The Power Hasn’t Gone to Trump’s Head

We live in a rich and productive country, yet the United States now finds itself in a quagmire of misinformation, distrust and divide. During the 60 Minutes interview with Donald Trump, Lesley Stahl asked if he was responsible for dividing the nation. The Donald said, “I’d like not to, but perhaps everybody has to take a little responsibility for it.” Really?

His answer was perhaps the most revealing aspect of the interview he eventually cut short. He castigated Ms. Stahl for what he perceived as a setup because, before the “official” interview had begun, she asked if he was ready for some tough questions. Trump used the release of the sit down’s raw footage, showing the off-camera chit-chat between interviewer and subject to support his claim that the pre-interview question showed bias. What? That made him look childish and dumb.

Trump on 60 Minutes

This man’s disconnect between facts and reason once befuddled me, but my confusion was totally cleared up by reading the book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man by Donald’s niece, Mary L. Trump. From the accounts of inside sources and their personal experiences, we’ve learned that Trump has a colossal lack of attention span. The joke and analysis during his COVID hospital recovery could have been, this man has ADD – on STEROIDS!

Smart women always throw Trump off his game. There are so many examples about his poor reaction when challenged by a woman. From his attack of Megyn Kelly in the early debates to his condemnation of the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, we can all see how he strong-arms women. He reaches for that defense when anyone, man or woman, disagrees with him or points out an obvious weakness such as his low IQ. Does he really think he is smarter than most people?

In the beginning, people like Anthony Scaramucci laughed at Trump’s inept jokes but ignored his disconnect with reality because they felt he was trying to do the right thing, at least for Wall Street. The Mooch initially blamed the people around Trump, like Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, but in the end, Anthony learned they were merely enablers of a misguided egomaniac. Many say he was, well, different before he became president. The power has gone to his head and exposes his real mental limits daily.

Some have come to their senses, like retired General John Kelly, who recently said, “President Trump is the most flawed person I’ve ever known.” He’s right, and his perception is bolstered by Mary L. Trump’s tracing of the unhinged and unreasonable pathological nature of the most powerful man in America. The Lesley Stahl 60 Minutes interview is just the latest piece of evidence that amplifies how Trump’s mind doesn’t work properly.

When watching the interview, one can see his fragile ego and mental maladies fighting themselves in conflict. Look at this exchange. Lesley Stahl, “All right. So, you said in the briefing room, ‘Nobody likes me. It can only be my personality.’” Donald Trump, “I said that jokingly, that is sarcastic. Nobody likes me, it must be my personality. I say it all the time. Nobody likes me, it must be my personality. I say it all the time, Lesley.” This exchange occurred during a portion of the interview when Stahl asked Trump if his tweets turned people off. The negativity of his tweets has been a sore spot with Donald, and we saw Lesley expertly pricking that pressure point during the interview.

Stahl then hit paydirt with this. Lesley Stahl, “You promised that there was going to be a new health package, healthcare plan.” Donald Trump, “Yeah.” Lesley Stahl, “You said that it was going to be great. You said that it’s ready.” Donald Trump, “It will be.” Lesley Stahl then landed a solid right hook, “It’s going to be ready, it’s all ready. It’ll be here in two weeks. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. So why didn’t you develop the health plan?” After a bit of contentious back-and-forth, Trump abruptly left the interview.

Then, an amazing attempt at trickery unfolded. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany delivered a heavy binder of papers to Lesley Stahl, as if it contained that plan Trump keeps talking about. The papers contained executive orders and congressional initiatives, but no comprehensive health plan. So, where is this plan he keeps talking about? Why didn’t an administration that worked day and night to get rid of the Affordable Care Act craft a viable alternative? They couldn’t develop a plan during the three-plus years of this administration? Everyone but Trump knows he’s lying about the existence of a plan.

Let’s parse the dialog that triggered Trump’s terse exit from the interview. Lesley Stahl, “You’ve all but said that Attorney General Barr should go after President Obama. If you lose, you will be here, okay? If you lose. How would you feel if then President Biden went after you?” As Mary L. Trump pointed out in her book, this question hit Trump right where he lives, in paranoia and fear. His answer? Oh, he probably will because I think he’s a very dishonest guy and he probably will look for something. Probably will. We’ll see. But you know what? Attorney General Barr has been very nice. That’s all I can tell you. He’s been very nice. He’s been very respectful.” One could almost feel his intense panic kick in.

Despite his little mind, Donald Trump has grasped the reality that once a new President gets in William Barr and all the Trump protectors and enablers will be gone. He will be on his own to defend himself in the press, in the courts and maybe even in the prison shower stall. His fear erupted in that moment and made him run away from Lesley Stahl. He’s not only afraid of strong, smart women, he’s fearful of the truth.

Despite the overblown power that lives in Trump’s head, he holds a deep-seated fear that the whole world will finally realize he’s a total fraud. He’s not a real president, but rather a fake news, cardboard cutout who used an inane TV show to propel him to a fantasy job he cannot handle. Donald John Trump has done a terrible job, and his psychological flaws will only get worse. He shouldn’t be allowed to hold a gun, much less America’s nuclear arsenal. Next!

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One thought on “THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL

  1. This guy would be fascinating, if he weren’t so dangerous! It’s like he keeps pushing the envelope on public distaste to see if he can reach a point where everyone will throw open their arms and embrace him, ala, “We’ve been just funnin’ you. You really ARE the greatest!” What is even more frightening, though, are all those devoted followers. Do they suffer the same delusions — and just need to have their same miserable outlook validated, as he does?

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