One Last Act of a Wannabe Dictator

We have all read the history stories in which the people of a third-world country finally revolt against their tyrant leader, only to have him escape into the night at the last minute. Then, another larger country helps the dictator with a private jet packed with gold bars stolen from the treasury of his dysfunctional government. Will we soon see a similar story about our fallen president on NBC?

I was very curious about this story that ran in, “Trump says ‘maybe I’ll have to leave the country’ if he loses the 2020 election to Joe Biden.” President Donald John Trump suggested at a rally in Macon, Georgia that he would be extremely embarrassed if he lost to Joe Biden, “Could you imagine if I lose? I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.” Really?

Could this be motivated by the fact that Biden raised a record $383 million compared to Trump’s $247 million last month, or maybe Trump is realizing some Republicans are openly making cracks in the damn of his enablers in Congress? According to the New York Times, “Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, castigated President Trump in a telephone town hall accusing the president of bungling the response to the coronavirus pandemic, cozying up to dictators and white supremacists, and offending voters so broadly that he might cause a ‘Republican blood bath’ in the Senate.” Wow, it’s huge news when the incumbent president is being blamed for big defeats before they happen!

General John Kelly

In addition to his wretched poll numbers, I am sure Trump has also learned the harsh words that John Kelly, retired General and Marine, allegedly said about him, “The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it’s more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.” Keep in mind that this is from one of “his generals.”

Why would Trump be suggesting that after losing the election he might board his private jet to leave the “greatest nation on the earth” and travel to another place where he thinks he would be safe from… well, what? Prosecution? The death penalty? Such a plan is more than the thought of a flawed human being; it’s the plot of a guilty son-of-a-bitch!

After studying this man’s every political move and writing more than a million words about him, I have some thoughts about Trump-Speak. He has this strange habit of accusing his detractors of exactly what he fears he will get caught doing.

When talks about staying on in office, deep down inside he thinks that would be cool. He would give the ultimate middle finger to not only democracy, but also to those who have constantly reminded him of his failures and inadequacies. From his dead father, to his niece, Mary L. Trump to some of the most powerful people in the world. They are laughing at him.

Which country would accept Mr. Trump? Let’s start with Russia. Now wouldn’t that be funny, in a sick and obvious way? Trump would be living in the same country as Edward Snowden, a guy who he thinks is a traitor. Maybe they could become friends? And let’s not forget that Russia has NO EXTRADITION pact with the USA. Or might the Donald accompany his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared on a junket to Israel? After all, they’re into a lot of Jewish stuff.

Turkey would surely welcome Donald, but then President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would gladly trade him back to the USA for someone Erdoğan wants to kill. Perhaps the orange man could hang out with his buddy and part time lover, Kim Jong-Un, except hanging out might involve some hanging. I’m putting my money on Saudi Arabia. Trump could live like a king there, but wait, don’t they already have one?

Ugly New York Lawyer

Quoting from Vanity Fair, the Washington Post reported that United States intelligence officials cautioned Trump last year that his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, had become the target of a Kremlin influence operation meant to plant disinformation in the president’s ear. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien told our President, “Your friend Rudy has been worked by Russian assets in Ukraine,” as part of an effort to “protect the president from coming out and saying something stupid.” Trump shrugged off the warnings. Who is this guy?

I would never have written a story like this had Trump not come right out and said it, I would have stored it away in my brain, perhaps never to see the light of day. But now the cards are on the table. What if he tries to leave? Would anyone stop him? Would Lindsey Graham call the FAA and ground his plane? NO! Trump would slip away in his Teflon suit of armor, laughing all the way to the bank.

I hope he does leave. He’ll be in political quarantine for the rest of his life. It’s all a sad and terrible ending to a wretched and horrendous story about a mentally diminished adult being given too much power. After he’s gone all those supporters and sycophants will claim they were “against him” but just couldn’t admit it when he was in power. It will be like those German generals who said they were only taking orders.

The phrase many Democrats have been using for the last four years suddenly makes more sense. “We are better than this.” That is true. We are a better, a greater and a smarter nation than Donald John Trump and his foul and dishonest followers can ever imagine. It’s not QAnon we must worry about; it’s ourselves. Can we mend our nation’s broken heart? Can we get back to basics and really make America great this time? Yes, we can! Here’s another slogan that now makes more sense. IT’S TIME TO TOSS THE TYRANT OUT OF OFFICE!

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3 thoughts on “PLANNING HIS ESCAPE

  1. I like the essay except for the part where you call him mentally retarded. As some one who grew up with a person who had Down’s Syndrome in her family I find it inappropriate to use that term.

  2. I heard one former Republican strategist say “Everything Donald Trump says is either a projection or a confession.” You mention the first in pointing out how he accuses his opponents of doing what he is doing. The second is also true. He TELLS you what he’s doing and why. On television, they call it “saying the quiet part out loud.” I think if he finds a receptive cohort, he’ll be gone — and really, how could they stop him? He hasn’t been CHARGED with anything? If he and the fam decide to take a “vacation” upon leaving the White House, who can stop him? I think it is a real possibility that he will head elsewhere to watch how things play out here, before deciding whether or not they can safely return. And don’t forget Brazil — it is lead by a kindred spirit, and it’s a hell of a lot warmer than Moscow! I would love to see him answer for the death and destruction he has caused in the United States, but I can settle for just GONE, if that’s what it comes to!

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