The Lunatic Must Go Away

It seems to me that we have a precise, exact understanding about the nature of a bully. It’s a person who habitually seeks to harm, intimidate or coerce those whom they perceive as vulnerable, and this brings us to one of oldest stories in the world. Throughout the years, the book The Tortoise and the Hare by Aesop has gathered conflicting interpretations. The book describes a race between a turtle and a rabbit.  It’s a variant of a common folktale theme in which ingenuity and trickery are employed to overcome a stronger, dogged opponent, but what should we take away from the old storyline?

Aesop’s short story attempts to convey a moral, but what is it? The lesson seems vague. In the classical interpretation, it was not the tortoise’s plucky persistence in taking on a bully that was emphasized, but rather the hare’s foolish overconfidence. When one is overconfident they tend to make mistakes, take risks and emotionalize their every move.

Donald John Trump has decided that because he has “conquered” the coronavirus the infection is no longer a risk to anyone. Some of those who attended his mask-less, crowded events will surely get sick. Those folks will either suffer the BIG BANG of COVID, or they will be ill for days with one of the worst flus they’ve ever had. What a price to pay for such zealous foolishness.

Donald Trump’s request that his right-wing domestic terrorists bring guns to our voting places is not only unamerican, it’s voter intimidation. The Donald doesn’t care about you or democracy. He’s a wannabe dictator attempting to hijack the Constitution. Who will stand by and let him do this? Who will be blamed for the cheating, voter intimidation and lack of respect for the law? Will they be charged?

According to the New York Times, “…more than 7,700 ballots have been challenged and face rejection in North Carolina. In Florida, that number is 11,900.” Most of those ballots have been tossed because the voter’s signature could not be verified. What an arcane way to determine the authenticity of a ballot. Years ago, when having to sign thousands of business letters, I developed a signature with two lower case “ds.” I later shortened that to one lower case “d” with a front launch, a twirl and then a long tail. My boss once admonished me to “use your real signature!” and my kids used this simplified form to forge an unknown number of permission slips. All that aside, why are we using signatures as verification? We’re no longer living in the fifties. There are better ways.

If he loses the election, Trump has prepared his sycophants to blame the dark, sinister forces of the “deep state.” Should you be tempted to believe his bark, don’t be fooled. It’s much bigger than his bite. He’s an immoral, unconscientious, spoiled brat-boy. He will eventually take his toys and go home, but not quietly.

Can you believe Trump is trying to shame his own experts on viruses because he doesn’t like the truth? Those who disagree with him are the enemy and they must suffer. According to Politico, in a conference call with campaign workers, Trump called the whole COVID Task Force “idiots” on Monday, and even mused about potentially firing the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

REALLY? Who is this good for? Nobody. Trump went on to say, “People are tired of Covid. People are saying, ‘Whatever, just leave us alone.’ People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots,” Trump knew the press was on the call, so he was using the forum to attack and lash out at Fauci. “He’s been here for, like, 500 years. Fauci, if we listened to him, we’d have 500,000 deaths.” This all makes Trump one glorious douchebag.

When right-wing domestic terrorists got caught planning to kidnap a US governor, Trump attempted to shame the female ruler and blame her for the problem. It’s like the small-town sheriff saying the woman who was raped was “asking for it.” I cannot believe that devout Christians can keep vouching for this guy.

Donald Trump does everything he can to merge Black Lives Matter protesters, civil rights protesters and Democrats into the unorganized followers of Antifa. The trumpers keep calling those on the left socialists, fascists and anti-fascists. Could they at least get their beliefs together? Are they anti-fascists or are they and Trump pro-fascists? If they love the 45th President, they must be pro-fascist.

The lunatic in the West Wing is not focused on being president. When he was a “builder” and marketer of his name for gain, he hardly worked on the real substance of his organization’s goals. He much preferred getting stroked by his people, reading about himself in the gossip columns and basking in the adoration of younger women. It’s his thing. He gets the most out of the least amount of work.

John Kelly

General John Kelly says Trump is the most flawed person he’s ever known, but did nothing to stop him. John Bolton believes Donald is unfit to be president, especially when it comes to foreign policy, but Bolton won’t vote for Joe Biden to dispose the asshole. We’ve heard from many who have served this president, but my favorite description comes from former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. He said Donald Trump is a “fucking moron.” Sadly, no one has stepped up to stop him.

The sickest fault of Trump is his inability to understand anything outside of his tiny world. He lacks empathy and cannot possibly do anything of meaning for anyone else. The cult activity of this deranged man will ultimately end in the total disgrace of most of his family and our country. If the picture that eventually is posted on Donald John Trump’s Wikipedia page shows him being led off the White House grounds by federal agents, he and his offspring will have deep regrets. Nixon’s final photograph leaving office on Marine One reflected the cliché of his entire presidency. He gave a double peace sign, yet he hated those who invented the gesture.

Trump will certainly give us another gesture when removed from office. It’s about time we end this whole notion that, as Nixon claimed, “If the president does it, it cannot be illegal.” We are all sick of the blame game and the never-ending shaming and bullying. I thought Nixon should have served time in jail. I now believe that if Donald Trump is found guilty of violating any US laws, he should be imprisoned. No President should be allowed to pardon him, but then, I’m just a law and order blogger. HA!

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One thought on “BLAMER & SHAMER

  1. I agree. When Nixon was pardoned, Ford’s rationale was that the nation had been through enough, and it was time to move on. lt might well have been a relief to see him finally gone, but I think prosecution of Trump, if possible, is necessary. While it will do nothing to discourage his supporters — and he’ll play martyr to the deep state to the hilt, it is important to reset “rule of law” as the standard of our nation. Perhaps if Nixon had bee punished for his abuses of power and outright crimes, we wouldn’t be dealing with this turkey now! Enough of behavior without consequences!

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