett Kavanaugh conjured up the specter of such a protracted battle as he argued in favor of allowing states to maintain firm deadlines requiring absentee ballots to be received by election officials on Election Day.”

Voters Line Up In Georgia

The six blind mice on the court failed to consider the lags and delays of the USPS and the fact that we are in the middle of a freaking pandemic. WTF? They say they would like to stay out of politics, but they don’t. They are a political force more than they admit. They should not have taken Gore vs. Bush in 2000, and it’s not their place to be making decisions about how a state counts its votes. They should be constrained, but this country has no means to challenge their interference in the voting process. It’s not their fault that people and organizations sue for relief, but if they simply refused to hear such cases local courts could determine how things should go; but nooooooo the Supreme Court busts in.

What happens to all those ballots postmarked days or even weeks before the election that arrive at their processing locations on NOVEMBER 4th or later? Are they burned? Are they designated to be analyzed by lawyers and poll watchers? Can they be resurrected from their purgatory? If Trump loses in those states his lawyers will want those ballots counted. Should the tally go in Trump’s favor will the Supreme Court then rule that the ballots are valid? If that happens, I am going on a one-band campaign to impeach some justices.

We all want to have faith in the highest court, but they ping-pong between good judgement and neglect. But wait, this just in. According to USA Today, “A federal judge Tuesday blocked the Justice Department’s effort to intervene in a defamation case against President Donald Trump brought by E. Jean Carroll who claimed the president disparaged her when he denied her claim that Trump raped her in the mid-1990s. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected the government’s central argument that Trump was acting in his official duties as president last year when he denied magazine writer Carroll’s allegation that he had raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in New York City.” So, the courts are saying that the President of the United States is not above the law and he or she cannot use the Justice Department as a personal law firm.

If this case were to proceed to the Supreme Court, the last three justices placed on the bench would probably be the loudest voices against this obviously corrupt use of the Executive Branch’s law enforcement department. The bigger argument is why Donald John Trump thinks he can use taxpayer funded lawyers to defend himself from the charge of defaming individual citizens. Trump’s goofball attorneys engage in poorly researched and dumbfoundedly frivolous lawsuits just to please their client. In the state of California, and many other states, a private nuisance is grounds for action by the injured party. A plaintiff can file a lawsuit against the individual or group responsible for the nuisance to seek an injunction prohibiting the defendant from continuing the nuisance activity. In such a case, the defendant can be ordered to pay the expenses of the plaintiff. Ms. Carroll will certainly do that.

This election is an opportunity to return some normalcy to not only this great nation but also to the courts. Our legal system should be respected, and the courts should not be cited as anti-American in the tweets of a deranged, egomaniacal lunatic in the Oval Office. Trump has been walking out of interviews for years and has been a nuisance to anyone who disagrees with him. I have never seen a person take spiteful legal action against so many people. I hope the courts can see that Trump is not their friend, and that his bragging about appointing certain kinds of judges works against the need for an unbiased and equal court system.

Amy Coney Barrett Hired

It’s not Amy Coney Barrett’s fault that she is been slain by Democrats. It’s Trump’s fault for making such a big deal about her. If she strays too far from “normal contemporary” values in her judgements, there is a remedy. It’s called IMPEACHMENT, and it might be time to use high crimes and misdemeanors as a definition of how certain judgements hurt people. Why would it not be a high crime to take healthcare insurance away from people with pre-existing conditions? Why should citizens with such healthcare protection get a death sentence from the Supreme Court?

Trump has already been elected or rejected by the people. Should the Electoral College not follow the popular vote, the next decision at the feet of the Supreme Court will be the American system of electorates.  We don’t need that right now.

I voted. Did you? If you can, please do so. Every vote counts.

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One thought on “THE ELECTION IS OVER

  1. Conservatives frequently call for “states’ rights” when arguing against “overreach” by the federal government, but when the state chooses to act in a way they disagree with, they beat a path to federal courts. The impact of President Trump’s appointments are being felt at a lower level already. We’ll soon see whether the highest court can truly be politicized. I fear we will find out it always has been.

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