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Most Americans have an aversion to the political season. Every four years it disrupts our lives, goes on far too long and the bombardment of TV spots, direct mail and information overload makes it seem like a giant circus has come to town. Of course, the political process also produces a lot of horse and elephant shit that no one cleans up. I am glad the debates are over, and we are coming to the end of this insanity.

There was no winner at last night’s debate. The Democrats are saying Biden won while Trump followers say their man really landed some punches. All that aside, what we clearly saw last night were the differences between old Joe Biden and the jerk we’ve come to hate, Donald John Trump. Like any two characters in a movie, both are flawed. One is harmlessly competent, while the other is dangerous to our democracy.

Trump is always on defense when it comes to race, racism and racist rhetoric. We heard Joe Biden distance himself from bad decisions of the past. He knows and admits he was wrong in his handling of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing. Biden was a major force in the passing of the 1994 crime bill, and he’s played straight regarding its impact on African American men. In the past Joe has said, “There’s another part of my long record that’s being grossly misrepresented: the 1994 crime bill.” Last night, however, he was noticeably direct when saying it was a mistake. That has meaning in a historical context. When looking back at the impact of Ronald Reagan’s policies and executive orders on people of color, you would think Reagan was working for the Klan.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s most unbelievable line during the debate was his repeated statement of, “I am the least racist person in this whole room.” It’s a declaration not only impossible to prove, but nonsensical to any thinking individual. It reminds me of the disingenuous lie often said by a person accused of being a racist, “I am not a racist; some of my best friends are Black.” I have no doubt that Trump is a racist. Here’s an excerpt of a TIME magazine article, “In interviews over the years, Trump has credited his genes for everything from his health to his success, and he’s noted that his children and grandchildren will benefit from them as well.” Once you go down this path, you fall into the trap of what was once known as eugenics, a misguided medical movement of the early 1900s.

This extremely flawed theory was based on the work of British scientist Francis Galton, who concluded that superior intelligence and abilities were inherited. He coined the term “eugenics,” meaning “well born.” Galton theorized that humanity could be improved by encouraging the fittest members of society to have more children. If this sounds a bit like Nazi thinking, you would be right. Trump’s father Fred also believed this to be true, and he taught his kids that they were better than any Black person. My source is the excellent book written by Mary L. Trump, Donald’s niece. You should read it.

Joe Biden is not a racist. He’s just an old man who has experienced the pain of personal loss throughout much of his life. As a political operative, he had an ability to move things forward by bringing both sides together on many issues. I doubt that many of the idiots currently in Congress can be moved off their hidden racist agendas, partisan political dogmas and sick use of power, but, hey, let’s give old Joe a try. What we have now is clearly not working.

Donald Trump is a limited human being, at best. He’s like the game show host who has been parroting the intro line and explanation of how “we play the game” rap which has grown tired, cold and perfunctory over the years. Donald’s endless, repetitive babble leads to the same conclusion; he really doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. He used the debate insult that Obama and Biden built the cages, but no one swings the retaliatory bat with “But, Mr. President, you put the kids in them.” Trump brags about his record on immigration and claims the kids who were separated from their mothers and fathers are being treated very well. REALLY?

Biden landed a good debate punch with this, “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life. I have released 22 years of tax returns. You have not released a single year. What are you hiding?” Yes, good question, what is Trump hiding? Few voters care about Hunter Biden. He’s just another offspring, cashing in, like Trump’s kids who aren’t talented, smart or exceptional; they are just Trumps.

Even with new debate rules in place, the Donald interrupted and tried to throw old Joe Biden off the trail, but we aren’t voting for a debate winner. We need a political resolver and uniter. Can Biden unite us? Will Biden unite us? Probably not, but Trump had his damn chance and failed miserably. So much for the myth that we needed a “really good businessman” to run the government. If that was the goal, we should have elected Mitt Romney, who is a great and wealthy entrepreneur. Trump has never been a good businessperson, as the whole world will learn when his tax returns eventually become known.

BusinessInsider.com had this to say about the virus policies of our government, “Upwards of 130,000 coronavirus deaths were ‘avoidable’ if President Donald Trump and his administration had acted sooner and implemented widespread public health precautions, according to a new Columbia University report released on Wednesday (10-21-2020).” The Columbia research is probably correct. Trump cannot defend his conduct related to this pandemic.

Trump stated that the virus is not his fault, and he graciously informed us it’s also not Joe Biden’s fault. Trump blames China and cannot understand why they didn’t stop its spread. His statement about COVID-19 containment proves the Donald has no idea what he’s talking about. If China failed to keep it from “getting out” of their country, then the Trump administration did a morally indefensible, hideous, blatantly incompetent job of controlling its spread across this land. Biden kept reminding us how bad the crisis is, while Trump made fun of Joe in his basement. Comic criticism of Joe Biden’s self-quarantine and mask wearing plays to the hard core Trumpers who deny climate change and the danger of this deadly virus, but most people think Biden should wear a mask. He’s an old guy.

Few of us have ever attained a no-cut, four-year, $400,000 contract to run anything, let alone the United States. Now think about this. Some say Uncle Joe is too old, but let’s not forget Trump promised to hire “expert people” to surround and help him. Remember that line, “Only the best people!” Well, he hired all the wrong people. More than 80 folks have left his administration and, oh yeah, some of them are in jail. One almost put a gun into his mouth to get away from Trump.

The real difference between Trump and Biden is simple. Biden will truly hire the best people. We need Joe only to get us through the next four years, repair Trump’s damage and truly make America great again. Make no mistake, that is exactly what he will do. There’s no reason to debate it.

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One thought on “OLD JOE & THE JERK

  1. There was a lot to see in a debate that didn’t really offer any surprises. It was chilling to see how little discussion of separating 545 kids from their parents at the border seemed to bother President Trump. It did not at all. He was the same empty vessel he has been all along when the topic of families struggling through the pandemic came up. I found myself wondering about the humanity of people who cheer him on. I recently heard one woman — WOMAN — dismiss the separation of children from their parents at the border by explaining that, while a sad turn of events, she felt we really need to take care of people HERE before we extend basic human decency to children at the border. I could not help but think that people who offer that rationale, often are the same proponents of self reliance who think it isn’t “fair” if they are asked to help pay for healthcare for others, or provide unemployment insurance or food stamps. “People have to accept responsibility for themselves!” True. But I do wish they would just say what they are really thinking, “I really don’t give a damn about anyone but myself, and that’s why he’s my guy.” It doesn’t sound very “Christian,” I know. But it is honest.

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